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29. No skirt allegedly

28. Ronald contemplates Karyn

27. Karyn joins them

26. Ronald doesn't drop the stone

25. Return to Class

24. Jessie, back to class

23. Attempt to undo

22. Ronald checks his phone

21. Someone's coming

20. Help Find the Rock

19. GC9-P: Jon's Concerns

18. Ronald's Next Class.

17. Girls of Cloud 9: (B1) Birth o

16. Personal touches

15. Girls of Cloud 9: (branch 1) O

14. The end of Randy-- the Athlete

13. Playing with butterflies.

12. Girls of Cloud 9: Making Progr

11. Experimentation

10. Girls of Cloud 9: Lab Continue

No skirt allegedly

on 2023-12-09 02:44:44
Episode last modified by Marazh-no on 2023-12-09 02:46:56

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The skirt would have to go. He wanted a few of his options to wear a skirt but there was something about a pair of pants, even if they were a bit loose, that better showcased the female form than a skirt could. Ronald watched as split and ran down her legs, turning blue all the while. Forming a pair of blue skinny jeans.

Apparently, Karyn was a little top-heavy. A slim ass and narrow hips presented themselves. Maybe the skirt was better for the unremarkable but Karyn wouldn't be. Ronald watched as Karyn's hips and ass shifted outward becoming more shapely. An improvement. It wasn't hourglass or bubble butt territory but Ronald was distracted.

He thought back Ranae and her denim shorts and Jamie's ripped jeans in front of him. Too much denim. Ronald watched in wonder as the jeans loosened, shifting color and spawning pockets. Karyn now walked down the hallway, glancing between Jamie and Ronald as they talked. A pair of loose khaki pants had replaced the jeans almost erasing Karyn's new curves. That was a shame.

"Do you want to play with us?" Karyn asked bringing Ronald out of his revelry. He opened his mouth to reply but Jamie butted in.

"You and your video games Karyn." Jamie mocked.

"Hey, you like playing them." Karyn retorted.

"Yeah, with you," Jamie said smiling as Karyn glanced away bashfully. Jeez they should get a room, Ronald thought as he watched the immediate shift in the dynamic that followed. The nervousness in Karyn almost disappeared as she turned and shoved Jamie slightly. Ronald had to take a step to the side to avoid a collision. Jamie opened her mouth to retort, "And I won last time." Ronald watched as Karyn's freckled cheeks turned bright red.

"You cheated," Karyn replied.

"You liked it," Jamie smirked. The tension between them was almost palpable.

"What game?" Ronald asked, hoping to head off the tension.

"Call of Duty-" Karyn said as Jamie interjected.

"-It was more than that." Jamie joked as Karyn turned redder.

Karyn tried to ignore Jamie's comment and said, "You should come over and play Call of Duty with me-"

"-With us," Jamie said turning to look at Ronald and then back to Karyn. A silent, almost instant conversation occurred between them. Karyn sighed. Ronald didn't know Karyn played shooters. Ronald hadn't played Call of Duty in a while. He used to be much more into the military. Now, not as much. Was Karyn?

"Sure," Ronald replied. He wouldn't turn such a chance down.

"Cool," Jamie replied as she moved towards Ronald, behind Jamie, Karyn grew nervous. So she still got nervous around a crush. Just things we beyond crush between Jamie and Karyn? Ronald couldn't ponder this as Jamie held out her hand, "Your phone?"

"Your numbers?" Ronald asked a little surprised as he pulled out and then unlocked his phone.

"Of course our numbers," Jamie said as she took Ronald's phone. Her fingers trailing on his hand stirred up some butterflies in his stomach. Jamie had been too busy flirting with Karyn, Ronald almost forgot what it was like for her to flirt with him. He was thinking he liked it.

At this point, they had reached the outside of the locker rooms and so they stopped as Jamie added herself and Karyn into Ronald's phone. Students streamed past them into the men's and women's locker rooms respectively. Jamie finished typing and handed the phone back with a flirty smile but it wasn't that which caught Ronald's attention.

It was Karyn. Her face was the same it was just everything else. Long camo khaki pants hugged generous curves that weren't there moments before ending mid-waist, likely just above or at the belly button. Not that he could have seen it. A khaki green t-shirt strained to contain Karyn's large breasts was tucked into the pants. An ugly bruise could be seen on the left side of Karyn's neck. Sickly looking yellow and green.

Apparently, Karyn had noticed Ronald's reaction as she looked down at herself, leaning around her boobs as if to look for something wrong. In fact, she said, "What's wrong?"

Jamie sighed, "You look fine. He just now noticed your bruise." Ronald opened his mouth to ask but Jamie was already answering as she turned to Ronald, "Don't worry. She had a paintball game last night. One got through her clothing."

"Hey," Karyn hissed, affronted by Jamie's betrayal. Karyn had also gotten a bit taller too. Though she was still in between Jamie and Ronald's heights.

"You play paintball?" Ronald asked surprised. He hadn't expected this turn but he wasn't complaining. He took a moment to admire Karyn's figure that the khaki shirt and camo cargo pants couldn't conceal. She was almost as curvy as Leonard. No her name was Laine.

Ronald's staring seemed to make Karyn lock up so Jamie spoke, "She thinks people won't like her. It's too masculine a thing. That's why she usually wears crop tops and short skirts." Ronald was surprised. He was thinking about a girl with no skirts and it gave him one who did. Even if she wasn't currently wearing one. Though he couldn't wait to also see how Karyn would look all girl'd up.

"Wow, that's cool," Ronald said trying to defuse Karyn's alarm. "I always wanted to go paintballing."

"Really?" Karyn asked nervously as she tucked some lush red hair behind her ear. The whole movement caused Karyn's previously hidden biceps to appear through the layer of soft fat on her arms. Damn, Ronald liked the muscles too. She was no Amazonian but there was a fitness to her that wasn't there before.


Jamie smiled as the tension dissipated, patting Karyn on the shoulder, "Maybe we should do that instead."

"Or airsoft," Karyn supplied now smiling as the bell rang.

"We'll figure out," Ronald smiled raising his phone, "I'll text you so you get my numbers."

Jamie and Karyn joined the last few stragglers going into the locker room. Ronald watched Karyn's bubble butt as she slipped inside, a slight sway in her hips that wasn't there before.

"Time to get changed Ronald," his PE teacher said, startling him into movement. He had the stone. Part of him wanted to wish that he could go into the women's locker room and see the two beauties he had just created naked. But he probably shouldn't.

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