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23. Attempt to undo

22. Ronald checks his phone

21. Someone's coming

20. Help Find the Rock

19. GC9-P: Jon's Concerns

18. Ronald's Next Class.

17. Girls of Cloud 9: (B1) Birth o

16. Personal touches

15. Girls of Cloud 9: (branch 1) O

14. The end of Randy-- the Athlete

13. Playing with butterflies.

12. Girls of Cloud 9: Making Progr

11. Experimentation

10. Girls of Cloud 9: Lab Continue

9. And so it goes... slowly

8. Setting things in motion

7. Multiple candidates

6. Personality

5. Someone Wants Them to Notice W

4. Rejected

Ronald tried to undo his mistake

on 2023-12-04 08:19:04
Episode last modified by Marazh-no on 2023-12-08 04:50:11

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Ronald looked up and inwardly cursed in front of him Jon was rapidly becoming the image on his phone. This was not what he wanted. He had hips and a waist. The auburn hair was already mostly that deep blue. The letterman jacket was gone and Jon’s t-shirt was rapidly shrinking to resemble a camisole. He had tits and the sweatpants were fusing together as he quickly abseiled his legs.

“I couldn’t find it,” Jon said as he turned around the look of defeat looked strange on such a pornographic face. Jon smirked, “At least I have you. I really did appreciate your help. Maybe I can thank you some other time?”

“We should get back to class.” Ronald choked out as his false fantasy strutted towards him. He had fucked up.

“We probably should.” Jon’s face became strangely contemplative for a moment. Without the flirty smirk, he or maybe she almost looked like a normal woman. But then she smiled, “I don’t want another detention.” Jon winked as she pushed past Ronald, her hand reaching up to trace a line down Ronald’s shoulder before she slipped out the door.

Fuck! Ronald’s hand rested on the stone. He could fix this. Just one wish.

“I wish Jon was a guy.” He whispered even though the door had shut behind Jon. Nothing happened. Fuck. Maybe there was a different wording. He certainly didn’t want her pinning for him. Everyone else would be knocked out of contention. He was pretty sure he didn’t want this. And she didn’t even look young enough to be in high school. She was like those CW stars who were actually 27 and played high schoolers.

Wait. There was still a chance. Chunks of her hair were still red, and her nose was still crooked. She wasn’t wearing a camisole or skirt yet.

Ronald bolted out tripping into someone. A woman. Jon. Jon sidestepped snatching Ronald’s wrist as he flew past.

“There you are, I was getting a little worried.” Jon’s voice came out all sultry. Ronald, now steady, quickly snatched his hand out of hers.

“A-after you,” He stuttered out. He was supposed to be the one in control but in her presence, he was reduced to nothing.

“How chivalrous,” she purred with a small smirk, strutting past, with each step the sound of her footfalls becoming sharper and more defined as her tennis shoes reformed into black boots. He needed to focus. He quickly followed after her. Pointedly not looking at her behind as he concentrated.

He tried to think of Jon. The slightly plump, moderately tall guy blended into the background. But the image slipped away and for a moment he was thinking about the picture again. Fuck. Old Jon was just too unremarkable.

No no. Pants. Jon had been wearing pants. Jeans perhaps? A quick glance at Jon and her ass swinging back and forth as the pleats started to form scattered his thoughts briefly. Fuck. It didn’t matter, jeans were normal clothes. He concentrated on jeans and let out a sigh of relief as the skirt stopped and started extending and separating. Good

Shirt. Jacket. He concentrated T-shirt. He watched in fascination as another person shifted just from his thoughts. The straps widening, hem falling down the waist as it started to conceal it.

Letterman jacket. He couldn’t remember the color so he chose the school's colors. Blue. Once again the changes started to undo themselves. Ronald blinked and suddenly there was the letterman jacket he had been imagining. It fits the new Jon but wasn’t really sexy or stylish, concealing some of Jon’s new curves.
So he concentrated. He didn’t really know much about Jon so he made it up. The new Jon. Not the slut. Not Asian. Maybe she was smart. And friends. He tried to think. The first that came to mind was Sarah McMillian. Sure. He didn’t have much time. He placed the picture in his mind. Sarah and Jon, a high school-aged girl laughing together at the mall. Jon in the jeans and the letterman jacket. Also Karyn. She was Jon’s friend.

He made a new image in his mind as he followed in Jon’s footsteps. What did Karyn do? Video games maybe. He could see Karyn laughing as she and Jon tried on clothes in a bedroom. Karyn begged Jon to grab a controller. Jon pretending to acquiesce. A smile on Jon's face, a slight blush that Karyn didn't notice. Right, just a normal girl. Also maybe not so short.

Jon in her jeans and letterman jacket, visibly gaining a few inches in the last few seconds before she slipped around the corner and a classroom door opened in front of Ronald stopping him in his path. A girl slipped out in dark clothes. A T-shirt with some band name on it, dark hair. Dyed? He could see reddish roots. A black skirt that went down to mid-thigh. Lightly tanned skin, black lips, and a choker. She looked familiar somehow.

For a moment the thought of a similar choker on Jon sprung to mind but he suppressed it. He glanced past her. Yup, Jon was gone. He was likely out of time.

“Hey, can I ask you a question?” To girl spoke to him of all people. Strange.

“Sure…” Ronald replied apprehensively.

“Can I borrow your phone? I need to text my parents and mine is dead.” She said matter of factly. Ronald was a senior and this girl looked like a sophomore or a junior.

“Why me?” Ronald asked suddenly suspicious.

“Because you are the first person I saw.”

“Fine.” He pulled his phone out and, remembering thankfully, kept the phone tilted away when the last open app appeared and the woman stared back. For a moment he stared. Jon had almost turned into this sexpot. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad. It was in the past now. Thankfully. His quick thinking had kept Jon from being this slut.

“The phone?” The girl’s voice broke through his thoughts.

“Sure,” he said clearing the app and handing it to her. While he waited the woman’s visage slipped back into his mind. He didn’t fight it now. Jon’s changes were complete, so Ronald could relax a little. A minute later, the goth girl’s hushed tones stopped and she held the handset

“Thanks. I need to get back to class,” the girl said as Ronald slipped the phone back into his pocket. “The name is Zoe Gibbson btw.” She held out her hand.
“Wait like Jon Gibson?” Ronald asked surprised. The DeviantArt woman flashed in his mind. No. That’s not her. He really didn’t have a great idea what she looked like. She likely didn’t fully turn into the new image he enforced before the changes stopped. He examined Zoe again, a rebellious goth, and old Jon Gibson didn’t really mesh. How could Ronald know he was a single child? Surely siblings were closer together? He had never really thought about it.

“I don’t know a Jon Gibson,” Zoe replied thoughtfully before adding, “You may know my half-sister Jessie? She’s in your year.” For a moment his throat tightened up. A brother and a sister reduced to a sister and a scamp. He was blocking DeviantArt after this. What he was doing could destroy families.

“I do,” Ronald replied, surprised by how stable his voice stayed. He needed to get back to class and make sure he didn’t mess it up. Well, he could ask. “Do you get along?”

Zoe scoffed, “We don’t hate each other but she’s a bit high energy for me. We piss each other off a lot.” Zoe looked thoughtful for a second before her eyes widened slightly, “I need to get back to class.” And in a moment Zoe had disappeared back into the classroom door. The exchange did not inspire confidence.

Ronald started jogging back to class. Hand resting on the stone. Hopefully, he was smart enough to keep any more disasters from happening.

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