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11. Acquisitions

10. Athena' Migrane

9. Back With the Triplets

8. Changing Standards

7. Every Gibson Loses the Stone

6. Becoming Triplets

5. Jon Becomes a Girl

4. Karyn is Different

3. What do you mean?!?!

2. The next day at school

1. You Are What You Wish

The McMillan Triplets: Acquisitions

on 2023-11-30 04:19:36

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The wisher smiled to herself as she walked the halls of Lakeview Academy, pleased with how things were shaping up. It had taken her a bit to get a handle on the awesome artifact clutched tightly in her hand, but she was becoming increasingly confident with it. It really did seem to be limitless in what it could do, the only things it couldn't change were previous wishes. However, they could still be altered and she was getting increasingly skilled at getting the final effect she wanted. She'd also made sure to make a few safety wishes to keep her from accidentally losing the stone like the previous owner had.

The wisher was well aware the stone had originally belonged to Jon Gibson, having made gathering information her first goal once she realized what the stone could do. She felt a certain amount of sympathy for the guy, having untold power slip out of his back pocket; not enough to give it back, obviously, but enough that she'd tried to give Jon, now Jenni a much improved life. She had no doubt Jenni, Karyn and Sarah were going to be much happier as identical triplets than they'd been before. Jenni got to be beautiful and beloved, Karyn got to have her insecurities and hangups burned away, and Sarah finally had two people she could confidently trust. The McMillan triplets had come together nicely so far, and were a force to be reckoned with, which would tie in well with her larger plans. There would still need to be fine tuning, like she'd had to do to cut out that oaf Benji, but she'd have time for that. After all, the McMillan sisters would soon be living under her roof.

No one turned to look at her as she passed, a previous wish keeping her from being seen or heard unless she wished to be, but she was used to being ignored. At least now it was on her terms. The halls were fairly empty as most students were in class, which was technically where she was supposed to be too. She smirked, it hardly mattered, this was the last day she'd step foot in Lakeview Academy, at least as a student. Her future lay elsewhere.

She stepped aside to avoid being run over by Athena and Zoe, who were rushing off somewhere. For just a split second it was like Athena made eye contact with her but she shook it off. She must just be getting a bit sentimental about old friends she might not be seeing much of for awhile. With a final glance around she held the stone aloft and made a wish, teleporting in a flash of light to the other side of town.

McMillan Industries was the largest company in Lakeview, and the offices of the billion dollar business were suitably plush. The CEO's office especially was well appointed with fine leather furniture, rich decor, top of the line technology and of course excellent soundproofing. Richard McMillan had a busy evening ahead of him, a company banquet with some very high profile guests, so at the moment he was enjoying one of his favorite types of stress relief, riding his secretary, Esme Devereux against his office desk.

Esme was exquisite with a gorgeous face, pouty lips, big soulful blue eyes, a little beauty mark below her left eye, and sculpted arching brows. The only feature that hadn't been perfect was a slightly big nose, but a nose job last year had given her one that was picture perfect. She had deep scarlet hair, a dye job but a good one, that fell in even waves down to her lower back. Her waist was tiny while her hips were wide with an incredible bubble but to help fill out the tan skirt currently in a heap by the door. She was quite tall for a woman, with her long tanned legs pushing her up to an even six feet without the chunky white heels carelessly tossed into a potted plant. However none of those were the two things that had originally drawn Richard's attention to her when she'd applied for the job 10 months ago, those were the two ginormous E cup breasts he currently had his hands on while Esme moaned beneath him. Her white chiffon top and lacy black bra lay discarded on the desk.

Mr. McMillan grunted with pleasure as he plowed into Esme. Richard, a bearded man in his early fifties was well aware he'd never land this kind of tail, or hell, have ever landed his former super model wife if he wasn't richer than sin, but he couldn't bring himself to care. He was rich and he'd happily enjoy all the perks, like Esme, that it entailed. His wife was wonderful for hanging on his arm at social events, but Richard fancied himself too much of a man for one woman, leading to a string of affairs with subordinates like Esme. In his mind it was a win win. He got to have a little fun, his conquests would get the occasional bonus or gift, and it wasn't like it really hurt Susan. (Let it never be said Richard McMillan was a model human being.)

Both of the room's occupants were distracted enough they didn't notice at first when a girl appeared in the room, looking at them with surprise and contempt. However, after a second Richard caught sight of her, a short teen girl in a ratty jean jacket, plain white tee and jeans, with short black hair and a weird stone in her hand. He was about to stop and find out who the hell was in his office when the girl said, "I wish these two had their clothes on and would remain standing frozen from the neck down until I allow them to move."


In a blink of an eye, Richard's pants were back up, though his little Richard hadn't gotten the memo yet that fun times were over and was awkwardly tenting them. Esme was similarly massively flustered, suddenly stuffed back in her work outfit, standing a foot apart from her boss and some crazy girl who apparently had honest to go magical powers.

"You really are the worst, aren't you?" the wisher drawled to the frozen CEO. She walked up to his desk and picked up the picture of his wife, Susan McMillan, that he'd turned down before his liaison with Esme. "You have an absolute smoke show of a wife waiting for you at home every night, and you still can't stop yourself from dipping your pen in the company ink." The strange girl turned slightly to admire Esme, who was standing awkwardly in the corner, equally frozen, trying not to draw attention to herself. The wisher's eyes ran over the incredible curves of the woman, traced her angled cheekbones and bore momentarily into her bright green eyes. "Although, I can certainly understand the appeal of this particular bit of ink," the rock wielding girl murmured mostly to herself, "yes, she'll do nicely..."

"Who are you!" Richard demanded loudly, nervous but pretty used to bullying his way through situations. The girl looked of an age to be in school with his daughters, maybe a little younger. Though, where his girls had been blessed with their mother's beauty, this girl was instead painfully average of face and body, a little on the short side and didn't seem to put a lot of effort into her appearance if he was any judge.

"You don't recognize me do you?" the short dark haired girl asked sarcastically. "No, of course you don't. That's the thing about you; you're so high up you can ruin someone's life without ever having to see their face."

It was true, Richard was pretty sure he'd never seen this girl before in his life. "I don't know what you think I did," he sputtered, "but I'm sure this is all some sort of misunderstanding." He desperately wanted to reach over and hit the security button on his desk, but whatever the girl had done had him genuinely glued to the spot, only able to move his head.

The girl paced around the office, inspecting it like a buyer at an auction. "No, it's not a misunderstanding. My name is Stephanie Wright, for the moment at least. Five years ago McMillan Industries acquired the company my father worked for and he was laid off. Never managed to get hired on anywhere else, drank himself into a bottle. Mom had already died a few years back so I end up having to take care of him. I grew up poor with barely half a parent because of you."

That didn't exactly narrow things down for Richard, who'd bought many companies as McMillan Industries grew. Still, he tried to act sympathetic, "I'm sorry to hear that. Perhaps I could speak with him about possible opportunities at McMillan Industries."

Stephanie scoffed, "Oh no, dude's a prick. I'm not doing this for him, I'm doing this for me." That was the dark truth that lay at he heart of Stephanie's plans. The thing was, she'd never wanted to be a goth; that was just some weird stuff Athena and Zoe got into, pulling the rest of the group of outcasts along. It wasn't like Stephanie had friends outside of them, so she'd reluctantly fell into line, wearing dark clothing and hating on the cheerleaders. In truth though, while Zoe hated the popular kids as fakes and phonies, Stephanie's emotion was entirely different. She'd been jealous. She'd wanted to be one of the pretty people in the sun, but she'd never had her chance.

She wasn't pretty enough, she wasn't talented or charismatic, and she certainly couldn't afford anything fashionable. For the longest time everything she wore was usually second hand, something the other kids were far to quick to pick up on. It hadn't taken her long to center her inner anger on Richard McMillan, the root of her family's poverty. She'd looked on the popular kids, Sarah in particular, with a potent mixture of envy and growing attraction, but knew she'd never be a part of that world. Until the stone fell into her hands and changed everything. Suddenly being just one of the popular kids at school seemed like thinking small.

Stephanie gave a wan smile, "my first thought after I figured out what this stone could do was to destroy you of course. Call me petty but I'm not the first person who dreamed of revenge." Richard shook in his custom loafers, terrified this crazed girl was going to use her magic to turn him into ash. "Then I had a better idea," she continued, "why destroy, when you can acquire?"

"Acquire?" Esme squeaked, confused by what the strange girl meant. The bombshell secretary hadn't minded sleeping with the boss to get ahead, but she really didn't want to get caught in the crossfire between the witch girl and Richard. She wasn't an idiot, she knew Richard hadn't hired her for her typing, and she was keeping enough evidence of their affair to smoothly blackmail the man into a promotion out of the secretarial pool and into management. It was a careful long-term plan that had suddenly had something out of the twilight zone cannon ball into it.

Stephanie turned her gaze momentarily to the secretary and licked her lips, "yes, I'm afraid both of you are coming under new management and will be stripped for assets."

Richard gulped and tried once more to garner some sympathy, "please, I have a family."

"Oh a beautiful family," Stephanie agreed. Richard didn't know it but she was already the architect to a degree of his family in the current reality. "I'm so looking forward to them being mine. I wish bodies, ages, lives, and traits would be switched between the three occupants of this room according to my will!"


Esme McMillan readjusted her designer blazer, currently held tight against her glorious melons by a singular gold button. It was real gold, as the blood red tailored garment cost well north of 3000 dollars, a fact suddenly readily available to her. Her whole outfit was similarly pricey, from the matching red pencil skirt hugging her incredible new ass, to the black and red Louboutin stilettos on her feet. She already felt delicious in her new skin and loved the way the outfit flattered her form. It made her look sexy as hell, but also powerful, the kind of rich bitch who could break men's balls with a look.

She'd taken the body and her new first name largely on a whim after finding their previous owner in the office she planned to take from Richard. Originally she'd just intended to age herself up and then maybe make adjustments like she'd done with Ms. Huang, but his worked out even better. She knew she looked gorgeous and honestly she felt so much more like an Esme than a Stephanie anyway, that name could belong to one of the other two occupants of the room, slowly rising back to their feet.

There was a somewhat short sandy haired teenage boy in a tee shirt and jeans. He had pale blue eyes and a freckled face, and started patting at his chest once he realized he could move. To his left was an older woman in her early fifties, greying brunette hair pulled up in a tight bun. She wore a no nonsense high collared yellow cotton dress that reached her ankles and demonstrated her relative lack of curves. She wasn't a literal board, but standing next to Esme, she seemed close. Tortoise shell glasses were perched on her nose, making her brown eyes seem a bit big from their magnification. She was running her hands over her face, before reaching down and patting the front of her dress, looking for a tent that was no longer there.

"Why do you look like me?" The young sandy haired boy squawked looking at Esme.

Esme smiled, "Because I decided you're body would be the perfect new one for me, thanks for taking good care of it," she ran her hand along her smooth mid section. She reached up and held a strand of her new scarlet hair, "You know I really do like this color, I wish my current appearance was entirely natural for this body."


The change was far subtler this time, but Esme could feel the difference. In addition to her vibrant red hair now growing naturally from her scalp, the little imperfections the original Esme had gone under the knife to correct were similarly erased form her history. She gave the boy a smile while she cupped one of her fantastic breasts with her left hand, "what do you think? These look pretty good on me, don't they? Honestly I'm excited about the whole package."

"What did you do to us!?" The older woman shrieked, while still looking at the three of them in disbelief.

Esme let out a little musical giggle, "No need to be so high strung Ms. Devereux. I'll happily explain." She pointed a red nailed finger at the bespectacled woman, happily noticing the wedding set that now sat on her ring finger. "You are Stephanie Devereux, my secretary. You have the old Esme's job and some of her life history and my old body, though of course aged to 55. Thanks for confirming my looks weren't going to improve with time, it makes me feel better about my little upgrade," Esme playfully slapped her own pert ass. She continued, "normally I've been making sure nobody can remember the old reality, but for you I thought I'd be nice and let you keep yours." It wasn't anything close to nice; this was her revenge, to make the guy who'd indirectly caused so many of her childhood woes have to bow his head and serve the new McMillan in town.

She turned and pointed to the boy, "You're Richard Wright, freshman at Lakeview Academy. You've got my old family and life along with Richard's body at the appropriate age." The boy seemed stricken with shock but Esme shrugged it off; the new teenager would have to get used to it, as this was now her body. Finally she placed a hand against her chest and declared, "And I am Esme McMillan, CEO of McMillan Industries, mother of Jenni, Sarah and Karyn, wife of Susan, and the woman who runs this town. Now, I have an important dinner tonight I need to go home and prepare for, so any questions?"

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