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9. Back With the Triplets

8. Changing Standards

7. Every Gibson Loses the Stone

6. Becoming Triplets

5. Jon Becomes a Girl

4. Karyn is Different

3. What do you mean?!?!

2. The next day at school

1. You Are What You Wish

Back With the Triplets

on 2023-11-27 03:32:52

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Back in the lunchroom, the McMillan sisters were currently holding court, sitting at the heart of the popular kids clique. Karyn sat on one side, in between Amber, the vice-captain of the cheerleading squad, and lacrosse captain Rick Eddington, who had a not so subtle crush on the bold and flirty new Karyn McMillan. Sarah and Jenni were across from their sister, flanked by Biff on Sarah's right and Jenni's current boyfriend Benji Kord, a preppy rich guy on the rowing crew. Surrounding them and spilling out to the two adjoining tables were pretty much the rest of Lakeview Academy's social elite; everyone seemed to want to sit as close to the golden haired girls at the nucleus as their implicit social ranking would allow. Sarah had been the top of the food chain in the original reality, but now the triplets combined and coordinated charisma dominated the Lakeview social scene, pushing out all rivals.

Indeed, both of Sarah's erstwhile rivals for the role of queen bee in the original reality were no longer even in the running now that there were three McMillans running around. Tiffany, the former vice-captain of the cheerleaders, had of course now become a member of faculty, but Sarah's other challenger had ignobly been shoved down a rung or two on the social totem pole. Lily Vanderfield, currently sitting near the edge of the popular clique, had been the president of the student council in the original reality, but in this one had lost the election to Jenni McMillan, forcing her to take the position of treasurer to her great annoyance.

In the old reality Lily had butted heads with Sarah, but she hated Jenni McMillan, the girl who stole her dreams. Winning the student council presidency was a key part of her life plan, an early resume builder that would help her get into the Ivy League. Her whole life she'd always come second to Jenni; if she got an A, Jenni got an A+, if she spent spring break in Miami, the McMillans were posting about their trip to Paris all over Insta, the bitch was even, somehow, always hotter than her. Truthfully, Lily was a beautiful girl in her own right, with striking green eyes, cute dimples, long dark brown hair, a slim figure, a pert ass, incredible legs. However, when she compared herself to Jenni and her sisters, she could only see her flaws, particularly how her b-cups stood out so little compared to Jenni's perfect globes. Still, she refused to accept defeat, and even if she wasn't at the top, she'd do her best to overtake the blonde, even if it meant spending her lunch listening to Jenni and her sisters prattle on, so long as she was sitting with the popular people.

The topic of conversation at the moment was the banquet the McMillans were hosting at their luxury hotel. "Oh, I so wish I could go with you tonight," Amber pouted. "You're family always throws the best parties."

Karyn and Jenni giggled, while Sarah said, "well it's a gala for McMillan Industries top partners and a few personal family friends like the Governor. Strictly invite only, I'm sure you understand."

"It's gonna be a boring black-tie thing anyway," Benji complained between bites of his burrito, "there's not even gonna be a keg. Wish Jenn wasn't making me go. We could totally skip and fool around if you relaxed a bit, babe."

In unison Karyn and Sarah stared daggers at their sister's paramour, while Jenni folded her arms below her magnificent chest and gave him an icy glare. "You should count yourself lucky to have been invited along, and if you are on anything less than your best behavior, you're never going to even touch me ever again." Jenni was furious at the boy for airing his thoughts in public, embarrassing her, and growing more than a little tired of the frat boy in training's one track mind in general. She was a little jealous of how well trained Sarah had Biff. Honestly she'd dump him on the spot if it wouldn't be even more embarrassing to go to the party single after publicly saying she was attending with a date; her daddy's people had even added him to the seating chart for christ's sake!

Several seats over, Lily was having a moment of hidden glee at seeing her hated rival's perfect image get disrupted by her current paramour. After more than once having a guy she liked ask out Jenni instead, it was wonderful seeing the other girl have romantic troubles for once. God, she couldn't stand those McMillans.


"I can't wait to see you in your dress tonight, baby," Jenni murmured sweetly into her girlfriend's ear, making Lily smile and nuzzle closer to Jenni who she was leaning against. The couple was basically getting as close to cuddling as they could in the middle of the school cafeteria, and they'd honestly probably be making out if they had a little more privacy. Karyn and Sarah shared a knowing glance, well accustomed to how lovey dovey their sister got with her girlfriend, while the table as a whole continued to chatter and gossip.

For her part Lily couldn't help but melt under Jenni's charms. She couldn't wait to walk into the event on Jenni's arm. Lily and Jenni were perfect partners with Jenni leading and Lily supporting her every step of the way, a role she was happy to take. They even led the student council as president and vice-president respectively, naturally running on a singular ticket. Somedays Lily didn't know how she got so lucky as to actually be in a relationship with Jenni, but she wasn't looking a gift horse in the mouth. Jenni had the body of a goddess, something she technically shared with her sisters, but for Lily there was a deep magnetism that drew her to that McMillan in particular. Not that she didn't get along with Karyn and Sarah, she did. Which was a good thing considering she dreamed of a day they'd be her sister-in laws, when she got married to Jenni and became a McMillan herself.

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