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11. Have sex with her right now. M

10. You panic as her personality i

9. Your girlfriend becomes a MILF

8. Change while you both make lov

7. Transform

6. Transform or Dare

5. a game."

4. It's your girlfriend

3. heard someone knocking

2. Your TF story

1. The Drafting Board

Transform Your MILF Girlfriend Again in the Shower

on 2023-11-18 14:30:10

173 hits, 30 views, 2 upvotes.

Age BE FTF MC Magic TF Unaware

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While your MILF girlfriend doing a handjob on your dick as you both in the show, you surrender as you feel so pleasurable that she dominates you and hypnotize you with her voice. But you have to fight it and risk yourself out of this situation, so the only option was to have sex with her right away, no matter what it takes. That way, she'll probably change back to herself or into someone else. With that, you finally break yourself free from her hypnosis and push her back to stop. "What's the matter, sweetie? Why did you stop me? Don't you wanna let Mommy do -"

When she's about to say anything as you know that she'll hypnotize you again, you stop her by kissing your MILF girlfriend's lips. It was a passionate and erotic kiss to stop her as she couldn't take it but to surrender it, just like she did to you. While you kiss her, you take your hands to touch her boob and other to fingering her vagina. Of course, this feeling makes her moan so hard as she can't handle this sensation. After you finish, you break the kiss as your MILF girlfriend takes a breath and moans when she feels the pleasure that you give her. Now, it's the opportunity to have sex with her and change her. You turn her around as you pull her ass out and ready to insert your penis inside her pussy. Both of you gasp at the feeling as you are now completely inside your former girlfriend once more. You now are having a standing sex with her as you thrust inside her. "Oh yeah... yes... sweetie... Fuck me..." your MILF girlfriend moans while you move in and out rhythmically. But this time, you're getting rougher than before you change your girlfriend. And this, you're not gotta let her dominate you and make you her son.

While you have sex with your MILF girlfriend in the show, you can feel her body tingling. That's the change is about to start.

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