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10. You panic as her personality i

9. Your girlfriend becomes a MILF

8. Change while you both make lov

7. Transform

6. Transform or Dare

5. a game."

4. It's your girlfriend

3. heard someone knocking

2. Your TF story

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Shower Time With Your MILF-friend

on 2023-11-13 04:20:26
Episode last modified by Neil Keys on 2023-11-18 13:11:28

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Age BE Magic Unaware

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Your girlfriend looks at you with a firm air of authority as she climbs off the bed, lightly stretching her aged body. "Well," she says pointedly, "Is that clear, young man?" She maintained her authoritative stance, almost striking a pose with her hands at her hips and her back straightened and shoulders squared.

"Um yes," you stammer, "Yes, um, Ma-ma-ma'am."

"Much better," she says, her stern face softening slightly into a motherly smile. "Just remember dear, even though I've decided to add a sexual component to our relationship, I'm still your elder and I deserve respect as such." You nod, trying to mask your bewilderment. She seemed to be taking a maternal role in your dynamic, almost as though she were a parent or guardian as well as lover. It even appears she may have grown a few inches, as you both stand at even height now. And somehow it all continues to excite you.

"Well then," she says while walking to the door, "after our little workout there, I need a nice warm shower. You're welcome to join me if you like." She says this with less flirtation and more casually, as if this was all part of your normal routine. She then strides out the door and down the hall still naked, glancing behind to make sure you're following (which you are of course).

In the bathroom she prepares the shower and leans briefly against the sink with the familiarity of someone who lives here. Thank goodness your family isn't home tonight, you think. However, you'll have to get your girlfriend back to normal before your sister returns later today - and before things progress much further.

Meanwhile she's stepped into the shower and snaps you out of your contemplation. "Come on, lazybones, let's not waste time or water here." She pulls you in and promptly begins soaping herself up and planning out loud. "Now after this, I can make us some breakfast. Then you can come with help me run errands at the mall. Actually we need to get you some new clothes for the fall. You really need some nicer things in your closet than just jeans and t-shirts. We might even be able to get you in for a haircut. I'd like to start hosting dinner parties again and that ragged mop of yours just isn't very presentable."

You watch her lather up her aged form and are momentarily distracted from her nagging diatribe. You find yourself captivated by the sight of your girlfriend exploring her body as a mature woman. Gone is the innocence of youth, the playful frivolity of adolescence, replaced by experience and maternal confidence. You don't know what to make of it, except that you can't look away.

She then turns to you with a raised eyebrow. "Honey, what are you doing just staring like that?"

"Oh, I'm sorry babe - um I mean Ma'am, I mean..." It still feels strange calling her that, but what options do you have?

She laughs and approaches you with the soap. "It's okay, I realized there's only one bar of soap." She wraps an arm around you and starts soaping up your chest. "There we are, let Mommy get you nice and clean."

"Look," you protest meekly, "you really don't have to do that..."

"Oh nonsense," she tuts, rubbing the bar down your stomach and around to your back and butt. "I know these things and it's much easier to let me take care of it." Your mind began to spin as she continued cleaning you. As a MILF, she seemed to regard herself as your mother - at least unofficially - and a very domineering one at that. If this continued, it would be very hard to change her back.

You seize slightly as she began gently rubbing the soap around your genitals. "My goodness," she laughs, "you're quite sensitive here, aren't you? I'm sorry but I need to be thorough around here, you boys build up so much grime and bacteria in this area." She continues to to wash your groin, smiling and cooing as she scrubs. "I have to say honey," she says pleasantly, "you have just one of the cutest little penises I've seen."

"What do you mean" you say, suddenly self-conscious. Whether she meant "little" in a literal or figurative sense, it didn't embolden your sense of manhood. It seemed even your sexual relationship was becoming strangely warped by her new overly maternal personality.

"It's just so adorable," she gushes, lovingly caressing the head and shaft. "I just want to take care of it, and you sweetie. It's my job to keep you safe from the big bad world." She then wraps her free arm around you and pulls you tight to her soft torso.

"Look um, Ma'am," you protest.

"Oh come on dear," she interrupts you, tightening her grip around both your torso and shaft. "Call me Mommy. You never have to be formal with me. Just relax, honey." She continues to caress your penis with a gentle but dominant touch, and you feel yourself collapse slightly into the soft curves of her mature body. "That's right baby," she says softly. "Just let go of all your silly little worries. None of that matters when your mommy is here."

You feel yourself surrendering to the hypnotic lull of her voice. You have to fight to stay present, it's as though she has some hypnotic power in her new form. You have to find a way to fix things soon. You can't continue the Transform or Dare game until she takes her turn, which she isn't even aware of in her current form. Or you could two could have sex again, and trigger whatever random change that comes. Whatever you do, you need to do it soon before her control increases...and any real member of your family returns home.

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