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3. Chapter 2

2. Never Be Bored Again by Mooose

1. The Drafting Board

Never Be Bored Again - Chapter 2

on 2023-11-10 16:48:42

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Chapter 2

Andrew watched intently as Marie walked up to the mirror. The back of her legs starting to look smoother and more toned like they were getting younger, her ass perked up and plumped out just a bit as she shrank about two inches in height in the mirror, he could see her face changing to younger woman. Andrew wondered if his wife was even legal now. Her hair shortened then, then received into her head, and now bald.

Her skin turned a pale shade of white and tattoo's started forming around her petite body sleeving her arms and covering her back, peircings appeard almost out of thin air, in her ears nose lip and tounge and possibly other places that andrew couldn't see until the new Marie turned around. Marie pulled out her makeup kit and applied her darkiest shade of eye shadow and black lipstick, then turned back towards Andrew. She was the most extreme looking 'girl' he had ever seen with huge rings though her nipples conected to each other by small chains, her breast were perfect C-cup tear drops that looked way to big for her little girl body, she looked Andrew in the eye and gave a sly smile "Round 2?" she asked, Andrew couldn't believe what he had seen. Waking up with a new wife was one thing, but seeing her transform was on a whole other level.

After about 2 hours of the kinkiest S&M style fucking with the new Marie who becomes a Gothic dominant girl, he knew she would change again just the thought of seeing the transformation process made him come deep into her heavily pierced pussy. "You're gonna be late for your gig stud," Marie said, pushing him off the bed and throwing him his pants.

"What's 'gig', exactly?" Andrew responds.

"At the roma bar drew, you know where I beat that girls ass last friday."

Andrew gave her a confused look then walked out into the living room where he found that not only did his wife and all pictures of them change, so did everything else the apartment looked cheaper the furnature older and dirty and there where posters of metal and punk bands plastered on the walls. Andrew waited and watched Marie for any sign of her impending transformation, but it didn't happen and now he was late for work wich in this reality was playing base in a punk rock band a far cry from his previous job of selling ad space.

On the drive over to the bar, things started to change again. Andrew first noticed the case of his base guitar in the passenger seat of his mid-size sudan shifted into a large hound dog. He jumped at the sight and nearly lost control of the car. The car then shifted into an old Ford pickup truck with faded paint and naked lady mud flaps. When andrew pulled up to the roma, he just couldn't remember why he drove there in the first place. A few miles later, Andrew pulled up to the trailer. Yes, even his apartment had shifted into a shitty one bedroom home on wheels. As he walked through the broken screen door, Marie jumped into his arms. "Hey baby, how was fishing today?" She had a thick southern draw, and she now had a full head of wavy blonde hair.

"Pretty good," Andrew stated, confidantly carrying Marie through the trailer and throwing her on the bed to get a better look at her latest transformation.

She was taller now at least 5'6 with a nice golden tan that went well with her new hair color, she had gotten a bit thicker and now sported large natural DD-cup tits and a belly that poked out right above her tight denim shorts. Her ass went kind of flat, and her legs were thin. She looked a bit older than the Gothic version of Marie, 24 or 25. Her face was pretty average, looking nice, but not model material.

Andrew was about to take his pants off when Marie stopped him. "Baby, my cooter needs a little healing time can't we just watch Honey Boo Boo and go ta bed," Andrew agreed, but felt a little panicked if he doesn't have sex with her, he could be stuck in this trailer park life for who knows how long...

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