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2. Never Be Bored Again by Mooose

1. The Drafting Board

Never Be Bored Again

on 2023-11-10 16:47:22

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Age BE FTF MC Magic TF Unaware

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Story by mooose101
Rewritten by ninhjimmy007

Chapter 1

It was a monday just like any other, or that's what Andrew thought as he rolled out of bed and shuffled to the bathroom to ready himself for work in his sleeply haze he failed to notice the sleeping form in his bed. After his normal morning ritual, he proceeded to the kitchen for his daily dose of caffine again obilivous to his suroundings that is until he heard a woman's voice he didn't recognize comming from down the hall. "Andy honey, are you off to work yet?" She sounded like an older gal as Andrew thought to himself. Did he cheat on his wife? Did he bring this woman home last night?

Andy always had a wondering eye and not just for the mainstream young pretty type he loved all women old, young, plump, thin, blonde, brunette or even redhead, African, Caucasian, Irish, and even Asian it mattered not to him.

He had always fantasized about sleeping with a different woman every night he had even told a friend about it the night before
over drinks at their favorite bar. "Oh shit... oh fuck... What did I do? I guess I'd better get in there and find out for sure," Andrew thought.

As he walked into the bedroom, he took stock of his conquest of the night before with a bit of pride she was much older than Marie mid-50's, maybe 5'3 tall but she looked well kept with short dark hair just past her ears in a bob style, she was thin with maybe big E-cup breasts that hung on her chest like balloons with a dark nipples and tuff like she'd breastfead a few kids in her day.

"Hey, I'm sorry, but I have to kick you out. Plus, I gotta get to work soon, and my wife is gonna be home from her trip any time now." The strange milf gives Andrew a kinked smile and leans in to whisper. "Well then, maybe you should take the day off and we should get a hotel then." Andrew shoves the milf aside.

"Look, lady. I don't have time for this game, I gotta go, and my wife is coming home today." She looks at him confused and says. "Andy dear, are you alright? Is this some kind of joke you try to mess with me?"

She pulled his head down to look at its top. "Did you fall in the shower this morning, dear?" Now, things just start to get weird. What's going on? That when Andrew sees the pictures hanging on the opposite wall his wedding, honeymoon vacation, and even holiday photo's all changed his Marie replaced by the milf, but not only was Marie gone, but other things were changed as well like the room itself was different the wall color carpet curtains stuff like that. And just like that, he knew what was going on.

"Oh, now I remember, I wished this," he whispered to himself. "I was bored with my old Marie, so they gave me a new one. A new Marie."

"Who are they, dear?"

"I don't know, some kind of genies, gods, or something else? Does it matter to you or not. And am I the only one who sees it?"

"Okay, I see what's going on. Why don't you just lie down and I'll call the doctor."

"Yeah, sure, I think I'll call off work."

"Andy, you haven't worked since last year. Remember the company cutbacks? Anyway, just lay there and relax, okay?"

Andrew then lays down and wonders what else has changed in this reality. Then, he decides it's all a bit too much to take in right now. Now, it's time for Andrew to rest. He figures without a job in this reality, he probably gets away with sleeping in just as he was starting to dose off Marie walks in wearing nothing, but a smile and mounts him abruptly making him gasp in surprise. "Give sugar mama some lovin." she said demandingly then forcefully tore off his shirt then slid down him to tare his pants off as she grabbed his cock and sucked it until he was good and hard. Then, she jumped back onto him and jammed his rock hard cock into her pussy she was a lot more loose than the original Marie was Andrew thought. Then, he remembered the pictures she had children, not his of course. They had to be almost his age. As Marie rode his cock like the experienced MILF, she was she screamed out in orgasimic bliss and fell off of Andrew rolling over to suck his dick until he came all over her face and big tits. "That was great. I wonder who you will be tomorrow." But Andrew wouldn't have to wait to find out as Marie got up to walk to the bathroom to clean up he could see her starting to change right before his own eyes.

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