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4. She turns into a slutty versio

3. I wish I was sexier

2. The Changing Mirror

1. The Drafting Board

Slutty Looking Sally

on 2023-10-29 20:11:13

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17-year old Sally Johnson had just had breakfast and had returned to her room to collect her school bag when she found the mirror standing in the middle of the room.

"I wish I was sexier" She sighed, and watched a ripple pass through the glass. Frowning at the mirror, she saw that her reflection was wildly different. Most notably her breasts had doubled in size and were clearly cosmetic implants. Her reflection's hair had gone from honey blonde to platinum blonde and was now piled up in a up-do with bangs hanging down each side of her heavily made-up face. Her lips swollen to a bee-stung pout that was smothered in shiny light-pink lip gloss. In the mirror, her jeans and t-shirt were replaced by a low cut and very tight white mini-dress that was so short the lacy crotch of her panties could just be seen poking out of the bottom. On her reflection feet were a pair of white shiny stripper shoes with 8 inch heels and 3 inch platform soles.

Sally laughed, "crazy mirror, as if I would want to look like that!" But as soon as she spoke the words, a ripple passed through her own body. Feeling a weight on her chest, she gasped as she saw that she now sported the surgically enhanced tits that her reflection had. Sally grabbed at them and saw that her nails were now enhanced with inch long French polished extensions!

"Oh my god!" She yelled and looked at her reflection. With shaking hands she reached up and touched her face, now heavily made-up. Pushing a Locke of platinum blonde hair behind her ear she noticed the huge gold hoop earrings hanging from each ear. "My lips..." She cried. They were so stuffed with collagen they were stuck in a permanent pout, slightly parted like she was constantly about to exclaim something....or suck something! Sally prodded the top lip with a long nail and found it to be easily has large as her bottom lip used to be. She forcibly closed them, but she looked like she was puckering up for a kiss, so Sally let them spring back open into the permanent 'O" they now formed.

"I can go to school like this!" She gasped looking at her mini-dress. Sally turned towards her closet, only to trip and fall onto her bed. Looking beyond her silicon enhanced breasts she saw that she now wore the platform stripper heels her reflection had! Standing up she wobbled and minced in very small unsteady steps to her wardrobe. "Oh no!" She cried as she opened it and found all her clothes had now been replaced with slutty dresses of all shapes and sizes, whilst her shoes were all at least as high as the ones she wore now!

What happens next...

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