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6. She may look and act like your

5. She thinks you're her son. (Me

4. You command the suit to transf

3. Stuff her into a bodysuit

2. Transform Your Girlfriend

1. The Drafting Board

Mom but still your girlfriend inside

on 2023-10-29 20:38:37

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Age BE FTF MC Magic SciFi TF

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"Sweetie why are you keep staring at me like that?" Your former girlfriend, said with your mother attitude.

"Ba- er... mom, don't you realize that you and I are going to have sex?" You made it all up.

"Really? Oh yeah, I remember, my baby boy. Geez, silly me, how could I forget about this." She replies. "Anyway, sweetie, shall we begin?"

And before you can think of anything else to say, you come to your girlfriend who is now your mother, and she pulls you and begins to kiss you deeply. But no matter how she mentally becomes your mom, she's still thinks she's your girlfriend still and loves you in the 'incest' way.

As you continue the kiss with your girlfriend/mother, you feel your mom start to strip off all of your clothing until you are completely naked like she had become during the change. Once you were naked, you broke the kiss and moved down to her breast, taking one in your mouth and the other in your hand. As you sucked and squeezed, you could hear the soft moans coming from your mother, and this only turned you on more. You reach your hand down to your mother's crotch to find that she was very wet and decided it was time to change positions.

You start to move down to your mom's vagina when she stops you. You are about to ask why, but before you can, she pushes you onto your back and crawls on top of you into the 69 position. Now, seeing what your girlfriend/mother was thinking, you reach up and begin to lick as you feel her mouth wrap around your dick. You both start to work, keeping pace with one another. When her sucking becomes more intense, so does your licking and vice-versa. Finally, neither of you two can take it anymore, and you both release at the same time, being careful to drink up as much of the other's juices as possible.

Once finished, you lay there feeling great, now realizing that you know how your mother tastes. However, it wasn't too long before your mother got up and sat on your stomach. "Mmmmmm, now that's what a mother needs. You taste better than ever, Ronald, but now it's time for the main meal." And with that your mother leans forward just a little and directs you rod into her awaiting pussy. Once contact was made, she leans back onto your cock taking the whole thing in.

Both of you gasp at the feeling, as you are now completely inside your mom. After settling a little, she begins to move up and down rhythmically. Soon after this she speeds up more, bringing you to move your hips with her. As your both start to feel a building feeling, you sit up and grab her hips making her go even faster. With the newfound speed, your mother finally hits the spot and forces you deep inside of her where you finally explode. You hold her tightly against you and kiss her gently as you continue to release your seed deep within your mom.

Both of you exhausted, you fall to the bed and continue to kiss. After a time you pull back and look at the woman you can only think of as your mother now. She smiles and breaks the silence. "Now that was great, Ronald. Why can't you be that wild when your father gets home? Or are you afraid that he finding out just how much mommy have sex with you?"

"Hehe" you laugh as you reply, "Well, yeah. And to be honest, I am just trying something new, that's all. I hoped you like it."

Your mother smiles again and the two of you go back to kissing.

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