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6. Seeing as the mail man is gone

5. A blonde bombshell in a bikini

4. Whenever she gets near a guy a

3. I wish I was sexier

2. The Changing Mirror

1. The Drafting Board

Looking for the mail man to reverts the change, but gone and the mirror's not working

on 2023-10-29 21:03:14

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Suddenly there was the shiver again."Huh?!"

Right before her eyes the young woman's reflection changed as her former figure reverted back to normal. First her pink lipstick and nail polish evaporated as her eye color reverted back to amber.

"What's going on?!"

Flabbergasted she watched as her hair color change back to the shade of brown as the locks retreated to a short haircut. With the bangs gone the lips became less full. The nose widened a little back to it's original shape. Suddenly her stomach growled.

"What is this?! I thought I was going to remain sexy?! Wait, no... No!"

It was then that Sally's natural fat came back forming a small belly over the string band. In horror she shrieked, wide eyed as her breasts shrunk back to their original B cups. Soon the bikini fell off of her naked frame as her curves shrunk back to their original state before the girl's wish. All the while Sally touched herself in every spot in shock as tears streamed from the eyes. "Why?! I don't understand..." Sally sighed with irritation, wiping her eyes. "Strange, that sensation is gone, could it mean..."

A light bulb flickered inside. "That's it! Now I get, I become a guy's sexual fantasy as long as I keep in contact with him! Wow, this mirror is really strange but strongly accurate. I know, I'll just wish to have the form I had earlier!" Sally quickly stood attention to the mirror. "I wish to retain the form I had earlier!"

Sally smiled, waiting with anticipation yet... Nothing happened. "Huh? Why isn't it working? No, this isn't permanent, is it? Oh, you have got to be kidding me..."

From downstairs Sally's mother spoke up. "Sally, your going to be late for school again!"

"Oh shit! Umm, I'm on the way!" Frantically Sally raced to her room to get dressed for school.

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