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5. A blonde bombshell in a bikini

4. Whenever she gets near a guy a

3. I wish I was sexier

2. The Changing Mirror

1. The Drafting Board

Blond and Busty!

on 2023-10-29 20:44:08

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For the moment Sally stood there dumbfounded at her own reflection. Seeing the long flocks of blond hair reach down it seemed a little messy yet free flowing to the shoulders. Strange, not only was her eye color sparkling blue but it seemed as if the nose was smaller, more defined as the lips seemed fuller in a pout. Though that part was the least of Sally's concern.

What was concerning was the fact that she was standing in a black string bikini. It was obvious from the get go something had felt off about the body she was getting used too. A permanent hourglass figure for sure. With a thin waist; the thighs seemed to have a little more padding then before with a modest rear that hugged the strings at the sides, however, not by much seeing as the girls biggest asset was her chest.

With a blushing realization she noticed her tits had grown to double DD's. This didn't help the fact that from Sally's eyesight her new girls were showing some ample cleavage, it was harder even to see her own feet! The top only covered the nips revealing some side boob action. Overall she looked liked a blond bimbo with a touch of light pink lipstick on the lips. Even now she had some similar shade of nail polish applied.

With her dainty fingers she lightly squeezed her bosom breathing softly.

"I knew I felt heavy somewhere. Did the mirror do this?"

Sally looked at mirror as she took in her reflection again smirking.

"Well I do look a little sexy but kind of slutty. Still I felt odd when I met him. I felt like I was getting chills right up my spin. How come I didn't feel the changes take effect? Maybe..."

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