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6. ...there are a tone of realist

5. ...headed to basement and look

4. It's your girlfriend

3. heard someone knocking

2. Your TF story

1. The Drafting Board

Box of Skinsuits

on 2023-10-26 16:53:32

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...there are a tons of realistic skinsuits. "Holy Sh!t! There are skins of people in the box!" your girlfriend shocks and scream as she see them.

"Hey... babe, relax they may look like the real people skins or at least but they're just a normal suit that actually made of textured soft rubbery like morphsuit and latex suit, look." you calm your girlfriend down and show her the skin you are holding of a busty woman.

"Oh my goodness, hun. It looks so real, I can't believe you kept them in the box." your girlfriend says. "It looks so interesting but scary that look so real."

"I know, right? But if you look at them, they look perfect in every detail, from the top down to bottom. And the hairs are actually from the people that I got them just a single piece so that I use them and test their DNA just to make the people suit. And not just that, I also create some video game, cartoon, comic book, and anime characters just for our fun too. If you wear the people suit you can become them if you wear them, you will have their memories and their personality that you also just like them." you explains.

"Oh I see. So have you try any of them, honey?" your girlfriend asks suspiciously.

"Well,... er... yeah... I try one of them, so..."

"So you did try some random woman's suit just to experiences the body, right?" your girlfriend crosses her arms as she knew about it. "No need to make that as an excuse, I knew you did try one of the woman's skinsuit that you want to experience about their body, like touch or fondle their breasts, and even masturbate them. Am I right, hun?"

"Okay, you're right, babe. I did try the woman's skinsuit, especially the one I was holding now." you say as you admit you were wearing the woman suit.

"Geez, honey. you're such a pervert, I can't believe you do such a thing like that when I wasn't around." your girlfriend says as she's teasing you.

"Anyway, now that you know all the detail of these skinsuits, do you wanna try some of them?" you ask.

"Well,... yeah, I do, hun. And how many skinsuits do you have in there?" she asks.

"Let just say it's a lot, like: the celebrities, the cartoon girls, the anime characters, and more that you could wear them, including our families, neighbors, teachers, classmates, and friends too." you reply back.

"Ohhh, that's interesting, hun. Let's see,... um I think I will wear...

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