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5. ...headed to basement and look

4. It's your girlfriend

3. heard someone knocking

2. Your TF story

1. The Drafting Board

Head to the basement with your girlfriend

on 2023-10-26 16:51:35

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"Hmm... Oh I know, let's head down to the basement and check if are there some interesting stuffs." your girlfriend says.

"Really, babe? You really want to head down there just to find some stuffs?" you ask your girlfriend.

"Yeah, honey. And y'know we haven't been down to the basement for a while." your girlfriend answers. "C'mon, pretty please?"

"Well, is that what you just said, I can't see why not." you reply as your girlfriend is so excited. "Anyway, let’s head down there and check some stuffs out that I put them in the basement."

With that, you and your girlfriend moves to the basement as you both can't see anything, but completely dark. And then, you press the switch as the light come up and you both see there's a lot of boxes down to the basement. "Oh my goodness, hun. Why are you keeping a lot of stuffs in the basements?" your girlfriend shocks and asks as she saw the boxes.

"Well, let just say that I have to kept hidden from my parents when they caught some of my boxes." you explain.

"So, what are some stuffs that you put on those boxes?" she asks.

"Well, some projects that I've created for about a month ago and it finished already, some stuffs that I purchased from the online store, and some weird things that I bought from the magic shop and wanted to show you." you answer.

"I see, well shall we take a look?" your girlfriend says as you nod and walk down to the basements and checking which box that you hid from your parents. 1 minute laters, you finally found the box what you're looking for. "Babe, I've found it." you respond to your girlfriend.

"You finally found it, hun? Great, so what is it inside?" your girlfriend asks.

"Well, it's a secret, babe. I don't want to spoil you." you answer.

"Oh okay, so shall we open the box and see what in it?" your girlfriend says as you say 'yes' to her. And then, as you open the box, your girlfriend see...

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