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5. Jenny wishes to change while s

4. Jeff invites his girlfriend, J

3. 16-year-old boy

2. Chronivac Version 4.0

1. The Drafting Board

Sexual Changing Experience with Jenny and Jeff

on 2023-10-26 14:05:17

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SciFi TF

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Jenny looked to all of this and was interested in what Jeff said. So much so that she decided to check it out herself. “On second thought, Jeff, maybe I should see the Chronivac myself. If it’s all right with you.” She said to him. Jeff looked at her for a bit and decided to let her in on the program. “Sure…” he said to her, “Knock yourself out.” So she went on ahead to the computer and took a look at the Chronivac.

Skimming through the program, she marveled at what it has. All the packages, all the different sources of transformations, they are all quite unique. And believe it or not, Jenny, at her age, has strange fascinations of transformations, fetishes more likely. She always dreamed of transforming into animals, aging or regressing her age, changing genders, or any other unique changes. Now, with the program Jeff showed her, she can do whatever she wants. But how to handle it is the question.

That’s when she came up with a unique idea. Something that will be life changing for both of them. Jenny soon turned to Jeff and asked for a quick favor. “You know Jeff, I think I know what to do with the program. But this is something I don’t want you to see. So please turn around while I handle inputting the data for this program.” Jeff heard her and wondered what this was all about. But he shrugged it off and decided to listen to her. “Fine… Whatever you say.” He said. He soon turned around and waited to see what she’s planning as Jenny began working on the Chronivac. Looking through all the options, she knew what to pick. But she wanted to add something a little extra on it, like how to activate the changes. So she started to type down how the changes will take place.

Meanwhile, Jeff was sitting on his bed and wondered what his girlfriend was trying to do. He knew Jenny had a perverted mind in private, but she always kept it to herself. And now, with that program, she can do whatever fetish she wants. Though he doesn’t know what the changes are going to be, he knows that it is under her own mind. As he was waiting, he started to feel a little warm and started to feel some sexual tension in him. He started to dig into his pants and started to rub his dick a little for some release. He felt a little horny and wishes release his tension. As he was rubbing his privates, he heard a voice close to him.

“Mmm… I can see you’re getting yourself warmed up for a good time.”

Jeff turned to see Jenny standing there, and she was getting a little flushed herself. Jeff looked on and wondered what she did. “Jenny…?” he asked, “What did you do?”

Jenny looked to him with tempting lips and said, “Well… you know that I have quite unique fetishes for transformations. And thanks to you, we now have a program to fulfill those said fetishes. But I want this to be special to us. You remember that I wanted to lose my virginity with you, right?”

Jeff blinked and responded with, “Well, yeah. But both of us didn’t have sex as of yet.”

Jenny chuckled and explained what she had planned for both of them. “Indeed, well that’s the reason why I want to use this program. I love you, Jeff, and I want you to be with me. After you showed me the program, I know how we can celebrate our relationship. See, I want the changes to be so special. It is so special that it would be something we would never forget. So I put down this special change for the two of us with a little something extra. See, in order to activate the change, we need to make out right here right now. I want you in me now, Jeff. And I can’t hold it for long.”

Almost instantly, Jenny rushed in and speared him to the bed, pinning him and giving him a quick kiss. That, in turn, caused their shoes to fly off their feet. Jeff was caught by surprise by that and wanted to get off her. But that shock turned into passion as he returned with a kiss of his one. Soon enough, the two got intimate as they were wrestling with their tongues. They soon let go of their kiss and began to strip off their shirts before going back to kissing. Jeff started to untie her bra while planting his lips on her. But the time he removed it, Jenny undid his belt, popped the button, and undid the zipper just to remove his pants. Jeff did the same when he undid her jeans and pulled them down her legs. Both of them were in their underwear and garments as they kept on making out on Jeff’s bed. During their make out, Jeff snapped the bra strap off and removed her bra to expose her perky breasts. They then stopped and looked to each other in their half-naked bodies and were ready to take it to the next level. They soon removed each other’s undergarments and were fully exposed. Jenny soon looked to Jeff’s dick and was tend high, ready for some action.

“My…” she said with lust in her voice, “Looks like someone is ready for me.”

She soon pushed to Jeff and planted a big one on his lips. They were both down on the bed and rolled around until Jeff was on top of Jenny. He was about ready to thrust his penis into her vagina. But before he could do that, he asked her one important question.

“Hey Jenny?” he started to ask, “Before we can do this, I wanted to know what type of change we’re going have?”

Jenny has a sly smirk on her face and answers with a bit of glee. “Sorry, Jeffy, but it’s a surprise. You going to have to fuck me to get that.” She said, “Now hurry up! I want to loose my virginity, now!”

Jeff sighed and knew she won’t tell him unless they have sex. So with a sigh, he decided to say, “All right. Whatever you say. Let’s get this show on the road!”

With that, he planted his dick into her pussy and slowly pushed and pulled it. Jenny felt that and moaned in pleasure, feeling his shaft penetrating her over and over again. The two soon started to kiss one more time while Jeff banged her. He soon proceeded to go down her breasts and being to lick one of them. She big her lip and grabbed hold of the sheets, gripping it tighter. The two kept on fucking each other, enjoying the bliss that is their first time. Meanwhile, the Chronivac started to warm up and initiate the changes. But the problem is that Jenny made the choice of change and Jeff doesn’t know what it is. So the best bet is to continue making out while the changed commence. So, what’s going to happen to both Jeff and Jenny?

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