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4. Jeff invites his girlfriend, J

3. 16-year-old boy

2. Chronivac Version 4.0

1. The Drafting Board

Jeff shows his girlfriend, Jenny the Chronivac

on 2023-10-26 13:51:20

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Jeff looked to Chronivac and wondered what he could do. That’s when he decided to invite a certain someone. See, Jeff has a girlfriend in high school by the name of Jennifer or Jenny for short. She usually spent some time with him at home, and there was never anything exciting to do around the town with the exception of the movies. Looking at Chronivac, he rubbed his chin and said, “Hmm… Maybe this program can make our relationship more exciting. Have to call her up.” He soon picked up his cellphone and dialed her number. After a couple of rings, he could hear the pick-up and Jenny’s voice on the other end.


Jeff knew it was her and responded back by saying, “Hey Jenny! It’s me, Jeff.”

“Oh hi, Jeff! How are you?”

“Doing pretty good. Listen, can you come to my house? There’s something I want to show you.”

There was some silence on the phone when Jenny asked him, “Your family there?”

Jeff smiled and told her, “No… Dad is off at work, mom is with my little sister shopping at the mall, and my older brother is still at college. I’m pretty much all alone here.”

“That’s good to hear. I’ll be there in five minutes. Don’t start without me.”

She soon hung up as she was leaving for Jeff’s house. Jeff smiled and was happy that Jenny would come. And giving that his family is out; he could spend some time with his girl and the program. But how would he approach it. Jenny would think that he would be crazy in believing a program that could change any selected person into whatever he wants. Perhaps a demonstration is in order.

Over five minutes passed, and Jeff was a little worried. Looking to the computer, he got the idea of what to do to demonstrate the Chronivac with his girlfriend, but he needs her to be here to witness it all. All he needs to do is wait for her to come in, explain about the program, and ask her what she wants to do with it. But it is taking a while for her to come and he is getting worried about that.

Just then, he heard the doorbell ringing and realized that it could be her. “Coming!” he screamed out loud as he left his room and headed down the stairs. When he reached the door, he opened it up to see who’s at the door. That’s when standing before him is a teen girl of sixteen with perky AAs and a curvy teenage figure with a trim stomach. Her muscle tone was teen built, as this girl must’ve competed in cheerleading competitions, and her face looked like a teen beauty with blue eyes and fiery red hair that is tied in a ponytail She was wearing a belly shirt that shows her flat curvy stomach, fitting demin jeans that go down to her mid legs, and a pair of three-inch teenage sandals. It is obvious that this teenage beauty is Jenny, Jeff’s girlfriend.

Jenny looked to him and smiled, saying, “Hey Jeffy, sorry I was running a little late. Mom has been a nascent, asking me where I was going and how long I was going to be out. Had to lie that I was heading to the mall with my friends since she thinks that I’m not old enough for a boyfriend. Sheesh, her and her rules. So what’s going on? What do you want to show me? Just make it quick cause I said to my mom that I would be out for an hour.”

Jeff smiled and knew that she was with her single mother and always been a rule maker in her house, with the whole curfews and not being with boys type of stitch. He soon ignored it and said, “No problem, Jenny. Let me show you what I found in my room. Come on in!”

Jenny smiled and nodded, entering his house and following him to his room upstairs. By the time they were in, Jenny closed the door behind them. “So… What do you want me to see?” she asked him.

Jeff turned to her and showed her the program he found. “This…” he said, “I got this program in the mail and downloaded it. It’s called the Chronivac, and it is a program that can turn the both of us or anyone we know into whatever we want. All these changes would be based on age, animal, gender, size, race, inanimate, or anything we could think of. It is something that maybe we should do and experience what it’s like to be whatever we can be.”

Jenny looked to him and was a little confused by it. Her response, though, is a little… Iffy… “Uh-huh…” she said to him, “So you got a program that can turn both of us or anyone we know and don’t know into whatever we want? I don’t know Jeff. It seems like you got yourself caught into a get rich quick scheme.”

Jeff knew that she wasn’t buying it and kept on explaining about it. “I get it. You don’t believe me. But if I could give you a small demonstration, maybe you’ll believe me.”

Jenny looked to him and decided to play along. “Fine… Amaze me…” she said.

Jeff smirked and took a seat on his chair. As soon as he got comfortable, he asked her, “So tell me, Jenny, what do you want this Chronivac to do?”

Jenny thought about this and wondered what she could do with this program.

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