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4. Nano Case 62 - Basic Couple

3. IOC: Nano Complaints

2. The Institute of Change

1. The Drafting Board

IOC: Nano Complaints Case 62 - Basic Couple

on 2023-10-10 09:03:17
Episode last modified by B5 on 2023-10-10 09:46:47

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Aware Multi Musc Stuck TF

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Case 62: Basic Couple

“62” the Henny, the bored customer service associate said. She was annoyed, as although she was usually 22 and very attractive, the IOC required that when they were doing their Complaints duty 1 week out of the month that they fit the “frumpy librarian” physical type, which she felt was more “angry lunch lady.” She hated the mandatory IOC treatment for this job, but looked forward to her week off when she could be whoever she wanted.

She looked over the original request from the couple.


Physical : increased penis size to 8”, 2” taller to 6’1” , and increased muscle mass

"Typical" Henny said.

Mental Change: None

Other: Metabolism change: Subsists on beer/Whiskey and unhealthy/fried foods, which metabolize to the ideal mix for sustaining muscle mass and overall health.

"Nice idea" Henny said, with a smirk.

Physical: body shape 15 Petite female athlete, which is 5’4 and dress size 4. Feet and legs modified for minimum 3” heels. Hair Long Straight Blonde - always 20" long and lustrous. Nails to always regrow to 1" French tips.

"God this couple is the definition of basic." Henny said, out loud.

Mental Change: None

Other: Subsists on sugary coffee drinks, ice cream, and chocolates. Metabolizes coffee shop drinks to maintain current form.

"Pass." Henny said out loud, thinking of having to drink sugary shit the rest of her life. "And she didn't even add cake or pastries to this. Dumb."

Looking at her complaint resolution time ticking, she went ahead and pushed the button on her desk to call in the couple to discuss the issue with them. She heard a loud buzz and robotic voice call out the number 62. She felt like it was all a bit much.

The couple walked in the door. Henny didn’t look up from the screen in front of her as she heard the clicking of heels and clomp of hard soled boots, and the door closing. She heard the slurp of a straw.

“So what is your complaint today?” she asked, looking up. Looking at the blonde haired girl with a coffee cup sitting in the seat to Henny’s left, she said “Looks like the physical side of things went well. Mental issues?”

“Not quite. God, do you not even see the comments on there?” The girl on the left said. Henny paused - that was a man’s voice coming from over there.

Henny pulled her glasses up onto her face - they had been hanging by a lanyard around her neck. “God I feel so old with these things.” She blinked as her eyes adjusted. As she began to see more clearly, she could see what the issue was.

As the couple came in to focus Henny saw a masculine face. It felt pretty out of place as the bright blonde ponytail that he was wearing flowed down his back. Henny’s eyes widened as she took in the rest of the sight - slim shoulders and slim arms sat atop a slender torso hidden by a basic grey t shirt, that she knew from having seen body shape 15 a lot of times over the years had a slight set of abs. The jeans that he was wearing, while not tight, still showed off some nice thighs and she knew the ass on the chair was nice and tight. She realized that the heels she heard in the hallway were in fact a pair of brown calf length boots with a 3” heel. Checking her notes, Henny said to herself “yep - that tracks.”

He fidgeted in his seat.

“You look uncomfortable.” Henny said, inquisitively.

“Of course i’m fucking uncomfortable. Nothing in the damn misses section is made to accommodate my anatomy. I thought the heels would be the worst, but boxers don’t fit under these pants.” he said.

“I told you you could always wear skirts. Or those pajama pants that you bought.” The wife said with a smirk. “I don’t mind seeing your tent showing in those.”

“And that’s just part of the problem. Like, it’s fucking awkward being this tiny for one. These goddamn clothes - I can’t find anything that actually fits and looks like an adult man should be wearing it.”

The wife laughed out loud again “Yeah! The Minecraft T-shirt and boys cargo pants with a super cinched belt didn’t go over well. Especially with those heeled sandals.”

Henny, taking it all in asked “So the issue is your clothes are uncomfortable due to your male anatomy.”

“No! Our vials got switched up. Good god we paid enough on the front end of this thing and now we get jack all for support.” The husband exclaimed, feeling a rush of rage.

Henny replied “Okay! So that explains a lot. You’d be surprised how often a husband wife swap is requested. I mean, you look pretty cute and your wife here is rocking the look pretty well.”

“Yeah, I kind of don’t have any complaints. This is fucking awesome.” The wife said, flexing a bicep. “This bra is kind of uncomfortable though.” she said, pulling at a sports bra strap. She was wearing a cutoff T shirt which showed off her fit muscular figure, and showed some of her pectoral and back muscles, as well as providing a peek of her abs. The jeans she had chosen were relatively tight, and showed the outline of a very impressive penis. Her hair was pulled back into a short ponytail. There wasn’t much femininity left.

It was apparent that the increase in size for her had not affected her breasts, which seemed pretty miniscule.

“I’ve had a lot of fun with this lately, though.” the wife said, gesturing at her crotch.

“God again. It’s a dick. It’s not that big a deal.” The husband said, rolling his eyes.

“It’s a very big deal,” The wife said with a big smirk.

The husband looked back at Henny. “She’s been pissing all over the place. Barely making it into the toilet. Peeing on trees in the backyard. Fucking pissed in the parking garage when we got here. And I don’t even want to talk about shit in the house.”

“Aww come on baby, you liked blowjobs when I would give them. And those hands are fucking cute.” the wife said, putting an arm around her petite husband.

He pulled away.

"She keeps pulling me in and kissing me on the forehead. It's emasculating. And I have NOT given her a blowjob, for the record" he said.

His wife just grinned and stroked her penis absentmindedly.

“So can you fucking fix this. I just want it to go back. Fuck all this shit. I’ll go back to being an average guy and having a wife that’s not so… masculine…” he said, gesturing to himself and side eyeing his wife.

“Not so fast. I kinda like this. I like the power of being this big.” the wife said.

“Well,” Henny said while reviewing some documents on the screen.” Looks like you were aware that the nanos cannot be reversed, only added to. So we will have to figure something else out.”

“Wait, so i’m fucking stuck drinking these goddammned things?” the husband asked, shaking the coffee drink cup.

“Well, those and ice cream and… Chocolates? Sounds pretty good to me.” Henny said. “Like you agreed to, we can’t change that. We can only add new things. You’re locked in on your food.”

“Well I want to be fucking normal.” The husband said, bewildered.

The wife smiled, slicked her hair back, and began to speak.

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