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3. IOC LS: Family Vacation at Smo

2. The Institute of Change

1. The Drafting Board

IOC Life Stealers: Family Vacation at Smokey Valley

on 2023-06-21 16:20:54
Episode last modified by B5 on 2023-06-21 16:21:40

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The peaceful sound of an Eastern Tennessee forest was shattered by the sound of a 1940 Ford Coup driving down the old country road, fishtailing and spinning its wheels as the driver tried to regain control. Nathan Scoggins, the handsome moonshiner in his early 20’s was evading police, as he had been doing for the last few days. In the passenger seat, his girlfriend Louise alternated between shaking her tits at the cops and rubbing Nathan’s crotch. The jars of moonshine in the backseat tinkled as the car bounced around.

“You’ll get them this time! They can’t catch you! You’ll definitely have all of this delivered in time for the big rodeo tonight!” Louise screamed over the sound of the engine. Her white polka dotted dress was unbuttoned, and the bra had long since been discarded. Her two blonde braids were flapping in the wind in the car.

“Yeah! But it’s your pa i’m worried about. He said he’d shoot me dead if he ever caught us together and i’m sure that he saw us in the river… and in the hayloft… and i’m sure he saw me leaving your room last night.” Nathan said.

“Oh don’t worry about him. He’s blind as a bat an ol Pap can’t hardly run no more anyhow!” Louise said. She unzipped Nathan’s pants and smiled as his dick sprang free. She climbed over the shifter and straddled Nathan.

With a smile she made eye contact with the police officers in the car behind them.

“Oops! I guess I need to slow down. June’s going to get someone killed with that move sometime. Like we can make this park as safe as possible, but a car accident is a car accident.” The officer at the wheel said. “Still, can’t help but be jealous of whoever is Nathan this week. Has to be one of the most fun roles i’d say.”

“Yeah, for sure. Louise is certainly hot. I can’t help but laugh that we are chasing after someone with moonshine that we had to go buy down the road and clean the labels off of the jars.” The partner said.

“Right!?” the driver chuckled. “Yeah, management needs to get that whole deal sorted out. I get that they can’t conceal liquor trucks on property but damn - at least don’t make me take a day off to go buy this shit. And do these people really think that actual shine tastes like fucking pineapple or key lime pie?”

“They really have no clue.” The passenger said, half-assedly shooting his gun out the window, not even pointing it anywhere. “If they have money to come here they probably never had to drink the shit that used to get made out here.”

“So tacos or burgers for lunch today? Which one is in the cafeteria?” The driver asked, noticing that they were near devil’s bend, which was a pretty easy hairpin with magnets in the roadbed to keep guest cars on the road, but a nice hidden driveway below the cliff.

“It’s Wednesday so tacos. Why it’s Wednesday and not Tuesday doesn’t make any sense but i’m starving.” The passenger said.

“Cool, hold on. I gotta make this one look good - seems Louise is done for now.” The driver said. With a casual look he added a bit of a flourish as he seemingly drove off the side of the cliff, allowing Nathan to once again get away. They pulled up to a door hidden behind a rock, the smell of tacos wafting through.

“Hell yeah!” Nathan and Louise both said as Nathan sped off in the direction of the big rodeo.

Nathan drove past the rodeo center on the closed track, startling a horse with a ride. The rider smiled and leaned down to comfort the horse, loving the bond that she and the horse had built over the last few days.

She took the horse around the riding circle and hopped up onto the saddle, standing up as the horse was trotting along. She felt the connection as she jumped up and performed a handstand as the horse continued running along. She sprung down to sidesaddle and popped a foot down into the dirt, springing her back up to the saddle.

The stablehands watching at the door to the stable certainly enjoyed watching the show, not so much for the athleticism but because Jessie Filcher was one of their favorite roles in the park to act for- Girl next door that enjoyed a roll in the hay with multiple stableboys. This week, however, they had to mostly enjoy memories, as whoever was here as Jessie had specifically asked that it not be too sexual with the farmhands.

“Damn shame that we don’t get to have the gangbang tomorrow,” one of the rough - hewn hands said. “I always look forward to that. Makes it worth dealing with these fucking horses all the time. And this facial hair.” he said, trying to adjust his mustache with an annoyed look.

“Yeah, but i’ve enjoyed not having to be here late all night every time. Sure, i’d rather not have all this makeup on me but at least I get to spend most of the time in an actual bed! Besides, we will get to have all the fun we want while we are on leave next week.” The other hand said. Both were tall, well built cornfed boys who would have fit in well on any cowboy-based tv show.

“God, and to be able to wear a normal pair of jeans and button - down shirt. I heard Camille will be at the club too! We haven’t seen her in forever.” the other said. “Oh - here she comes!”

“Well lil’ miss how was it? Feeling better after that broken arm yesterday?”

“Why thank you it was wonderful. I really feel like we have it figured out. I think I’m ready for the rodeo tonight!” Jessie Filcher said, hopping off the horse. The blue jeans that she wore fit her to a T, and the grey tank top showed off her figure perfectly. Both hands couldn’t help but admire how well the “girl next door” face had been designed, and how well the long brown hair had set it off.

“I’ll get Chestnut put away here. Ya’ll go on and have fun now!” She said, walking the horse over to a stall.

“Yes ma’am. See you this evening!” The hands said, walking over and out of the barn. They ducked into a disguised door on the side of the building.

“So, you had player one, right?” the mustachioed hand said, grabbing a mountain dew from the fridge and unpausing their game.

After closing the stall door Jessie checked to see if the coast was clear and climbed her way up to the hayloft. A figure moved in the dark. “Oh you scared me reverend!”

The local parson walked over and wrapped his arms around her. “How will I ever repay you?” he asked as he pulled off her tank top. Jessie smiled.

Skip Cathaway was finishing up his sound check out at the main stage at the rodeo. He was proud of the song that he had written in the last 3 days “Life means more than dying.” It was a country song that meant a lot to him because of the imagery of trucks, dogs, wives, and patriotism.

As he finished the song with the classic line that he had come up with about God, family, and Country he made eye contact with his backup guitarist, who grinned at Skip.

Skip looked back out to the rodeo bleachers one last time. As soon as the eye contact was broken the guitarist’s grin went flat and his eyes went dull.

“Skip!” the rodeo manager called from a tent on the side. “Come on over - we need to get some photos for the newspaper!”

“Fellas - you’ve got this, right?” Skip said to his band.

“Sure thing boss! All good here!” the drummer said.

As soon as Skip walked away the band relaxed and walked to the backstage area. The banjo player broke out a joint and the other two band members emotions immediately lifted.

“This is the only good part of this role now. I mean shit, it was fun at first but if I have to play this damn song again after this i’ll go crazy.” the drummer said.

“Yeah- why won’t they at least let us write a new melody? We can keep the country bullshit but good god the song is so damn simple.” the mandolin player said, taking a puff.

“Well, just be glad that you aren’t fucking him this time. Good fuck why did this one have to want to have an illicit affair with a dude? You know they didn’t even cast a wife for him? He’s just here and fucking his guitar player on the road. That’s all. How lazy is that shit?” The guitar player said, frustrated.

“If I can go a week without a guest getting all proud of a song they think they wrote literally in an afternoon i’ll be okay. And all the struggle bullshit in there too. Like - every guest here is rich as fuck!” The mandolin player said.

“Either way, after tonight we get a few days and I know that I’ll be spending them outside of this damn park, playing metal music like I was meant to.” The guitarist said. “And no fucking blowjobs.” he added.

“Here here” the two others said, as Skip walked back over.

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