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DMU - Earlier with Sarah

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Earlier that evening, just after dinner, Sarah and Lucy were both sitting down at the kitchen table to start planning the upcoming mixer. Sarah was vaguely aware of Robert fussing around tidying up. Biff and Mollie had both headed up to Sarah’s room to sort out some clothes and their sleeping arrangements now that they had decided to follow the advice that Ruby had given the Gibsons.

“So we’ll need plenty of nibbles, I’m sure you can manage those right Robert?” Lucy said, without even looking at her husband, who was restocking one of the cupboards. He was currently dressed in the same skimpy maids uniform from yesterday, only this time Mollie had added a pair of fishnet tights and a skimpy thong. His hair had darkened and grown to his shoulder, and his backside had expanded again. His skin had darkened a little but was still not the rich chocolate colour that Mollie usually sported, At least from behind. Under his clothes and around his groin were slowly taking on a reverse gradient to what was happening to the former maid. However he seemed to have gained a lot more of her former figure.

“I’m sure I can manage somesing” he replied with a light accent. Lucy nodded and scribbled something down on the piece of paper she had in front of her.

“Good, make sure you do!” She said sternly, “make sure to get the barbecue out of storage in the morning and give that a clean too. We can get some burgers and things on the go” she added as she continued to list down extra tasks for him.

“Oui Lucy” Robert replied as he finished his task and began to straighten up the items on the countertop, after a moment he stopped and turned to her.

“I sink that’s everything on Mollies list. Can I please be excused” he asked. Lucy looked around for a moment. Once she was satisfied with the job he’d done she nodded.

“That will do for now, get some rest you’ve got a busy day tomorrow!” She said as she waved him off. He gladly headed out the kitchen and off towards Mollies old room.

“That’s everything sorted!” Lucy said sitting back and smiling, “just a few things to buy tomorrow, and we need Dr Grant to get to Jon, but otherwise we’re set!” She added Sarah nodded in agreement. She got up from the table and moved to the kitchen door.

“I’m going to go see how Mollie and Biff are getting on!” She said, then I’m going to have a bath!” She added.

“That’s fine” Lucy replied, “I’ll go start it running for you. Might as well use the en-suite!” she continued as the two of them headed upstairs. Lucy turned off and headed towards the master bedroom, while Sarah headed other way towards her old room. As she approached the door she could here some strange sounds coming from within the room. He heart immediately dropped as she recognised the noises. She opened the door a crack, and peered in. Sure enough she caught sight of Biff, his longer hair tied up into two messy pigtails. He was also completely naked, his smaller, curvier frame fully on display. He was rocking back and forth while straddling Mollies now pale legs, with his former cock inside him. He had a missive smile on his face, and neither of then noticed the door open, or close just a quietly.

Sarah walked away from her room in stunned silence. She didn’t even blink until she reached the master bedroom and made her way inside. She closed the door behind her, placed her back against it, then collapsed on the floor as her knees gave way and she burst into tears.

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