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DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening reaches its climax

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Laura was momentarily taken aback by his comment, but that quickly passed as her own desire kicked in. She got to her feet and lunged forward. Planting a firm grip on each of his hips she pulled him forward. With him laying on the bed, he was just the right height for their wanting organs to meet. She looked down at him, his whole body glistening with sweat.

“Are you sure?” She asked. He met her gaze, then reached down and took her rock hard cock in both hands. He deftly lowered it, and guided the swollen head to meet his waiting lips. Laura shuddered with pleasure at the sensations from his soft hands gripping her member, and the feeling of his damp labia just touching the tip.

“Definitely” he said in a husky whisper. She didn’t need convincing any further as she pushed his shoulders back down onto the bed and slowly slid herself forward into his wet folds. They both moaned in ecstasy together as her length gradually entered him. Jon’s a little higher pitched, and hers a little lower. Jon felt incredible as her meat filled him from the inside. He felt his pelvic muscles contract, clamping down on his mothers throbbing cock.

“Oh fuck” he growled through gritted teeth, “you feel so good!” Laura leaned forward, placing her hands either side of him so that she was hovering over him, and began to thrust slowly. Beaded of sweat rolling down her face and back as she picked up the pace. Her smaller breast swinging slightly with each movement. She started at Jon’s swelling chest, increasingly turned on by the subtle jiggle they made with each forward motion.

“God you feel so tight!” She breathed hoarsely. Jon could feel the pressure building within him as she moved faster and faster, the curve of her dick making it hit all the right spots inside him. He raised his legs and wrapped them around her as she continued pounding away at him.

“Fuck me hard!” He groaned as he his whole body began to tremble. Laura gladly obliged, adding more force to her thrusted. Jon let out a choked scream as he could feel her hammering him deep inside. The harder she went the greater this amazing tension grew. Laura could feel the pressure building at the base her her dick, and tried to pull back, but Jon tightened his legs around her, pulling her closer. Suddenly the levy broke for both of them. First Laura felt a wave of ecstasy spread up her length, followed by a blissful hot sensation erupt from her head. As soon as he felt her warm seed erupt inside him, the spring that had been cooking up inside Jon snapped and it was as though fireworks were erupting all over his body. His vision blurred for a moment as his whole body seized up then released. He legs fell limply away from her, his toes just brushing the floor, and her arms gave way and she flopped down on top of him.

“Fuck…” Jon gasped, trying to catch his breath. The feeling of her weight on top of him, and her cock still throbbing inside him were still giving him little aftershocks of pleasure.

“Yeah…” Laura panted back. They stayed as they were for a few moments, there sweat covered bodies sticking together, giving them a deeper feeling of connection. Eventually Laura could feel her penis softening and she lifted herself off of her son. Gently she removed herself, and a dribble of cum followed.

“Guess we’d better get cleaned up” Jon smiled, his face flushed red. Laura nodded, her penis glistening with his juices.

“There’s some morning-after pills in my bedside drawer. Might be worth taking one. We don’t know if you can get pregnant” she said, “also, you better go use the toilet. You definitely don’t want a UTI!” She added with a wink. Jon smiled at her as he peeled himself of the sweat soaked sheets. He sat there for a few seconds staring into space. He could still feel her seed leaking out of him. He eventually stood, and made his way to the bathroom, which was a mission in itself as his legs felt like jelly.

“You get the pills, and I’ll sort this out” he said indicating the trail of cum now running down his leg.

Ten minutes later, after following her advice, he was now pulling his clothes back on while Laura lay under the covers admiring him.

“Now why didn’t we do that sooner?” She asked as he climbed into sheets next to her.

“I don’t know, but I’m glad we did!” He said dreamily as he lay on his side and shifted up next to her. He felt her arm wrap around him and pull him close.

“Same” she mumbled as they both quickly drifted off into a deep sleep.

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