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105. DMU - Jon gets his

104. DMU - a new experience for Lau

103. DMU - Jon’s turning point

102. DMU - Movie night

101. DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening

100. DMU - Jon takes a shower

99. DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening

98. DMU - Lydia discovers some mor

97. DMU - Lydia takes a nap

96. DMU - Simon and Karyn talk

95. DMU - Lucy’s plan

94. DMU - at the mall part 3: path

93. DMU - at the mall part 2

92. DMU -at the mall part 1

91. DMU - Things progress

90. DMU - Biff repays the favour

89. DMU - Mollies morning

88. DMU - catching up in the tub

87. DMU - Some more changes for Jo

86. DMU - Revelations with Sarah

DMU - Jon gets his

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Jon landed lightly on the bed, feeling the extra cushioning on his rear. He let out a little squeak of surprise. His legs hanging over the edge of the bed from the knees. Laura looked him over hungrily. Like Jon, all her feelings of wrongness had disappeared, and all she could see was this beautiful creature before her. She knelt down and placed her hands on his soft thighs. Gently she spread his legs wide revealing his glistening folds. She took a deep breath through her nose as the scent of his excitement reached her, causing her rock hard member to throb intensely.

“I know just how to make this thing feel good” she purred as she lightly traced a finger along his lower lips, causing him to shudder and let out a little moan. She started planting light kissed on the inside of one thigh, starting near the knee and working her way inwards. As she reached his crotch she hovered over his mound, letting out a light breath over his clit, before passing over it and kissing her way back up the other thigh.

“Tease” Jon gasped happily.

“Trust the process” she grinned back before repeating the motion in the opposite direction. Jon could feel waves of tingling shooting through his body, and as she passed over his groin again his whole body tensed up. Once she’d completed another pass she moved her face right into his crotch and placed another feather kiss to each side of his labia.

“Mmm” he groaned as he but his lower lip. Suddenly he gasped loudly in pleasant surprise as she licked the entire length of his lips from the bottom to his clit. She repeated that several and each time his body seemed to tense more and more. On the final lick she stop at his clit and almost clamped her lips around it. She lightly sucked in, pulling it gently into her mouth. Jon almost screamed as she began to quickly flick her tongue back and further over his nub. It felt like electricity shooting through every nerve of his body. On instinct he brought his hands up to his chest, the budding tissue just large enough to fill his palms. He squeezed the small mounds, and pinched each nipple tightly. His whole body continued filling with electric tension, feeling like a coiled spring.

‘If her tongue feels this good, what it would it feel like to have her inside me?’ He thought to himself. His whole body started shaking, and he made a decision. He placed his hand on her forehead and pushed away from his dripping void. He stared down at her intently.

“Laura!” He panted “just fuck me already!”

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