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102. DMU - Movie night

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DMU - Movie night

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As the movie began Jon and Laura were sat with a gap between them, but as it went on, they found themselves edging closer each time the had to lean over to grab another handful of crisps, or pick their wine glass up from the small table in front of the couch. By the midway point they were sat practically next to each other.

“I think it was him” Jon said as one of the suspects starting acting suspicious. He leant forward and took another small handful of crisps.

“Can’t be, he’s clearly a red herring!” Laura smirked, “my guess is the sister-in -law” she added as she laid her arm over the back of the couch behind him.

“Not a chance, she left the party early, and they saw her on the cameras at the gateway” Jon replied as he sat back. Instinctively, Laura draped her arm over his shoulder, causing him to jump.

“Oh god, sorry!” She gasped as she started to move it back.

“No, it’s fine.” Jon replied as he grabbed her hand and pulled it back down. He didn’t want to say it aloud, but he suddenly had a warm, safe feeling when she did it. He curled his legs up under him and leant against her, almost nuzzling into the crook of her armpit. Suddenly Laura’s nose was filled with the lavender scent again, and she lightly tightened her grip with her and, pulling him gently closer. Jon made a contented little sigh, placed a hand on her chest, and turned his attention back to the movie. Laura instantly felt some shifting in her boxers.

‘What is happening?’ Laura thought for a brief moment, ‘this feels so natural, so cozy’ she smiled to herself as the movie continued.

They stayed in that position for the rest of the run time, and when the film had finished they sat in silence for a second, huddled together.

“So, we were both wrong then!” Jon said after a moment. Laura nodded thoughtfully.

“Yeah, I’d never have guessed that in a million years” she said happily, “this was really nice” she added.

“It really was” he replied, sliding his arm behind her back and squeezing her tight in a hug. She leaned forward and kissed the top of his head, breathing in his new flowery scent. She glanced at the clock on the wall by the tv.

“Shit, it’s nearly 11!” She gasped, “we best get to bed!” She added as she finally removed her arm from his shoulder. Jon sat up, and yawned.

“Yeah, guess you’re right” he said as they both got their feet. As they made their way upstairs they passed Zoe and Athena at the front door.

“Sorry you can’t stay” Zoe was saying, “but I don’t want to risk you getting caught up in this” Athena hugged her tight.

“It’s fine I understand” she said as she gave her a peck on the cheek and headed off into the night. Zoe turned and saw the two of them watching here.

“Goodnight” she said to them with a nod before locking the door and hurrying upstairs.

“She seems to have adjusted well” Jon chuckled as they followed her. They both headed into the bedroom and Laura made a beeline for the bathroom.

“Ooh I’m busting” she muttered as she closed the door behind her. Jon rolled his eyes and took his phone out his pocket. He plugged it into the charge on the night stand on what was now his side of the bed. He stuck his hand in his other pocket and hooked a finger through the ring still nestled there. Now was his chance to put it back where he found it. He pulled his hand back out and headed to the dresser. Suddenly Laura emerged from the bathroom door making him jump and clench his hand into a fist to hide its contents. He felt the ring slide further down onto his finger, pushed by the sudden movements. It slid back over the knuckle and settled into place.

‘Oh crap!’ He thought to himself. His face was clearly showing the panic as Laura looked at him for a moment.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

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