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DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening continues

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“I was thinking”. Laura said as she entered the bedroom “seeing as it’s still early, how do you feel about going to watch a movie downstairs?” She had a towel wrapped around her waist, and was using a smaller one to roughly dry her hair. Jon was taken aback by how good she looked with her torso still shining from the water. Her boobs had shrunk a little, and we’re starting to look more muscular. He felt butterflies in his stomach just looking at her. He pushed his hand further behind him and nodded thoughtfully.

“Yeah, that would be nice. Should I ask the ki…others if they want to join?” He replied.

“Could be worth a try” Laura shrugged as she turned to Simons drawers to retrieve some sleep wear. Jon leapt up and grabbed his phone.

“I’ll go ask them now” he said, “I’ll see you downstairs” he added as he hurriedly left the room. He closed the door behind him, then leaned against the wall, his heart pounding. He needed to get this ring off before Laura saw. He quickly took a picture on his phone and sent it to Sarah with the message.

It wont come off! Any suggestions?

While he was waiting for the reply, he slipped the phone into the small pockets on his pyjama bottoms then made his way to Mikey’s room to speak to Karyn. He knocked on the door lightly then made his way in.

“Karyn we were thinking of putting a movie on, did you want to join…” he began, but trailed off when he saw her sleeping form in the bed.

“Well it is getting a bit late for her” he muttered as he backed out and closed the door quietly behind him. He went to the spare room next and knocked.

“Come in” Simon called from the other side. Jon opened the door and stuck his head in. His father was sitting at the little desk in the corner, already in a set of pyjamas he’d bought. A matching pair of white shorts and a strappy vest top. With his hair tucked behind his ears he was starting to look more like a teenage girl than ever.

“Umm Laur…mom and I are putting a movie on. Did you want to come down?” Jon asked.

“Thanks for asking, but I think I’ll stay here. It’s been so long since I’ve done and drawing. I’m quite enjoying it!” Simon replied.

“Ok sweetie, as long as you’re sure” Jon said as he backed out and closed the e door behind him. He started towards his old room when his phone buzzed in the pocket. He quickly pulled it out and saw Sarah’s reply.

Soap or butter? X

Thanks!!! he quickly replied and hurried down to the kitchen. He grabbed the bottle of washing up liquid and squirted a bit on his finger. He lathered it up around the ring, and after a few seconds it finally slid free. He quickly washed the suds of the ring and his hands and dried them off. He’d just slipped the ring into his pocket when he heard Laura from behind him.

“Are they joining us?” She asked, making Jon jump a little.

“No, Karyn’s asleep, Simons busy, Zoe’s with Athena, oh I didn’t ask Mikey!” He said with a shocked realisation. He felt a twinge of guilt about leaving him out.

“Oh well, it’ll be nice just the two of us” Laura replied with a gentle smile, “I’ll go and set everything up, you get the snacks. What do you want to watch?” She asked.

“You choose, I don’t mind” Jon replied with a shrug. Laura nodded thoughtfully before heading downstairs. Jon sighed with relief, he didn’t know why he was so nervous about her seeing the ring on his finger, but he was glad he managed to get it off. He quickly grabbed a large share size bag of crisps, then moved to the cupboards. He grabbed two wine glasses, then grabbed a bottle from the fridge. He’d really grown to like the taste over the last two days, and found it enjoyable to relax with a good glass after a long day. He filled both glasses halfway then, tucking the crisps under his arm, carried them both downstairs to where Laura was waiting.

“I went with ‘Blades In’. That murder mystery I’ve been wanting to watch for a while” she said, “hope you don’t mind?” Jon had seen it while scrolling through the streaming channels.

“Oh, I’ve been meaning to watch that too! Good choice!” He smiled as he passed her a glass and they both settled down on the couch.

“Ok then!” Laura beamed as she pressed play.

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