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2. Karyn's Sibling

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn's New Sibling

on 2021-05-31 23:17:32
Episode last modified by Hmm on 2021-05-31 23:18:28

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Jon waited before doing anything else with the stone. But he'd made up his mind. He was going to make a wish. Even if the one with Karyn had gone wrong he was determined to use it again.

Ever since he'd seen the change he'd felt his thoughts drifting to what he could wish up next and trying to find all the different ways the wishes could go wrong. Though to be honest, he wasn't sure how 'wrong' Karyn's wish had actually gone. He'd kinda liked some of them and on the way home he'd found his mind drifting to Karyn's larger breast-Ehem

He knew it was a bad idea, but after seeing what it could do he was itching to make a wish. Anything really. Just to see the magic happen.

The only reason he'd resisted was that they'd figured out that nobody besides them noticed any of the changes. Everyone thought she'd always had blond hair and large breasts. Indeed, the changes went even further! She'd called later and told him how the wish had even changed her mom. Turning Mrs. Black into quite the blonde Milf. Though Karyn hadn't quite used those words to describe her.

Despite the gigantic change, her mom hadn't noticed a thing.

That's why he'd waited. He didn't want to risk making Karyn forget him or be the only one to remember any changes. Plus in the event that he made a stupid wish, it'd be good to have someone else there who remembered it. That way if he accidentally wished himself into being an article of clothing or something, there'd be someone else there to bail him out.

So Jon waited impatiently at the bus stop the next morning for Karyn to arrive.

When she finally showed up he was practically bouncing with excitement.

"Hey Jon-boy!"
"Hey Karyn, how have you been dealing with the, um, you know?"

His eyes drifted down to Karyn's large breasts which were slightly bouncing with every step she took towards him.

"Ug! These are the worst! I know I said I wished I had breasts and hair like Sara's but if I'd known how much trouble they were-! It took me forever to get my hair done this morning, and these things keep moving all over the place! I just wish that you knew how bad it feels to have these flopping on your chest!"

Jon clenched the stone in his pocket nervously, sweat beading on his forehead. If Karyn had been holding the stone right there...

"Um, I actually brought the stone today. I was thinking we could do something to fix, um, your, um, those."

He petered off awkwardly. He felt strangely nervous around his friend. Even though he knew that nothing really had changed between them, just the sight of her chest was enough to make him feel off balance. He'd always just seen Karyn as a friend. A cute one, but nothing more. Now, though...

"Are you blushing Jon-boy? You are! Ha, it's almost worth having these just to see you act like this!"

Jon's face reddened some more, and feeling oddly bashful, he tried to change the subject.

"So, um, yesterday you said the wish had changed your mom too?"

Karyn scrunched her nose in distaste. Jon felt relief that he'd successfully distracted her.

"Yeah, when I first saw her, I thought I'd gone to the wrong house. She looks so different now. I keep thinking there's a stranger in my house and then look again and realize it's just my mom."
"Huh, so it looks like the stone changes reality to make everything appear normal. It makes you wonder how far the changes go? Do you have any relatives on your mom's side you could check up on?"
"Not really. Mom's a single child like me and she doesn't really talk about Grandma and Grandpa much. I think they disowned her or something when she got pregnant with me. I don't have any pictures of them either."
"Well, that sucks. I was kinda hoping that we could see how far the stone could change things. You're sure that you don't have any secret siblings you haven't told me about?"

Karyn rolled her eyes at him.

"Jon, you know I'm a single child. Thank goodness too. I don't think I could put up with all the sibling drama."
"Hey, they're actually not that bad. Sure they can get annoying at times but once you have them you have to love them."
"Hah, as if!"

Jon shook his head ruefully. Most only-children wanted some younger siblings. But not Karyn. She was adamant that she was better off on her own. It had been a running joke between them for ages. Perhaps that's why he didn't think about what he said next.

"I just wish that you'd get a younger sibling. That way you could see how fun and annoying they can be."


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