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16. Game night

15. And yet so far

14. So close

13. Going home

12. Time's up

11. Time out

10. Brad's a great guy

9. Late Night

8. Into the lion's den

7. Intercepted

6. What to do?

5. Door - Judy

4. AF: John, Divorced Father, exp

3. AF: John, Divorced Father, exp

2. John, divorced father

1. Altered Fates

Game night

on 2024-07-07 15:59:31

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"Fuck!" shouted John, "I almost had you, buddy. You were just kidding on that last one, right Doug?" while pouching Doug in the arm

"Sorry Jenny, I wasn't. It was a gentleman's bet, or in your case, a gentlewoman's bet. Let me settle the tab, and we will get this night started."
John was nervous, but thought Doug was a good guy. Doug's first decision of the night was to call a Lyft to get to his house, as they both had a lot to drink. On getting to Doug's place, he held the door for John, who was getting used to this. Doug put on the game and got a couple of beers from the fridge. The two chatted about the players, the plays and possible playoff scenarios. After the first quarter, Doug said, "The first royal command of the night is that you get me beers. So, get me a beer."

"I was going to get one for myself anyway," replied John, getting up. He went over to the fridge and grabbed a couple and went back to the couch before adding, "Here you go bud." After a few more minutes of the 2nd quarter, Doug asked for more beer, so John got up and got them, missing a key play. John dropped the cold beer in Doug's lap.

"Listen, man, here's your beer. Try timing the next one better." John took a seat. Several more minutes later, Doug asked for his flannel back, stating he felt cold. John took off the flannel, leaving him in the spaghetti strap pink shit and jeans. By the end of the 2nd quarter, he was getting cold. Doug was glancing John's way the last few minutes.

"Well, now that it is halftime, I have another royal decree. Since you are into the Ravens and I am rooting for the Lions, I'm going to make this interesting. When my team scores, you lose an article of clothing. When your team scores, I lose an item. I think that's fair. One more beer please, and give it to me kindly."

John got up and went to the fridge, grumbling about how is friend was lording it over him. Then he heard Doug asking for the chex mix with the beer. John grabbed everything and put it gently in front of Doug, who was smiling ear to ear.

"This is the life! beer, snacks, the game and a beautiful woman doing what I ask. We need to play pool more often Jenny."

"You're lucky I'm a man of my word, Doug," replied John. The slip was unnoticed by Doug as the 3rd quarter started. On the kickoff, the Ravens returned for a touchdown. Doug removed the flannel and threw it on the floor. John had to get up one more time to get a beer for Doug, but decided to not get one for himself, as he was feeling a little woozy. He lost count between the bar and Doug's place. Between the 3rd and 4th quarters, John went to the bathroom. Coming back, he heard that the safety couldn't play in the 4th quarter and felt a pit in his stomach. The Ravens held of the Lions for the first drive, but not the second.

"Well, Jenny, time to hold up the bargain. Top or bottom?"

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