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18. Who Wears the Short Shorts

17. Like a Slap to the Face

16. Sarah's Morning

15. Morning Prep

14. Schemes Within Schemes

13. A Very Supportive Squad

12. Karyn Hangs with "Jon"

11. The Next Morning

10. Meet the Parents

9. Figuring out the Curriculum

8. Karyn Makes Some Corrections

7. A Slight Miscalculation

6. Karyn's Place

5. Getting Ready

4. A New Reflection

3. Karyn (Alt)

2. The stone is gone

1. You Are What You Wish

Suddenly Sarah: Who Wears the Short Shorts

on 2024-06-21 21:35:04

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Aware Body_Swap FTM MC MTF Magic

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Jon, currently wearing a sky blue workout tanktop over her black sports bra and matching black little yoga shorts, folded her arms beneath her breasts as she stared down her irate former body. The two switched souls had snuck off to the gymnasium after school to meet like planned, but the instant he arrived Sarah started yelling at her. "First off, don't call me Gibson, that's you," Jon instructed the squawking boy. "What if someone heard you?"

Sarah's face was red and it looked like he wanted to protest but something inside him forced him to agree that keeping up the charade of their current identities was the most important thing, so he ground out, "fine, Sarah, why the fuck did you break up with my boyfriend?!?"

The blonde sighed and placed a dainty hand to her forehead in annoyance before focusing on Sarah with her sharp crystal blue eyes. She held up a finger, "One, as far as anyone knows he was my boyfriend, not yours, so please, PLEASE try to keep the terminology straight." She held up a second finger, "two, if anyone was going to catch on to me acting out of character it was going to be Biff. Breaking up with him for now means we don't have to worry about me learning all about your relationship along with everything else I need to learn." She held up a third finger, "three, a recent breakup is great cover for any little differences anyone might notice. They can just chalk it up to me being hurt and emotional. And finally, he really WAS cheating on you. I didn't make that up and you can't tell me you wouldn't have dumped him yourself if you'd known."

Sarah grimaced; Jon wasn't necessarily wrong, but he hated that he'd been entirely cut out of the decision. It drove home that Jon really was in the driver seat of Sarah's life and he only had as much control as Jon chose to give him. Besides, Jon totally missed the point, "Yeah, I'd have punished him eventually," Sarah explained, "especially since he was sloppy enough that even you heard about it. But I wouldn't have dumped the freaking quaterback right before voting begins for Prom Queen and King! Now all his meathead friends are going to vote for Lily or fucking Tiffany!"

Even while Jon pouted the thought, Winning Prom Queen is one of Sarah McMillan's main goals, I need to win Prom Queen, settled into her head. Jon had never won a popularity contest in her life, but if winning that tiara was important to keeping up the appearance of being Sarah, then she'd do it. "I'm pretty sure I can win without that asshole," Jon opined, "most of the school's on my side anyway."

"I'm going to be the one who wins," Sarah retorted, "whatever freaky friday bullshit happened to us will probably wear off after we've had a day at school as each other anyway." Sarah had hoped the same thing after the first day, and kept telling himself this nightmare had to be almost over.

Jon just rolled her eyes at Sarah's denial and said, "well, on the off chance you're wrong about that, are you ready to teach me my cheer routines? I don't think either of us wants me to break this neck at Friday's pep rally."

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