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17. Like a Slap to the Face

16. Sarah's Morning

15. Morning Prep

14. Schemes Within Schemes

13. A Very Supportive Squad

12. Karyn Hangs with "Jon"

11. The Next Morning

10. Meet the Parents

9. Figuring out the Curriculum

8. Karyn Makes Some Corrections

7. A Slight Miscalculation

6. Karyn's Place

5. Getting Ready

4. A New Reflection

3. Karyn (Alt)

2. The stone is gone

1. You Are What You Wish

Suddenly Sarah: Like a Slap to the Face

on 2024-05-06 21:48:49

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"Ough," Biff grunted as he let the barbell he was bench pressing fall back onto the rest. Sitting up on the bench he reached for his water, splashing himself in the face a bit before gulping some down. He was a bit sore from the workout, but mostly feeling the familiar endorphins that came with excretion; Biff was more than a bit of a gym rat, and after a week of vacation, he actually enjoyed getting back to his weight training regime. Hopping to his feat, the QB slung a towel around his neck and made his way for the showers.

As he passed, Mike Matthews, the team's linebacker and Biff's right hand man, waved and called out, "sup bro, good break?" The beef slab of a youth was currently doing his own heavy workout on one of the gym's machines.

Biff called back over his shoulder and said, "can't complain. Had a bit of freedom, if you know what I mean, and had a little fun down in the valley." Indeed, Sarah going on a beach trip had given Biff a break from his controlling girlfriend, and a chance to hook up with one of the two Mount Valley girls he was sneaking around with. Sure Sarah was hot and rich and stuff, but she could also be a frigid bitch, making Stacee and Lin a nice change of pace. Besides, I'm too much of a man for one woman anyway, he boasted internally as he hit the showers. (Let no one say Biff was a particularly nice guy.)

He knew his dad, who really wanted him to marry Sarah so they could get access to the McMillan money, would totally freak if he knew Biff was sleeping around, but he didn't care. His pops tried to run too much of his life anyway, and it wasn't like Sarah would ever find out. He'd been reasonably careful about who knew what he was up to, mostly just his close bros and teammates, and even if someone at Lakeview did find out, all the nobodies knew they'd be pounded into dust if they squealed on Biff. Really all he had to worry about was Sarah herself catching him, and he had total confidence that would never happen.

An hour later, he'd changed into a black tee and his letterman jacket, plus jeans, and was swaggering his way through the halls as people arrived for the first day back to class. It didn't take him long to find who he was looking for, seeing his girlfriend from behind; Sarah was at her locker, chattering with Amber and Melissa about some nonsense and couldn't see Biff yet. The sandy haired boy had to stop himself from whistling; as much of a bitch as she could be sometimes, his girlfriend was fucking beautiful. The little short shorts she was wearing today made her ass pop in a way that got little Biff excited.

And it's all mine, Biff thought smugly as he stepped behind Sarah and slipped his arms around her midsection, pulling her towards him, eager for that excited french kiss that usually came after they'd been apart for awhile.

Suffice to say, he was quite surprised when all he got was a massive slap to the face.


"Oh my god, did you hear what happened before homeroom?" Rebecca Hart asked conspiratorially. "Biff and Sarah totally broke up! Apparently he was cheating on her, poor girl, and she put him in his place!"

"I know, Becca," Karyn replied, "I'm pretty sure everyone's heard by now." It was second period and their economics teacher, Ms. Finley, had stepped out to use the bathroom, giving the class a chance to chatter. Karyn was well aware of Jon's dramatic actions that morning, as they'd quickly spread all over the school. She'd known going in Jon was going to break up with Biff, but hadn't counted on her actually slapping the jock, and Karyn had actually ended up having to mutter a quick wish for Jon not to get in trouble and for most of the school to take her side after it happened.

It probably would have been fine; Biff was unlikely to go running to a teacher, but Karyn decided to play it safe. She was really really hoping to be the new Sarah's girlfriend in the near future, and she didn't want Jon stuck in detention or made a pariah before that could happen. The wish seemed to have worked with most of the gossiping Lakeview students uniformly condemning Biff for cheating, which again might have happened anyway, and feeling sympathetic towards 'Sarah'.

There were still exceptions of course, since most didn't mean all. She'd heard Nadine Ferguson spouting the retrograde opinion that Biff had only strayed because Sarah failed to properly support him, and Lily Vanderfield was always quick to make her rival Sarah look as bad as possible. However, the person who was probably taking it the worst, except maybe Biff who had been reduced to sullenly stomping through the school day after Jon tore him a new one, was the original Sarah, sitting in the desk ahead of Karyns and threatening to grind Jon's teeth to nubs.

Well, really they're his teeth now, so I guess he can do what he likes with them, Karyn reminded herself as Ms. Finley returned and the class quieted down. Despite what the two switchees currently might think, there would be no going back and Jon was now the owner of Sarah's old perfectly straight pearly whites. She was the owner of Sarah's old perfect everything Karyn thought with a blush; her mind kept drifting to how incredibly cute Jon had looked today. The fact that Jon was now behind those baby blue eyes, and the goddess that had tormented Karyn's dreams for years might finally be attainable was making her burn with anticipation.

"Ms. Black, could you please explain for the class how a Nash equilibrium works?" Ms. Finley's voice cut through Karyn's inner thoughts, making her snap back to attention and try to answer the question.

She couldn't get to far ahead of herself; Jon was just settling into her new life and still had a LOT to learn to pull of being Sarah. Karyn could be patient. Totally

After school in the secondary gym:


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