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39. Jocelynne's Blog

38. Sarah Buys a Dress

37. Susan Visits the Gibson Home

36. The Worst Morning of Linda's L

35. Like Three Peas in a Pod

34. Zoe Confronts Athena

33. Morning Ride to School

32. The Evening: Susan and Linda

31. The Evening: Sarah and Jocelyn

30. The Evening: The Goths

29. The Evening: Tiffany and Karyn

28. Susan McMillan Comes Home

27. Kyla Ren

26. The New Mrs. Gibson

25. The New Head Cheerleader

24. Obtaining Melissa

23. Sarah and Linda

22. Kyla Recovers

21. Sarah in the Band Room

20. Kyla in the Band Room

Jocelynne's Blog

avatar on 2024-06-09 14:13:24
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MTF Magic Mem TF

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So, like, the last few days have been super weird. First I got this magic stone, and then I accidentally challenged the head cheerleader to, like, a dance off? But now I'm a cheerleader, and I don't know what happened to my magic stone.


Jocelynne was in her Computer Science elective, and she was supposed to be programming a website in HTML from scratch, but, well, what's a website without a blog, right? And what's a blog without a blog post?


It's been kind of hard to think lately, too. I think it's the magic. Okay, I need to back up. I guess apparently all the girls in my school can do magic? It's not just my stone? But then what if-- no, wait, off-topic, let's stick to things that are more definite. Like, how I know I used to be a boy, but I can remember growing up as a girl. Or like, how I know Mom used to be the head cheerleader. And I don't mean she was head cheerleader when she was my age, I mean like she was my age last week. But she wasn't. But I have to support her, she's my mom. If she wasn't my mom, then why would she be acting like she's my mom?


Jocelynne paused to take a breath and focus herself.


Linda McMillan came up to me today after first period. Something is strange about her. Like, a bunch of girls want to be my friend all of a sudden, and I think it's because they all want to be on cheer with me, and that feels normal. But Linda just... wants to be my friend for realzies. She said something about sticking together because we're both in the same boat. I think she doesn't have magic either, but I'm not sure. And being around her just feels weird in general. Like, why was she hanging out with my mom in my house yesterday? Thinking about that gives me a headache.


Even thinking about thinking about Linda was starting to make Jocelynne nauseous. Like how some people start to salivate when they hear the name "Pavlov" without needing any bells.


So I'm pretty sure I used to be a boy. I say I'm pretty sure because I don't think I can take anything for granted right now, but when I was in the gym after school, before I was a cheerleader, I remember turning into a girl. So I must have been a boy before? But I also remember being a girl before then. I remember hanging out with Karyn and Tiffany. But Tiffany's always been a cheerleader, so if she's my friend then why didn't she help me in the gym? Whatever happened, I know she's my friend now. She's the best cheerleader on the squad now, after me. And we talk about boys all the time. Did I always like boys? Even when I was a boy? I really can't take anything for granted. I guess I just go with what feels right for now.


The bell rang right in that moment, so Jocelynne saved her work, logged out of the computer, and followed her classmates into the hallway.

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