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38. Sarah Buys a Dress

37. Susan Visits the Gibson Home

36. The Worst Morning of Linda's L

35. Like Three Peas in a Pod

34. Zoe Confronts Athena

33. Morning Ride to School

32. The Evening: Susan and Linda

31. The Evening: Sarah and Jocelyn

30. The Evening: The Goths

29. The Evening: Tiffany and Karyn

28. Susan McMillan Comes Home

27. Kyla Ren

26. The New Mrs. Gibson

25. The New Head Cheerleader

24. Obtaining Melissa

23. Sarah and Linda

22. Kyla Recovers

21. Sarah in the Band Room

20. Kyla in the Band Room

19. Tiffany Meets Them at School

Sarah Buys a Dress

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Age FTF MC Magic

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"Do you like it?" Susan asked as Sarah stepped out of the fitting room.

"It doesn't quite fit correctly," Sarah tugged at the fabric of the dress. "It's tight in some places, loose in others."

"That's not what I asked," Susan tutted. "I asked if you like it."

"Well, sure, it's gorgeous!" Sarah exclaimed. "But it's just far to expensive for something that I'll never wear, and that doesn't really fit all that well."

"Why wouldn't you wear it?"

"Well, it's a cocktail dress!" Sarah pulled at the fabric for emphasis. "I never go to parties this fancy. I'd never get invited!"

"What if I told you that there was one such party tonight," Susan said with a coy smile, "and that I was inviting you."

"Is there?" Sarah asked. "Are you?"

"Well, no. But there could be," Susan smiled. "You need to be prepared. Besides, who says you can't be pretty for yourself at home sometimes? I'm paying for it, and I know a way that you could... make it fit you."

Adults knew not to use magic because it can so easily backfire, a lesson that Linda had apparently forgotten. But it's a lesson that takes years to fully understand, to really wrap your head around this idea that a thing that seems helpful now will really cause you more problems in the long-term. There was an increasing voice in Sarah's head, Susan knew, telling her of this basic fact. But even if she wore the body of an adult woman, she hadn't yet truly had the experience to learn the lessons of one. And so it was a simple matter to goad Sarah into using magic. Into using Linda's magic.

For that is all that Sarah had access to now, for whatever reason. And the more that Susan could get Sarah to use Linda's magic, the tighter the spot that would put Linda in. And if Susan could "guide" how the magic was used, she could plant seeds that would take root once things returned to normal.

With only a little more prodding, Sarah relented. She turned to look at a mirror, waved her finger, and used her magic to change the cut of the dress so that it fit her perfectly, while Susan whispered encouragements in her ear.

"It's just your color. And it fits so well now. This must be your favorite dress, right?"

"It is my favorite dress." Sarah didn't quite realize that her words were being woven into her magic.

"Aren't you grateful that I'm buying it for you?"

"I'm so grateful, Susan."

The magic settled, sealing itself onto the dress. A trap laid for Linda. And Susan didn't even have to use an ounce of her own magic.

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