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Hi, I'm Cork. By day I am but a humble tour guide, but by night I am overtaken by the Orb of Boralsis, and I become one with its great mystical power. I fight for justice, and to protect those I love from the evil that tries to encapsulate us, to separate us from one another, to set friends and loved one against each other. Its name is Louis, and it must be resisted at all costs.

I am Cork, warrior of compassion, fighter for peace, writer of stories, and I am here to tell you that Louis will never win. Not while I stand. Not while I type. And certainly not while I have you to help me.

We will spend the night writing branches, pushing Louis back, word by word, we will tell of camaraderie and of struggle and of some kid named Jon who keeps turning into a girl, and we will do so until the early hours of the morning, until the first rays of the sun lick at our windows outside.

And then, once more, I will become a tour guide, and you will become you, and we will try to pretend that Fiction Branches is a mere website, and not the battleground upon which the soul of humanity is defended.

So write your stories, and be kind to one another. And if you see Louis, make sure you tell it to go to hell.

Something Interesting: They Choose Karyn and Jon
Karyn and Jon
2020-06-22You Are What You Wish5
Something Interesting: Four Teenagers Arrive at School
The Next Morning
2020-06-22You Are What You Wish4
Something Interesting: Steve and Tiffany
Something interesting with Steve and Tiffany
2020-06-22You Are What You Wish3
The Next Morning2020-04-30You Are What You Wish9
Back at the Gibson's Home2020-04-29You Are What You Wish7
What's going on with Karyn (alt)2020-04-29You Are What You Wish6
A Conversation with Mom2020-04-29You Are What You Wish5
Meeting Biff
Biff is at the park
2020-04-29You Are What You Wish4
Tossing a Football
Karyn leaves, Jon meets his "new" mom
2020-04-29You Are What You Wish3
Bad Wishes and a Lost Stone2020-04-29You Are What You Wish2
Ask and ye shall receive2020-02-03The Forum3
Karyn's Refenge: Shower and Getting Dressed
Karyn enters the shower
2019-12-08You Are What You Wish38
Karyn's Revenge: A False Start, and a Real One
Through the long night
2019-12-04You Are What You Wish37
Karyn's Revenge: Bethany's Story
What Bethany's afternoon looked like
2019-12-03You Are What You Wish36
Karyn's Revenge: Where Did Sarah and Kara's Things Go?
Where did everything go?
2019-12-02You Are What You Wish35
Karyn's Revenge: Doing it By Hand
Karyn takes her time
2019-12-01You Are What You Wish34
Sarahfication: Karyn Goes on the Offensive
Into the Belly of the Beast
2019-12-01You Are What You Wish33
Sarahfication: Karyn Gets the Stone
Karyn attacks, and wins!
2019-12-01You Are What You Wish32
Sarahfication: Drawing Karyn In
Sarah and Kara call out to Karyn and her mom
2019-11-30You Are What You Wish31
Sarahfication: Sarah and Kara at the Mall
Back to Sarah and Kara
2019-11-30You Are What You Wish30
Sarahfication: What is Karyn's Mom's Plan?
To the Mall
2019-11-30You Are What You Wish29
Sarahfication: Checking in on Karyn
Karyn isn't doing too well
2019-11-30You Are What You Wish28
Jon Gets a Companion
Someone else shows up in the field
2019-09-13You Are What You Wish12
Jon Takes Action
Putting on Pants
2019-09-13You Are What You Wish11
Surveying the New School
Meet the New School
2019-08-26You Are What You Wish7
That's a cat.2019-06-15The Forum4
Jon's Deception
What Jon's Doing While Karyn Changes
2019-05-29You Are What You Wish15
Karyn, Get Dressed!
Jon pulls Karyn inside
2019-05-29You Are What You Wish14
Like Minded: At the Occult Shop
They arrive at the occult shop
2019-02-26You Are What You Wish35
Like Minded: Stepping Out
Jon is in control
2019-02-26You Are What You Wish34
Some Thoughts2019-02-24The Forum3
Like Minded: To the Mall!
Jon and Athena go to the mall
2019-01-27You Are What You Wish32
Like Minded: Athena Gets the Stone
Athena Gets the Stone
2019-01-22You Are What You Wish31
Jon Goes Evil on Sarah
Jon Wishes about Sarah
2019-01-09You Are What You Wish2
Jon and Athena Join Forces
The girl is Athena
2019-01-06You Are What You Wish30
The Girl with the Necklace
Asking about the necklace
2019-01-03You Are What You Wish29
Getting to the Beach
2019-01-03You Are What You Wish28
The Fiction Branches Anthem2018-08-19The Forum2
CMtA: ...and Peggy
... and Peggy
2018-08-12You Are What You Wish331
CMtA: Eliza
2018-08-12You Are What You Wish331
CMtA: Angelica
2018-08-12You Are What You Wish331
CMtA: Drama
It's a Dressing Room
2018-08-12You Are What You Wish330
CMtA: Joining Zoe's team
2018-08-10You Are What You Wish332
CMtA: Choosing Teams
Volleyball Day
2018-08-10You Are What You Wish331
CMtA: Gym Class
It's the Locker Room
2018-08-10You Are What You Wish330
CMtA: Finding a Friend?
Athena Spots Karyn
2018-08-10You Are What You Wish329
CMtA: Overall Shorts
Athena Grabs Overall Shorts
2018-07-25You Are What You Wish327
Clothes Make the Athena2018-07-25You Are What You Wish326
Miss Fine: Susan McMillan's Motivational Speech
It's a Motivational Speaker
2018-07-24You Are What You Wish320
Miss Fine: Miss Fine Asserts Control Again
Sleep Time
2018-07-23You Are What You Wish324
Miss Fine: Some Things Missing
Athena Scans Her Room
2018-07-23You Are What You Wish323
Miss Fine: Athena Wears Her Old Dress
The Next Day
2018-07-23You Are What You Wish321
Miss Fine: Athena Picks a Unicorn Tutu
Grabbing a Unicorn Tutu
2018-07-23You Are What You Wish319
Miss Fine: Athena Picks a Trench Coat
Grabbing a Trench Coat
2018-07-22You Are What You Wish319
Miss Fine: Athena Picks a Bathrobe
Grabbing a Bathrobe
2018-07-21You Are What You Wish319
Miss Fine: Athena in a Bikini
It was an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny...
2018-07-21You Are What You Wish318
Miss Fine: Athena the Cheerleader
Of Course it's a Cheerleading Uniform
2018-07-20You Are What You Wish318
Miss Fine: Too Late
Karyn Takes Initiative
2018-07-20You Are What You Wish317
Miss Fine: Taking the Karyn Out of the McMillan
To Athena's House
2018-07-20You Are What You Wish317
Miss Fine: Change Karyn Herself
Changing Karyn
2018-07-20You Are What You Wish316
Miss Fine: Athena and Karyn Talk
Athena and Karyn Talk
2018-07-20You Are What You Wish315
Unfortunate Ashley2018-06-01The Drafting Board2
In Sarah's Shoes: Jon Comes Home
Jon Sees his Mom
2018-04-25You Are What You Wish14
In Sarah's Shoes: In Sarah's Head
Over to Sarah for a bit
2018-04-24You Are What You Wish13
Gauging Interest: Fiction Branches *Books*?2018-04-23The Forum2
In Sarahs' Shoes: TV Time
Linda Watches Some TV
2018-04-14You Are What You Wish12
In Sarah's Shoes: Jon's Mom Enters the Story
At the Gibson Home
2018-04-12You Are What You Wish11
In Sarah's Shoes: Over to Karyn
2018-04-06You Are What You Wish10
In Sarah's Shoes: After School
After School
2018-04-06You Are What You Wish9
In Sarah's Shoes: Lunch
Lunch Time
2018-04-04You Are What You Wish8
In Sarah's Shoes: Aftermath
2018-04-04You Are What You Wish7
In Sarah's Shoes: Sarah Returns
Sarah's Back
2018-04-04You Are What You Wish6
In Sarah's Shoes: Cheerleader Mingling Goes Wrong
Talking to the Cheerleaders
2018-04-04You Are What You Wish5
In Sarah's Shoes: Meeting Karyn
Jon Can't Talk to Karyn
2018-04-03You Are What You Wish4
In Sarah's Shoes: Getting Dressed
Jon Gets Dressed
2018-04-03You Are What You Wish3
See What It's Like in Sarah's Shoes
In Sarah's Shoes
2018-04-03You Are What You Wish2
BJ World: Billy's New Home
Billy Gets a New Home
2018-03-08You Are What You Wish9
BJ World: At the Concert
At the Concert
2018-03-07You Are What You Wish8
The Opposite of "Sub" is "Super," and the Opposite of "Urban" is...
A Super-Rural Dream
2018-03-03You Are What You Wish6
Karyn Becomes what Zoe Desires
Zoe, but Karyn gets the salt
2018-02-17You Are What You Wish13
Karyn Stays the Night
Sleeping the Afternoon Away
2018-02-17You Are What You Wish15
Back to Plan A
Karyn Doesn't Like It
2018-02-17You Are What You Wish14
The Girls Go Upstairs
Karyn Likes It
2018-02-17You Are What You Wish14
Zoe Becomes what Karyn Desires
It's Zoe
2018-02-17You Are What You Wish13
Someone Runs Into Karyn
But First...
2018-02-17You Are What You Wish12
Jon gets a reprieve
Jon regroups, rethinks.
2018-02-09You Are What You Wish12
The Blue Branch2018-02-06You Are What You Wish2
Sarah's Day2018-02-02You Are What You Wish18
Karyn's Class2018-02-02You Are What You Wish17
Buffy's Class2018-02-02You Are What You Wish16
Jon's Class2018-02-02You Are What You Wish15
Buffy Checks on Karyn2018-02-02You Are What You Wish14
There's a New Sarah in Town
In the Bathrooms
2018-02-02You Are What You Wish13
Petards and Whatnot
Sarah is Affected, Too
2018-02-02You Are What You Wish12
Biff and Sarah in the Closet2018-02-02You Are What You Wish11
1898?2017-07-31The Forum2
Jon and Karyn Exchange Wishes2017-07-28You Are What You Wish7
Watch out, your hypocrisy is showing2017-07-17The Forum6
Whoops2017-07-09The Forum5
More categories2017-07-09The Forum4


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