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18. The Cheerleaders

17. Jon Heads Home

16. Karyn and Sarah plan a Girl's

15. Mom Meets Karyn

14. Meeting Mom

13. At the School(Version 4)

12. Language Lesson

11. Meanwhile... (Interlude)

10. Wednesday 3:47PM

9. Wednesday in the Hall with Zoe

8. Wednesday Morning

7. Tuesday 3:47PM

6. Back at the Mall

5. Making Sense

4. Karyn

3. Random family swaps

2. You know all those branches wh

1. You Are What You Wish

Family Swap: The Cheerleaders

on 2024-05-30 00:37:38

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Age Unaware

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Linda McMillan arrived on the field. Whereas Sarah McMillan, who at this moment didn't exist, had been very much her mother's daughter....Linda took more after her father. For one, she had shoulder length brown hair as opposed to Susan McMillan's blond. She also approached leadership differently. Both of the McMillan parents were incredibly ambitious sorts who focused on success. But whereas both parents were good at manipulating others to do what they wanted, Susan tended to think people should follow her because she was Susan McMillan. Richard, on the other hand, focused on a kinder public image....even though behind the scenes it might not match up with reality. He encouraged his subordinates, rather than dominating them....after all, you got better results that way. And if they produced results, he could be generous...within reason, of course.

Their daughter, Linda, had pushed to become head cheerleader, therefore, not by destroying the competition, but by convincing the others she was the best person for the this version of reality didn't have a 'Queen Bitch'. As she arrived, she saw the others getting ready. As soon as they were all there, she started to take them though the warmup routine before the coach showed up.

Jon, had he been there, wouldn't have recognized any of them as cheerleaders prior to that day...or in many cases, recognized them at all.

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