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The Cleaner: Time for Bed
Time For Bed
2019-12-14You Are What You Wish15
The Workmen: Normal Except
Normal Except
2019-10-28You Are What You Wish12
Slowly Swapping: Jon Decides He Needs this to Stop
Jon Decides He Needs This to Stop
2019-09-15You Are What You Wish25
The Cleaner: The McMillans Need Help
The McMillans Need Help
2019-09-14You Are What You Wish14
Slowly Swapping: Gym Class
Gym Class
2019-09-13You Are What You Wish23
The Cleaner: Laundry
2019-09-10You Are What You Wish12
The Cleaner: Miss Fine Meets Her Next Clients
Miss Fine Meets Her Next Clients
2019-09-10You Are What You Wish11
Slowly Swapping: For Every Action There is an Equal and Opposite Reaction
For Every Action There is an Equal and Opposite Reaction
2019-09-05You Are What You Wish20
Slowly Swapping: Jon Tries to Do Well
Jon Tries to Do Well
2019-09-02You Are What You Wish17
The Cleaner: Time Loss
Time Loss
2019-09-02You Are What You Wish8
Settling In2019-09-01The Drafting Board9
The Cleaner: Studying the Family
Studying the Family
2019-08-30You Are What You Wish5
The Cleaner2019-08-30You Are What You Wish4
Slowly Swapping: Tiffany is Write
Tiffany is Write
2019-08-27You Are What You Wish13
Slowly Swapping: Slowly Locker Swapping
Slowly Locker Swapping
2019-08-22You Are What You Wish12
Slowly Swapping: Karyn Plays Defense
Karyn Plays Defense
2019-08-21You Are What You Wish10
Slowly Swapping: Karyn is Reasonable
Karyn is Reasonable
2019-08-18You Are What You Wish7
It's Settled2019-07-28You Are What You Wish10
Home to Work, Work to Home: Waking Up
Waking Up
2019-05-18The Drafting Board5
Home to Work, Work to Home: Teamwork
2019-05-18The Drafting Board4
The Filter: The Bestie
The Bestie
2019-05-18You Are What You Wish7
The Filter: Can't Hide Forever
Can't Hide Forever
2019-05-11You Are What You Wish6
The Filter: Hiding Out
Hiding Out
2019-05-11You Are What You Wish5
Cloud: Melony is Very Confused (Alt)
Melony is Very Confused (Alt)
2019-05-02You Are What You Wish6
The Workmen: Not Being Believed
Not Being Believed
2019-04-25You Are What You Wish38
The Workmen: Biff Comes Out of the Closet
Biff Comes Out of the Closet
2019-04-24You Are What You Wish41
The Workmen: 4AM comes around again
4AM comes around again
2019-04-24You Are What You Wish39
The Workmen: The Sister
The Sister
2019-04-24You Are What You Wish36
The Workmen: A Coincidence?
A Coincidence?
2019-04-23You Are What You Wish37
The Workmen: Survive the Day
Survive the Day
2019-04-23You Are What You Wish13
The Workmen: Rebecca
2019-04-23You Are What You Wish35
The Workmen: Reassignment
2019-04-23You Are What You Wish34
The Workmen: Biff Falls Asleep
Biff Falls Asleep
2019-04-22You Are What You Wish32
The Workmen: No Reaction
No Reaction
2019-04-21You Are What You Wish30
The Workmen: Karyn is Out of the Loop
Karyn is Out of the Loop
2019-04-21You Are What You Wish11
The Workmen: Knock at the Door
Knock at the Door
2019-04-21You Are What You Wish28
Lonna Heads to Class2019-04-21The Drafting Board8
The Workmen: Time Restarts
Time Restarts
2019-04-21You Are What You Wish26
The Workmen: Biff Hunts for Clues
Biff Hunts for Clues
2019-04-21You Are What You Wish24
The Workmen: Jon Saves Biff...Sort Of
Jon Saves Biff...sort of
2019-04-21You Are What You Wish21
Confrontation2019-04-14You Are What You Wish9
Getting Ready to Go2019-04-12You Are What You Wish8
Dogsbody: Dream or Nightmare
Dream or Nightmare?
2019-03-04You Are What You Wish6
Here was Dave: Photo Opportunity
Photo Opportunity
2019-01-26You Are What You Wish79
The Rock is Gone2019-01-19You Are What You Wish14
Nicole's World Interlude: Here Was Dave
Here Was Dave
2019-01-14You Are What You Wish78
Another Revealing Fact2019-01-05You Are What You Wish13
The Day Starts2019-01-05You Are What You Wish10
No Playing Hooky on Zoe's Watch2019-01-04You Are What You Wish8
Waking up the Family2019-01-02You Are What You Wish7
Didn't Get Off That Easy2019-01-02You Are What You Wish6
Zoe Seems Different2019-01-01You Are What You Wish5
Jon Breathes a Sigh of Relief2019-01-01You Are What You Wish4
New Neighbors: What Game is She Playing?
What Game is She Playing?
2018-11-22You Are What You Wish12
Slowly Swapping: An Ally
An Ally
2018-11-13You Are What You Wish36
Slowly Swapping: Sarah and Tiff Both Make Decisions
Sarah and Tiff Both Make Decisions
2018-10-28You Are What You Wish33
Enter Symone2018-10-28You Are What You Wish4
Eye of the Storm: It's a Nail Salon
It's a Nail Salon
2018-10-10You Are What You Wish26
Eye of the Storm: Biff Hides from Wesley
Biff Hides From Wesley
2018-10-07You Are What You Wish24
Lonna Makes a Run for It2018-09-29The Drafting Board11
It Hits Home2018-09-25The Drafting Board9
Subliminal Messaging: Biff and Danielle Part
Biff and Danielle Part
2018-09-24You Are What You Wish54
Need to Get to Class2018-09-23The Drafting Board8
Subliminal Messaging: Biff and the Law
BIff and the Law
2018-09-23You Are What You Wish52
Subliminal Messaging: Karyn and Heather
Karyn and Heather
2018-09-20You Are What You Wish50
Subliminal Messaging: Jon and Yukio Get Along
Jon and Yukio Get Along
2018-09-16You Are What You Wish48
Subliminal Messaging: Jon Arrives at School
Jon Arrives at School
2018-09-15You Are What You Wish45
Subliminal Messaging: Biff Pouts
Biff Pouts
2018-09-15You Are What You Wish44
Still Missing It2018-09-15The Drafting Board7
If the Shoe Fits2018-09-12The Drafting Board6
The Stone is Missing2018-09-12The Drafting Board5
Down on The Ground2018-09-12The Drafting Board4
Lauren is In Charge
Her Teacher Ms. Tran( Alt)
2018-09-12The Drafting Board3
Subliminal Messaging: Father and Son Talk
Father and Son Talk
2018-09-11You Are What You Wish42
Farm: Sarah is Passive
Sarah is Passive
2018-08-20You Are What You Wish23
No She Does Not2018-08-16You Are What You Wish18
Of course She Does
Of Course Jane Does
2018-08-01You Are What You Wish18
I'm Talking to You2018-07-30You Are What You Wish16
Who Wakes Up Who?2018-07-27You Are What You Wish11
New Neighbors: Dolls
2018-07-15You Are What You Wish11
Rob's Remote: Commonplace
2018-07-10The Drafting Board8
The Workmen: Emptied House
Emptied House
2018-07-08You Are What You Wish22
Rob's Remote: Helping the Neighbor
Helping the Neighbor
2018-06-30The Drafting Board7
Rob's Remote: Walking the Human
Walking the Human
2018-06-16The Drafting Board6
A Day in the Life: A Pattern
A Pattern
2018-05-24You Are What You Wish15
Different Type of School: Slipping Away
Slipping Away
2018-05-19You Are What You Wish14
The Workmen: Jon Needs a Plan
Jon Needs a Plan
2018-05-13You Are What You Wish10
Eye of the Storm: Biff Arrives at Wesley's School
Biff Arrives at Wesley's School
2018-05-05You Are What You Wish21
The Workmen: Sarah Looks After Jon
Sarah Looks After Jon
2018-05-05You Are What You Wish9
The Workmen: Sarah
2018-05-03You Are What You Wish8
Eye of the Storm: Sarah Finds Her Test Case
Sarah Finds Her Test Case
2018-05-03You Are What You Wish18
Eye of the Storm: Sarah Investigates
Sarah Investigates
2018-04-30You Are What You Wish13
Wesley2018-04-22You Are What You Wish10
Biff Heads to the Elementary School2018-04-22You Are What You Wish9
The Workmen: Biff Gets Taken Away
Biff Gets Taken Away
2018-04-08You Are What You Wish21
Different Type of School: Vocabulary Seems Oddly Simple
Vocabulary Seems Oddly Simple
2018-03-18You Are What You Wish14
Different Type of School: Teacher's Pet
Teacher's Pet
2018-03-11You Are What You Wish13
Different Type of School: Jay Duncan
Jay Duncan
2018-03-09You Are What You Wish12
Different Type of School: Return of the Teachers
Return of the Teachers
2018-03-07You Are What You Wish11
Different Type of School: Proper Fetching Technique
Proper Fetching Technique
2018-03-06You Are What You Wish10


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