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9. You decide to leave the suit

8. She makes both you and her put

7. She notices the zipper on her

6. She may look and act like your

5. She thinks you're her son. (Me

4. You command the suit to transf

3. Stuff her into a bodysuit

2. Transform Your Girlfriend

1. The Drafting Board

Transform Your Girlfriend - Bodysuit: You're Out And Your GF/Mom Explore the Suit

on 2024-03-19 12:53:35

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After you both finish, you get up and then peel off the zipper behind the suit as you leave the suit. After leaving the suit, your whole body was sweating while you were inside the suit with your girlfriend. Oh boy, you might wanna need a quick shower. "Leaving so soon, sweetie?" your girlfriend asks as she's still in the suit of your mom's form.

"Yeah, sorry, babe. My whole body was sweaty when you and I were in the bodysuit," you reply. "It was fun, but that is for now. I might need a quick shower when I get back. You wanna come with me?"

"Nah, I'm good, sweetie. I did have a shower in the early morning already." She smiles. "Plus, I hope you don't mind, can I explore the suit without you?"

"Feel free to do whatever you want, babe. I'll be right back for some fun after I'm having a quick shower." you kiss your girlfriend on her lips and then head to the bathroom to refresh yourself by having a shower. While you're inside the bathroom, your girlfriend/mom walks to the mirror to have a look at her appearance. Of course, she likes being your mom and having sex as your mom. It is kinky that being your mom is cool and erotic at the same time. She loves having her big boobies, mature body, motherly personality, and being an adult without go school, except to work and be responsible for adulthood. However, your girlfriend/mom wants to explore more about what this suit can do, she remembers that you did command the suit to transform her into your mom by saying out loud. She wonders if she can do that as well, only one way to find out. "Okay, ahem. Command: Expand My Boobs to Milky G Cups," she commands the suit as it's responding when she told it. With that, her tits begin to increase more size from EE cups to G Cups, suddenly they also come out with milk. "Oh my, it's worked." she smiles as she's happy to see the suit did work when she commands it. "Oh crap, it won't stop milking out. Please stop."

Your girlfriend tried to make it stop, but it didn't work. "Oh right, Command: Stop Milking." After she commands the suit, they finally stop spreading out of milk. "Wooo,... thank god. I thought they won't stop." she relieves. "Now, I know what did suit can. Let's explore more about this suit while he still washing himself."

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