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122. DMU - Final preparations

121. DMU - the morning passes

120. DMU - More changes at Lydia’s

119. DMU - Mikey’s gets some more c

118. DMU - Back to the Gibsons

117. DMU - Buster gets a phone call

116. DMU - Lydia and Max

115. DMU - Biff and Mollies new rou

114. DMU - 4th morning at the MacMi

113. DMU - More changes in the hous

112. DMU - Day 4 starts off well

111. DMU - Day 3 ends

110. DMU - Sarah’s plan cums togeth

109. DMU - Sarah puts her plan into

108. DMU - Sarah confides in Lucy

107. DMU - Earlier with Sarah

106. DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening

105. DMU - Jon gets his

104. DMU - a new experience for Lau

103. DMU - Jon’s turning point

DMU - Final preparations

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“Well I’ll give you this Ronet, you’ve actually done a really good job getting everything ready” Lucy said to her former husband as she checked over the final room. Everything was neat and tidy, cleaned to the highest standard. The kitchen was full of finger foods, and there were plenty of coolers outside stocked with various beers and soft drinks.

“Merci Madame Locky” Robert replied.

“I guess you can take the rest of the afternoon off and enjoy the party.” Lucy said, “however, I’ll be expecting you to stay sober, you’ll have plenty of clearing up to do afterwards. Understood?” She added sternly.

“Oui Madame” he said as he turned on his high heels and headed back to his room to change.

“Wow hun” Sarah said as she watched the exchange, “that was nice of you” she added.

“I guess he deserves a little time off.” Lucy replied with a shrug, “he seems to have taken to his new duties well enough. Plus he’s gonna have his work cut out for him after the party” she chuckled.

“Is that so?” Sarah smirked back,, “what makes you say that?”

“I’ve just had a reply from that Dr Grant” Lucy said brandishing her phone, “apparently nearly everyone has said they’ll attend, nearly 30 people in all!”
She exclaimed.

“Hopefully you can work the grill then!” Sarah laughed.

“Oh I’m sure Laun can help me out. She did say she was coming a little earlier didn’t she?” Lucy asked.

“Yeah, Jorna messaged me saying they’ll be here in about an hour” Sarah replied looking down at her phone.

“Great,” Lucy breathed a sigh of relief, “well I’m going to go and have a quick lay down for half an hour. Come get me if you need anything.” She adddd with stretch.

“Will do” Sarah replied, “I’ll go tell Buffron and Milly to start getting ready soon” she added. Lucy gave her a thumbs up on her way out the room. Sarah got to her feet and headed upstairs after her. She made her way to her old bedroom and knocked gently. There was a muted whispering, followed by the sound of shuffling. Eventually Biff answered the door wrapped in her old bathrobe.

“What is it?” He asked.

“Just wanted to let the two of you know the Gibisons will be arriving soon, so you might want to start getting yourselves ready.” She said. Biff rolled his eyes at this.

“Urgh fine.” He grumbled, “I was about to get in the shower anyway” he added. Sarah looked him up and down, his blonde hair was all disheveled, and he smelt of clammy sweat. She could already guess what he’d actually been up too in there.

“See that you do” was all she said before she turned and left. Strangely she didn’t feel upset about Biff sleeping with Mollie anymore. Not now she had a much better lover in the form of Lucy. She really knew how to make her feel good. Suddenly the phone in her hand buzzed. She glanced at the screen and saw it was a text from Jon.

Jzoey and Micky are asking if they can brings friends with them. Hope that’s ok?

Of course it is babes Sarah replied the more the merrier

Great, I think we’re almost ready so we might be there sooner than we thought. Got the perfect bikini picked out!

Oh? Now this I have to see!

Good things come to those who wait. You’ll see it in person soon enough!

Sarah smiled to herself, just yesterday Jorna had been nervous for her to see him in a swimsuit, now he was teasing her with it.

“Can’t let him out do me!” She muttered to herself as she entered the master bedroom, taking in the sight of Lucy already sound asleep on the bed greeting her.

“Let’s see what I’ve got to work with” she whispered, deciding not to wake her former mother “let’s see if I can surprise her” she added as she started looking through her drawers for something sexy yet suitable for a party. Her eyes fell on a particular set and her face lit up.

“Perfect!” She grinned.

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