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DMU - More changes at Lydia’s

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Dr Michaels scratched his head in disbelief as he stood in the doorway to Lydia’s house. He’d rung the door bell and heard shouting from within that sounded closer to barking than more than anything.


The next sight that greeted him was a human figure behind the frosted glass, and the door opened to reveal Buster, looking much like a woman now. Behind him were two very excited creatures that looked more like skinless dogs scampering around the corridor.

“My word!” He gasped in surprise, “Busta I assume?” He asked the dog-woman in front of him. Buster nodded.

“Yes doctor” he replied in perfect English, “please come in” he added, stepping aside to allow the man in. As he did one of the dog people made a break for the open door.

“Lyddi! No!” Buster said sternly, causing her to stop in her tracks. Dr Michaels looked down at the former teacher, again surprised to see how far the changes had progressed. Her bare skin was showing signs of fur growth now, and a thick tail was wagging behind her as she looked up at him.

Hi she growled.

“C’mon girl” Buster said, patting his thigh before heading to the living room. Lydia happily followed him through to the other room, with dr Michales not far behind.

“Sorry about her” Buster said as they entered the open-plan living room, “you won’t believe how we found her and Max this morning” he added with a chuckle.

“Hello doctor” came a new voice, and for the first time he spotted Penny sitting on the couch, dressed in one of Max’s t-shirts and a pair of jeans.

“Umm.. Hi there” Michaels replied, “I must say this is beyond anything I’ve ever seen before” he added.

“I’m sure it is” Buster chuckled, “care for a coffee?” He asked as he headed over to the kitchen counter.

“That would be nice” Michaels replied as he took a seat. Lydia and Max both scampered over to him, both seemingly vying for his attention. Instinctually he reached down and gave Lydia a scratch behind one of her new ears. Buster returned after moment with a fresh coffee for him.

“So, tell me everything” the doctor said, setting the cup down on an end-table next to his chair. Buster and Penny spent the next few minutes filling him in on the mornings events, including how they had left the bedroom to find Lydia and max interlocked in the doggy position.

“Thankfully we managed to calm Lyddi down enough that she eventually deflated and separate them” Buster finished.

“I can imagine that was quite the sight” Michael’s mused, taking a sip of his coffee.

‘Nothing like the sight of what me Penn got up to’ Buster thought to himself, having chosen to admit that the two of them had gotten a little frisky themselves. The thought of what they did made his crotch grow damp again.

“And have the two of you experienced any…urges?” Michaels asked, almost as if he was reading Busters mind. He and Penny exchanged a quick glance.

“Not really” Buster lied.

“Interesting” Michaels mused for a moment, “would you object to me taking a few pictures of you all?” He asked.

“Not at all” Penny replied. With that, Michael’s produced a tablet from the satchel he carried.

“I’ll start with you two” he said, getting them both to stand and taking several pictures of each of them from different sides and angles. Once he was done it took quite a bit of wrangling to keep Lydia and Max still long enough for him to get what he needed. Once he was done he returned to his seat.

“Well I’ve already noticed one thing” he said as he picked up his half-drunk coffee.

“What’s that?” Buster asked curiously.

“Your changes are still happening. It’s actually quite fascinating witnessing it in real time” Michales replied.

“What do you mean?” Penny asked.

“Take a look,” Michaels said, pulling up a picture he’d taken of her, “when I first arrived your…nose was a lot more pronounced and darker. But now…” he turned the tablet screen to face them. Penny immediately noticed that in the picture her nose was now the same colour as the rest of her new skin, and her muzzle had dwindled away. She looked over at Buster and noticed that his face was much the same as hers. They glanced down at their former owners, and noticed that their skin was now covered in a thin layer of fur all over, and their heads were now more squished, like a dog.

“So what does this mean?” Buster asked.

“I think it means that your transition is taking a little longer than any of our other patients. Most likely due to the difference in species. The reports I’ve had of the other cases is that they are all more or less completely transformed physically now” Michael’s replied, “I’d guess that given another hour or so, your original features will be completely gone” he continued.

“I’m not sure how to take that” Buster sighed. Penny moved accross the couch and draped an arm over his shoulders, pulling him into a tight hug.

“We’re in this together” she said softly. Buster reached up and placed a hand on hers.

“Thanks Penn” he smiled, “so, you mentioned you had some information for us?” He asked, turning his attention back to the doctor.

“Oh yes, I almost forgot!” Michael’s exclaimed, “it would appear that Locy MacMillan is hosting a little get together this afternoon for everyone affected by this situation. You are all welcome to attend should you wish. Our team will also be there.” He added.

“And these two?” Buster asked, nodding towards to two fuzzy shapes on the floor.

“I don’t see why not” Michael’s shrugged, “we actually advising everyone to attend. It would be a good chance to get to know others in a similar situation a little better. Maybe find a little help and support outside of the medical team.” He continued as he finished his coffee. Buster and Penny looked at each other for a second.

“Yeah, I think that would be a good idea” Buster replied, “let them know we’ll be there” he said with a smile. Michaels nodded before getting to his feet. He slipped his tablet back into his satchel.

“I’ll make sure I do.” He said, “would you like me to pick you up on my way there?” He asked.

“That would be perfect” Penny replied, “I’m not sure if either of us can drive.” She chuckled.

“Very good point!” Michael’s smiled back, “Well I need to get these photos to the lab, so I’ll swing back here in about three hours.” He added as he moved to the living room door.

“Great, we’ll see you then! I’ll see you out.” Buster replied, getting to his feet, “Lyddi! stay!” He said sternly as Lydia began to move to follow. Once he’d left the house and got into his car, Michaels let out a deep breath.

“This is absolutely crazy!” He muttered to himself as he started the car, “a dog just served me a coffee!” He chuckled.

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