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7. A Slight Miscalculation

6. Karyn's Place

5. Getting Ready

4. A New Reflection

3. Karyn (Alt)

2. The stone is gone

1. You Are What You Wish

Suddenly Sarah: A Slight Miscalculation

on 2024-02-28 21:44:52

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Aware BE Body_Swap FTM MTF Stuck

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Ten minutes later, Jon was back sitting on Karyn's bed, Karyn was in her computer chair, and Sarah was angrily pacing around the room. It was so strange to see her old body from the outside and acting out-of-character to boot. Sarah had a scowl on his face and hadn't lost her confidence in her new body, even if it was a bit odd to see his new painfully average male body acting like it owned the room.

"So, to sum up, we have no fucking idea why we're stuck like this?" Sarah spat in frustration. After he'd arrived the trio had gone over everything that had happened to Jon and Sarah in the last couple days, and couldn't think of anything that could be linked to their bodies magically switching. I mean, as far as I knew, there was no such thing as body switching, Jon mused to herself, yet here they were. She had only to glance down to see her new breasts, she could feel her newly padded rear changing the way she set, and honestly there was a whole vibrant buzz running through her since she'd woken up at the McMillan house. It was like Sarah's body was just more energetic, or sprightly; maybe it was a result of how good shape cheerleading kept her in. That wasn't even mentioning the absence between her legs she hadn't really investigated yet...

"Unfortunately no," Karyn agreed. Jon's best friend had been a very helpful sounding board for the swapped pair so far, though the redhead kept glancing between the two of them, apparently still getting used to seeing the contrast between how their bodies acted normally and with their new occupants. "So, while we should keep our ears to the ground and try to figure out what happened, our first goal should be damage control."

Jon pursed her lips, "you think so?" (it was still so weird to hear Sarah's frankly sweet voice every time she spoke)/

Karyn nodded enthusiastically, "for all we know you swapped randomly, and it'll be random when you swap back, or it's on some kind of timer or something. In the meantime the lives of Sarah McMillan and Jon Gibson can't just stop, and we already agreed it wasn't smart to tell more people. So, that means for the moment we need to focus on getting Sarah used to being Jon and Jon ready to be Sarah, at least at school and stuff. You should both help each other as much as possible with that."

"Oh my god, you're totally right," Sarah eagerly agreed, unknowingly being influenced by Karyn's earlier wish to quickly go along with her plan, "I can't have this geek messing up my life and making a fool of me." He turned a critical eye towards Jon, "I mean look at what he did with my hair, or didn't do, and no jewelry, his makeup's not done, that purse totally doesn't match, neither do the shoes and-"

"Right, so we have a lot to work on," Karyn interjected while Jon looked a bit dejected to apparently have missed the mark. Karyn shot Jon a comforting smile before adding, "and you should call her she. We need to get used to using the pronouns that match your bodies even in private, and your names too for that matter."

She, I guess I'm a she now, Jon realized, though she'd already somewhat been thinking of herself that way anyhow. She glanced over towards Sarah, "but it does sound like I missed the mark on getting ready. Can you show me what I did wrong and walk me through it?" Karyn was totally right, she needed to lean into Sarah's mannerisms and focus on getting ready to be Sarah in public, everything else could wait.

Sarah rolled his eyes but nodded. He then began talking Jon through a bit of what she would need to know regarding the new fashion sense and beauty routines that went with her new body, even if she couldn't cover all of it in one sitting. For the moment they borrowed a brush from Karyn and began fixing Jon's tangled bed head, constantly brushing until it began to properly resemble the luxurious golden mane Sarah was known for; she'd have to learn how to use the curling iron to five it the loose curls and bounce Sarah typically had, but for the moment this would work. For the outfit there wasn't much they could do at Karyn's house but she did learn this particular blouse was meant to be worn with a front tuck, and was given a very basic crash course in color theory for matching outfits in the future.

"When you get back to my house we'll do a video call and I'll put together some full outfits for the next week," Sarah said eventually, obviously not trusting Jon to not tank his reputation. It was Jon's turn to roll her eyes; she wanted to do her best to assimilate Sarah's fashion, but it wasn't like she looked bad today. Frankly it would be an accomplishment to make her new body look unattractive. She was hot now and she knew it.

Still, she didn't want to set Sarah off again, so she just let the barb pass, "I can do the same for you, but honestly what you're wearing is fine." Jon's old outfits were much simpler, typically just jeans and a tee shirt, and that's what Sarah had on now. It was probably somewhat obvious to figure out considering that was most of what Jon had owned prior to this morning. She pulled out Sarah's phone, "I have a few texts from Tiffany, Amber, Melissa, and, uh most of the squad actually. I think they want to go shopping tomorrow afternoon, something about a spring blowout sale. How should I respond."

"Give me that!" Sarah said, snatching up his old phone to look over the messages. He frowned in what would have been a pout on his old body, "ugh, I don't want you interacting with my friends more than you'll have to, but I can't not show up for this. If I miss, I mean if you miss, you know what I mean, Tiffany's totally going to run the show and try and schmooze the other girls." Sarah bit his thumb in thought, "I think she's still secretly trying to win the captain position from me, and we vote for next hear at the end of the month."

Jon was taken aback, "isn't she like your best friend?"

"Yeah, but she's also my rival, and a snake in the grass," Sarah said like it was obvious. He rounded on Jon and wagged a finger at him, "you can't show any sort of weakness in front of the squad, or the jocks or anything! You need to be me and act just like I would." He cast a dubious look towards Karyn, "I know your pal get's her granny panties in a twist about the things I have to do to stay on top, but it's my life and you're going to live it just the way I do. So that means not taking any shit from anybody, keeping the freaks and the geeks in their place, associating with the right type of people, and above all stay on top." He folded his arms across his chest in a way that would have been under his breasts if he still had them; with Jon's male chest it just looked slightly off, "and no hanging around Black at school or talking to any of your old friends while you're me!"

Jon hated it but she nodded along. She had to focus on presenting properly as Sarah, so she needed to do everything the exact same way Sarah would, no matter how distasteful she found it. She wasn't sure what was going to be worse, being a bully, not being able to talk to Karyn in public, or blech, kissing Biff.

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