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5. Getting Ready

4. A New Reflection

3. Karyn (Alt)

2. The stone is gone

1. You Are What You Wish

Suddenly Sarah: Getting Ready

on 2024-02-25 22:22:30

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Sarah was having a nightmare. That was the only possible explanation for why he suddenly found himself in dweeby Jon Gibson's bedroom and worse, his freaking body. The instant he'd awoken he'd felt wrong, all stiff and off balance; for Sarah, who had been doing gymnastics and cheer since he was a little girl, moving Jon's body felt like piloting some awkward boxy robot. His glorious breasts, the envy of the other girls at school, were gone without a trace, his legs lacked any of the muscle tone he'd worked so hard to build, and his midsection was simultaneously doughy and inflexible. When he'd finally found a mirror, something he'd had to find a bathroom to do since Jon idiotically didn't have one in his room, he'd confirmed to his horror that, by all outward appearances, he was the spitting image of Karyn Black's oafish sidekick. Hell, running his new hand over his face he'd even found he had stubble!

Naturally he wanted OUT as quickly as possible, but didn't know how to do that. He obviously couldn't tell anyone; what would Biff or the squad think of of him being transformed into Gibson? He'd be a laughing stock. Luckily, he'd gotten thrown a proverbial life preserver in the form of a text alert coming from Gibson's ancient Nokia smartphone; it was a text from his own number, and the message seemed to indicate that Jon was in Sarah's body, the two having switched. As revolting as the idea of Jon in his body was, Sarah was somewhat grateful to have someone else in the same boat to work on a solution with, and to know his body hadn't like fallen into a coma or anything.

The suggestion to meet at Karyn's was unexpected, but he had to admit it was probably a good course of action. Karyn lived closer to the McMillan house, and while it would be odd for Sarah McMillan to be seen going there, it would be far odder if anyone saw his old body show up at the Gibsons. He wasn't wild about letting Karyn in on what was going on, considering the redhead would probably love to use what happened to embarrass Sarah, but felt he could rely on Black not wanting to screw things up for Gibson. Grumbling to himself, he set about trying to find the least tragically unfashionable outfit Gibson had so he could get dressed and head over.

Jon couldn't help smiling to herself as she revved the accelerator of Sarah's Corvette Stingray, as she zipped towards Karyn's house. The realization that, at least for the moment, she had her own car had been an awesome one, so much so that she didn't even care the vehicle was hot pink. Hell, it wasn't such a bad color, really. She was actually probably going to get to Karyn's a bit ahead of the actual Sarah, considering how much faster it was by car.

Her morning so far had been an odd one to say the least, but honestly not terrible. The first hurdle had been convincing Karyn what was going on, but that had been surprisingly easy. All she'd had to do was share a few memories Sarah would have no idea about, and Karyn seemed totally on board and happy to help. It was a surprise, but honestly a relief to know her best friend was able to recognize her so quickly. After that she'd faced the daunting task of getting ready enough to leave the house.

Unlike Jon, who basically had his clothes alternate between a clothes hamper and a pile on her floor, Sarah had an entire walk in closet of meticulously organized garments for her to peruse and picking what to wear was more than a little tricky. Obviously she couldn't leave the house wearing her nightie and panties, but Jon was a little overwhelmed by all the choice before her. Eventually she'd just closed her eyes and told herself to think Sarah, before trying her best to cobble something together.

She liked to think she hadn't done too badly. The dark maroon bra and matching panty set had been quickly donned, to avoid dwelling on her new body's unfamiliar parts for the moment; she'd had a bit of difficulty with the bra but at some point it was like something just clicked in her mind and she had it fastened and her boobs adjusted to be adequately supported just like that. After that she'd kept it basic, going with a pair of jeans, albeit ones much more form fitting and stylish than she was used to and with a designer label to boot, that slipped up lovely legs and powerful thighs like a snug glove. For her top she'd gone with a satiny olive green button up, being momentarily flummoxed by the reversed buttons before once again it just came to her and she quickly had it done up, unconsciously leaving the top two buttons undone. It was a basic outfit by Sarah standards, but at least she felt she could go out in public without looking too out of place. She'd slipped on a pair of black ballet flats she found and slipped Sarah's phone into her back pocket before heading out.

Leaving the house hadn't been too tricky; apparently Sarah's parents had an early brunch meeting with some investors, something she found out when she'd run into the McMillan's maid, Rosa. It had been incredibly odd to have the adult woman treating her with deference and offering to whip her up an egg white omelette, but Jon tried to play it off, saying she was meeting some friends for breakfast as she all but dashed out of there. It was only when she'd caught sight of Sarah's car in the garage that she'd thought to double back upstairs and search out a key, find Sarah's black leather Coach purse with a golden chain, that contained them. She went ahead and took the whole purse, slinging it over her arm, and quickly made her way to the car.

Now she was turning into Karyn's neighborhood and doing her best to remain calm. She glanced at herself in the rear view mirror and felt she didn't look too terrible, but something was definitely off from how Sarah normally looked. Ah well, at lest for the moment she was only going to see Karyn and the original Sarah who would know what was going on anyway. She just hoped the three of them would be able to get to the bottom of whatever the hell had happened to them that morning.

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