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21. The First Night

20. Reunited for the First Time

19. Brunch and Chores

18. The Last Check In

17. Ending Week One

16. The Little Details

15. Morning 3

14. An Early Climax

13. Partner Time

12. The First Lecture

11. The Value of Preparation

10. Mirror Image

9. Heading Towards A New Home

8. A Quick Conversation

7. Becoming the Teacher

6. Uneven Numbers

5. Swap Class

4. A New Class On The Schedule

3. The Next Morning

2. A wish for something interesti

Swap Class: The First Night

on 2024-02-25 06:03:21

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Age Aware Body_Swap FTM MTF SciFi

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"Oh, Oh, OUOUGH!" Jon moaned in pleasure as her wife took her from behind with their favorite strap-on. She was leaning up against their headboard basking in the ecstasy of Bella's tender ministrations. With a rush of satisfaction she came for the fourth time that night; making love with Bella was SO much better than merely pleasuring herself, which was itself incredibly more stimulating than anything she'd experience in her old Jon body. It went beyond the physical; she felt loved in a way she never had before and it was an intoxicating feeling.

Bella leaned down towards her, incidentally pressing her breasts into Jon's back, and whispered "you're such a good girl darling, I've missed you so much." She brushed a kiss against Jon's neck before pulling back to unbuckle the large purple strap-on. Jon rotated back around, definitely sore but feeling it was oh so worth it; their sheets were a mess and this particular set of lingerie was probably a write-off considering the passion with which Bella had torn it off, but she couldn't find it in herself to care. Bella returned to bed, slipping her arm around Jon and pulling her close.

At some point between picking Bella up, the trip home from the airport and falling into each others arms in their bedroom, Jon had forgotten she was acting. She just was Sonia, Bella was her wife, and this was their home. All thoughts of Jon Gibson faded to the extreme back of her mind and when Bella stuck her tongue down her throat they disappeared entirely. What had followed was nearly two hours of sexual release for the two wives who had missed each other very much, and had some catching up to do.

As Bella snuggled closer, Jon was feeling sleepy but resisted the urge to fall back into blissful exhaustion. Her wife had taken such good care of her, it only made sense to return the favor. She started going down heading for one of Bella's perfect pillowy white breasts and then lightly teased her erect nipple with a little nibble, squeezing it lightly with her teeth. She was rewarded with a little whimper of excitement from Bella before the redhead said, "babe, I'm not sure I have another one in me..."

"You sure?" Jon asked huskily, loving the way her melodic voice sounded, "because I think you need one more for us to be even tonight, mi amor," She continued to descend, wiggling down in the bed until she was level with Bella's waist. She ran her fingers gently over her wife's thigh, "but I can stop if you want me to..."

Bella shuddered slightly from the touch; she'd expected Sonia to be frankly a little randy after two weeks apart, god knows Bella was, but her amazing wife had been an absolute dynamo that night. It was like the passion of their first night together, or their wedding night, but with all the skill of a woman who knew Bella's body inside and out. She gazed down lovingly at an expectant Sonia and said, "well if you insist..."

The next morning as she walked into school, the apparent Sonia Kildare was absolutely glowing.

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