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20. Reunited for the First Time

19. Brunch and Chores

18. The Last Check In

17. Ending Week One

16. The Little Details

15. Morning 3

14. An Early Climax

13. Partner Time

12. The First Lecture

11. The Value of Preparation

10. Mirror Image

9. Heading Towards A New Home

8. A Quick Conversation

7. Becoming the Teacher

6. Uneven Numbers

5. Swap Class

4. A New Class On The Schedule

3. The Next Morning

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

Swap Class: Reunited for the First Time

on 2023-11-22 02:09:57

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The Sacramento International Airport, located about 2 hours out from the city of Lakeview, was a busy place late Sunday afternoon, with people rushing to and fro to catch a flight or find their luggage. At the arrivals area there was a throng of people waiting to pick up friends and family from their flights, among them a lovely Puerto Rican woman, her big brown eyes scanning all the incoming passengers closely. Today was the day Bella was finally coming home, and Jon was there to reunite with her wife, technically for the first time from her perspective.

Today was the big test for Jon. Teaching her classes and bluffing through interactions with her family were one thing, but with her wife coming home, she'd have to prove she could actually be her teacher. There would be no more dropping character at the house, or anywhere but during partner time during class. It was a challenge Jon was eager to meet.

Jon had put absolutely all of her growing skill with makeup to work. Her new face was a natural beauty but she'd worked to enhance it with deep red lipstick on her pouty lips, and assiduously applied eyeliner, mascara and shadow to give her a classic smoky eye look in a mocha that blended easily into her caramel skin. She was wearing a long double breasted light beige peacoat, currently done up, completely concealing the short sleeveless lavender dress she also had on. Shiny black stilettos were slipped over her nylon clad feet. The white gold fitted pear cut emerald earrings Bella had given Sonia for their anniversary hung from her ears, and she anxiously fiddled with the big engagement ring and wedding set that always sat on her finger. However, the most important thing she wore was hidden underneath all that, semi-translucent black lingerie with a garter set. That particular garment was for when she got home, and for Bella's eyes only.

She'd gotten their early, perhaps a bit overeager, and been waiting for nearly an hour when the crowd parted and she finally saw her. Jon felt her mouth fall open a bit in wonderment at the sight. Bella Kildare was an absolute knockout, a slim relatively busty redhead with incredible green eyes and cheekbones that could cut glass. Jon knew from looking through her wardrobe that she was a cup size larger than Bella, but the other woman was also only 5'1, around half a foot shorter than her, and to Jon's eye they looked marvelous on the redhead's smaller form. She obviously knew what Bella looked like from photographs, but the effect of seeing her in person hit Jon like a tsunami. Her body absolutely buzzed to life with excitement, feeling her pulse speed up and her nipples grow erect.

It wasn't like the other Mrs. Kildare was dressed up; she was wearing a green crop tanktop, jeans and a hoodie currently tied around her waist and looked tired from the plane. None of that mattered to Jon when Bella caught sight of her and broke into a big smile, hurrying towards her. She wasn't sure if it was all the anticipation, her dedication to embodying Sonia's life, her body's natural attraction, Jon's own celebrity crush on Bella, or some combination of those factors, but she knew she was ecstatic. A brilliant smile spread across her own face as she raced forward, meeting Bella in the middle.

The shorter woman crashed into her, pulling her into an embrace. Jon was trying to get a handle on herself and figure out what to say when Bella reached up and wrapped her arms around her neck. Jon let her head be pulled down until her lips met with Bella's and the two wives shared a passionate kiss. For Bella, after an entirely too long press tour that kept her apart from her wife for two weeks, it was an exultant release of some of her pent up emotions. For Jon it was actually her first kiss and, while neither her lips nor her partner were hers originally, for her it was perfect.

Sonia had been trying her best to keep busy and focus on being Jon that day. The switch with her student had happened half way through Bella's trip, and she'd gone from having to wait another week to see her wife to having to wait several months, and she was trying not to let herself get too down about it. So, at the moment she knew Bella's flight was due to be in, she was knocking on the door of the Black house. Karyn Black was Jon's best friend, which meant for the duration of the class she was Sonia's best friend, and hopefully hanging out with her would get her mind off her old life. Who knows, she might even find a way to have a little fun as Jon.

"Jon-Boy!" Karyn said excitedly as she opened the door, ushering Sonia inside. She could definitely see why Jon had a crush on his best friend, given how stacked Karyn was even under her old green jumper. While she personally preferred redheads, or at least one particular redhead, she could see the appeal of Karyn's glossy golden locks too. Funnily enough, the blonde hair and impressive rack actually made Karyn resemble her other student, Sarah McMillan a bit, but according to Jon's notebook Karyn hated the comparison so she'd keep that to herself.

The teenagers went up to Karyn's room after a quick wave to Karyn's mom, Bethany. It was still weird for Sonia to be treated as a kid by people around her own age, or at least the age of her original body, but she shook it off. Seeing things from Jon's point of view, could be a good perspective to have once Bella and I become parents

After debating it a bit, the two decided to watch a movie, Karyn sitting on her bed with Sonia on the beanbag. She briefly considered casually flirting with Karyn, considering the real Jon had a crush, but decided against it. Based on his notes and her conversations with him, Jon was way too nervous to act on those feelings, so acting too confident would be breaking character. Maybe after they passed the one month mark and the syllabus called for letting the students have a bit more agency in their borrowed lives she'd make a move. It wouldn't be cheating, she was Jon right now not Sonia as much as that annoyed her, and Jon might even appreciate her getting him a girlfriend when everything went back to normal.

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