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3. Karyn (Alt)

2. The stone is gone

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn (Alt)

on 2024-02-25 01:19:46

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Watching Jon rush towards her house on the monitor, Karyn took a deep breath, contemplating what she was about to do. She bit her lower lip; they'd already found out wishes made with the stone were irreversible, so what she was planning wasn't something she'd be able to to take back. It had taken nearly an hour to get her hair red again, and even then all she'd managed to do was make it so she dyed it regularly; blonde was still her natural color and her new D cups were here to stay. A part of her was hesitant, it was why she'd spent all night after palming the stone from Jon to plan out her wishes, but she had to go forward. This stone falling into her hands was the chance for her to achieve certain dreams she'd long given up as impossible.

See, Karyn had two problems, they were called Jon and Sarah, and with the stone she hoped she could solve them in one stroke and get everything she ever wanted. Glancing over at her friend turning onto her block on one of the two magical observation monitors she'd wished up, a bit of guilt curdled in her stomach. Any way you sliced it she was about to take some of her friend's agency away for her own selfish reasons, but she swore she'd make it up to Jon. Turning to her left she saw Sarah going through her morning makeup routine, skillfully enhancing her already incredible beauty with a bit of mascara and lip gloss. Karyn blushed a bit despite herself at the sight of the cheer captain clad only in a skimpy pink babydoll nightie, her golden locks still mussed from sleeping.

It was impossible to deny to herself, even if she kept it a secret from everyone else, that Karyn was deeply attracted to Sarah on a physical level. The other girl was just so damn hot, and the mere sight of her made Karyn's poor closeted little lesbian heart beat faster. From her enchanting smile down to her tanned toned legs, it was like the McMillan girl had stepped out of Karyn's fantasies. The only trouble was her entire personality. Once Sarah actually opened her mouth, she and Karyn were like oil and water, constantly clashing. For all that she looked like an angel, Sarah acted more like a devil, bullying those she perceived as less than and generally acting like a massive bitch. It drove Karyn insane to still undeniably be so physically attracted to someone who she detested as a person.

The whole situation was almost the opposite of what she had with Jon. Karyn wasn't an idiot; she knew her best friend had his own massive crush on her, and god, she wished she could reciprocate. Jon was kind, funny, loyal and sweet, everything she'd want in a partner except for his unfortunate average male exterior. She'd tried, dear god she'd tried, to talk herself into giving them a chance but she knew it would never work. She couldn't convince herself to suddenly start liking the opposite sex no matter how much she wanted to, and if she'd tried to force it, she'd just likely destroy their friendship once it inevitably crashed and burned. She was stuck with two situations where the thing she wanted was poisoned by one aspect that kept her from having it.

Of course, hopefully all that's about to change, Karyn told herself as she looked over at the other monitor to see Jon walking up to her driveway. It was now or never. Opening her mouth she made her wishes.

"I wish Jon would forget about the stone until I remind him of it. I wish Jon would be back at his house and think he'd just woken up." Looking at he monitor, she saw Jon pause, a look of confusion on his face as he seemed to forget what he was doing, before the screen blinked and suddenly he was on his bed, stretching like he'd just gotten up for a lazy Saturday. Karyn swallowed; she swore to herself she'd tell Jon about the stone.... eventually. She just needed him to have a chance to hopefully come to appreciate the changes she was making.

"I wish Jon Gibson and Sarah McMillan's souls and minds would switch, with his going to her body and life, and hers into his. I wish both of them would be able to access their new body's muscle memory for routine tasks and skills. I wish both of them would decide not to tell anyone but each other and me about the swap. I wish both of them would feel compelled to follow any advice I give them regarding the change." The stone pulsed in rapid succession as the wishes took place. On the two screens, Jon collapsed back onto his bed, and Sarah slumped forward onto her vanity as presumably their souls left them to fly across town into each other. Karyn slipped the stone into a drawer and unclenched her fist; she'd done it now. All that was left was to hope it worked out and she ended up with the perfect girlfriend and didn't just destroy her closest friendship.

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