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11. The Good Ending Perhaps?

10. Patriarchy

9. Karyn comes downstairs

8. Girly voice

7. Another law

6. Walking to Karyn's house

5. Men must be accompanied by Wom

4. Feminist Take-Over

3. Feminist karyn

2. Karyn borrows

1. You Are What You Wish

The Good Ending Perhaps?

on 2024-02-19 20:37:01
Episode last modified by lifesmainantagonist on 2024-02-20 08:15:15

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It wasn’t immediate that it really started to become clear to Jon, who now had learned her new name was Jessica, that she had, in her rushed attempt to spite Karyn and Zoe, overreacted, and committed herself to something she was going to regret. He had been so furious at the time. Could he be blamed for making an emotional decision after a remorseless attempt to enslave him, possibly for the rest of his life, after the one he thought he could trust most in this world had taken the amazing magical thing he shared with her willingly, and turned right around and indicated that she thought he was a subhuman sub-person undeserving of human decency or rights and tried to take them away on a whim?

What was he thinking!? Scholarships? Jon didn’t need to rely on scholarships when he had a magic damned stone that could do almost anything! He didn’t even need to go to college, and if he did he didn’t need any scholarships anyway, and he could have just wished for a degree and knowledge and to be the CEO of a fortune 500 company or ruler of the world, even an interstellar empire.

But he was just so angry at the betrayal. He wanted to show them. To really beat it into them the error of their ways. To make a show out of how little the prospect of being a girl would bother him, or her. That being a girl would be something he could easily live with because they were the ones that had it easy and that they should see it as a trivial matter whether you’re one or the other, oh look at me, I just turned myself into a girl on a whim, so what are you so upset about just because I turned you into a boy Karyn, stop being so hysterical like I did something drastic to you. He really wanted to rub it in their faces how stupid and unreasonable the premise of what they had done was, in every way. To show them how full of shit they were. To make them acknowledge that they shouldn’t stew in jealousy with a persecution complex over something that they were actually better off in. And that men were people too. That men weren’t monsters and hadn’t treated women as monsters would, as they had just treated him. That he had been a good person to them and had deserved better, while they were petty beings filled with a desire for retribution for construed and nonexistent crimes.

She said she was doing it for scholarships and would go apply for them. Oops, the world just regressed over 200 years? No biggie! Jon would adapt, or make some more changes, he hadn’t done anything so bad.

Of course that wasn’t what she did at first. She went home and spent the next 2 hours playing with her new body like any red-blooded young man in an attractive girl’s body would do. Oh it was fun at first.

But then it really started to sink in.

“I’m a girl,” Jon, no Jessica, said to herself. “Oh, god, I’m a girl,” she said to herself as she sat on the toilet. She looked down at her vulva. This was hers now. This was what she had. And it was permanent. “This is me, for the rest of my life…” She relaxed her bladder and let loose, and watched in horror as it splattered and dribbled out. “Oh god…” she said in more despair. “One day, I’m going to be, giving birth! I’m going to reproduce, with a man I have sex with, I’ll get pregnant, and have a baby. I’m not a man. I’ll never have a dick again. What have I done! That was so stupid! What’s more, I’m all alone now! No friends, no allies! The only one is now an enemy!”

And to add insult to injury, there was something even more. Something she had been trying to ignore but she couldn’t deny at this point. Her wish had backfired in another way.

But then she had another thought. What if something else she did, was also stupid. It didn’t make any sense. She made zero effort to get to the bottom of it before jumping the gun and punishing others over what they had done. But there was something wrong with the whole premise. She finished going to the bathroom and cleaned her new insides out with wet toilet paper and then dry toilet paper, it was so weird, that there was that vacancy there, and brushing it with toilet paper like cleaning a second asshole. But there was something she needed to know! It really didn’t make any sense. Was the reason why Karyn had done what she did, really as simple as it seemed?

Jessica got the stone and said into it in her new soprano voice, “I wish I understood what happened with the incident where Karyn changed the world and tried to enslave men, why she did it.”

She waited a few seconds as she received the requested information, and then burst into tears.

Karyn, now Kevin, was trying to make sense of this world. At first it looked like it had been the world of 1776 but apparently Jon had gone and wished some things to be back again and also had wished for Karyn’s memories to not be rewritten so he would be aware of it. Further punishment? But apparently almost no one used automobiles even though they existed, television existed, computers existed, the internet and smartphones existed. But things were different. Seriously different. “There’s a slaves for sale section on craigslist, yeah I’ll say things are different,” Kevin said to himself.

Ding dong. The doorbell rang.

He went downstairs and got it. It was the new Jon. Kevin felt so humiliated, even violated, as he immediately got aroused and couldn’t help but get a full erection at just the sight of her. It just wasn’t fair.

“I’m sorry,” Jessica said.

Kevin looked down. He had some time to think about it. Jon had told her once, when Karyn was Karyn and they were friends and neither believed magic was real, that one of the most important measures of a person was if they were able to consider the question “am I the bad guy?” That ironically, only stupid, evil individuals always think they’re the hero no matter what they do to others, so the more someone is convinced they’re always the good guy, the more likely they are to be the bad guy. And Kevin had thought about what he, she at the time, had done. And yeah. Karyn had been the villain. Obviously! What had she been thinking?!

“I deserved it,” Kevin said.

“No you didn’t,” Jessica said. “Remember this conversation?”

She held up an audio recorder and pressed a button. Its playback began:

“Hi Karyn, what’s up?”

“Can I, borrow your stone tonight?”

“Oh. What for?”

“I, I have some ideas. I don’t know if I’m the right person though. There are better people. More worthy.”

“I think you’re pretty worthy,” Karyn. “If anything you’re too worthy. If anything you should try to do something that’s just a little self-interested, because you matter too. In fact, I want you to promise that whatever you wish for, you will personally benefit from, just a little bit. In fact, that’s my condition. Hold on.”

Jon rushed upstairs and got the stone, and before bringing it downstairs, made a wish, “I wish that the first thing Karyn wishes for, will be surprisingly impulsive and self-interested, but neither of us will know it’s because of this wish, she’ll think it was her rash decision and I’ll forget making this wish.”

He then brought it downstairs and handed it to Karyn. “Here you go Karyn. You do something for me Karyn. You treat yourself. Wish for something that personally helps yourself before anything else.”

“To be honest I was planning on it,” Karyn said. “My main goal is to undo these boobs and hair without messing something else up after all.”

“Are you sure that’s really what you want?” Jon asked.

“Wh, what are you saying?” Karyn asked.

“I mean, you did wish for them for a reason. Are you sure you wouldn’t consider at least trying to see the positive in them?”

“…Maybe, maybe the boobs, but, not the hair! The hair is so wrong, it’s an erasure of who I am.”

“Yeah I can see that,” Jon admitted. “That part of your wish can be written off as sarcasm that you didn’t want and don’t want. But are you sure you don’t like having bigger breasts?”

“…no. I can’t believe I’m admitting this to a guy, after everything I’m always saying, I must seem like a Puritan sometimes. Saying negative things about men just for having normal sexual feelings. You must think I’m a pig sometimes.”

“I know you were just frustrated.”

“What do, you think, of it?” Karyn asked.

“My honest opinion, about the boobs you mean?”

“Yeah. I won’t think badly of you, no matter what you say. I want to know if you actually, find me, you know, sexier…”

“…Yeah. Yeah I do. But I love you either way Karyn. You’ll always be pretty to me.”

“Lll, love?” she stammered.

“Well, as a friend, as a soulmate, in a bond that transcends sex.”

“Oh, I, i see,” Karyn said, a bit disappointed.

“You do what you gotta do with the stone though.”

“I won’t let you down!” Karyn yelled out, running off.

“So, I wished for, that, and went insane, because, you wished, I would be impulsive?!” Kevin said angrily.

“Yeah,” Jessica said. “It’s not your fault. It was mine all along.”

The rage built up in Kevin’s face, and then died down. “No, it’s like being drunk. You lose your inhibitions but you don’t do anything you didn’t really want to do already. You just wished for me to be impulsive and self-interested in my next wish, not hurtful or evil in it and not hurtful or evil in general. I was that on my own! I, had those thoughts. I had them on my own. It wasn’t all your wish. But I guess I’d think that if it was because that’s what it does. It’s a stretch to blame what I did on your wish though. There are lots of things I could have wished for. I could have just wished for money, or never growing old. There are lots of things that I could have wished for that would have been for me, but wouldn’t have been hurtful to others, least of all you. I’m sorry Jon, I really was a pig. You deserved better.”

“Can we, mend bridges?” Jessica asked, looking up at the now taller Kevin, technically male, but with the ridiculous boobs, and stuck with a libido on 10. “Look at what I did to you. I’m so sorry. What you did, was bad, but the lasting repercussions, I mean, they’re worse, for you…

“,” Kevin mumbled.

“What?” Jessica asked.

“Marry me. Be my wife. I want to fuck you, so bad, Jon I can barely take it. I want you to be my girl and have lots of kids. I want you to give birth to my kids. But right now I really want to fuck you, so much, please, let me fuck you, I’d even say, I need it, I feel like I might die if I can’t...” Kevin cried, almost on the verge of actual tears.

“Karyn,” Jessica said in a quiet voice, “I’m going to let you in on something. Remember when I wished I was a girl and you were a boy with high libido?”

“How could I forget,” Kevin grumbled. “Why do you think I am this way.”

“What if I told you that ‘with high libido’ actually got applied to both of the previous 2 statements. Mathematically, I wish, open parentheses, I was a girl and Karyn was a boy, close parentheses, with high libido.”

“You mean, you too…”

“Oh god Karyn I need to be fucked by you so hard! I want to fuck you so hard! I can’t decide what I want more, for you to hold me down and make it so I couldn’t get away if I tried, or to ride you like a cowboy and be ridden by you. All day long. I want to feel you inside me, to make you cum in me, I want to give birth to your babies, I want to feel them grow in me, to push them out, dozens of them, I’m a girl now and I want to be your girl, it has to be you, there’s still something left of my male me in here,” Jessica said, pointing to her head, “and both of me are driven wild by you like that, trapped between genders a little bit, I get to hang on to the old me a bit with your mouth… watering… breasts, but I need a man, and you’re a man, but not really…”

“Upstairs… now!” Karyn said.

Jon giggled as she chased Karyn up his stairs, both of them in a rush to get their various articles of clothes off.

“What about our, futures, and the world?” Karyn gasped as he struggled to get his pants down with his stiffy in the way. He finally did, and a mixture of relief and excitement filled him. He was maybe a little thrilled with this new body after all. Finally he was going to do it with Jon! Not the way she had originally imagined, but maybe they could pull off some trick with the stone later, if nothing else inducing some sort of hallucinations in them to make them feel like they were as they were originally, or perhaps they could become hermaphrodites, being male didn’t prevent one from being also female, right? Thoughts for later.

“I’m sure it will work out,” Jon said peeling her panties out from digging into her gushing wet cuntmeat. She was so happy it was what she had between her legs, and couldn’t wait to use it any longer, over and over, in many different ways. “You know, we both have a lot going for us, though mostly due to a magic stone with unlimited potential. It’s better than almost anyone or anything ever to exist gets.”

“How do you, want, to do it, the first time,” Karyn asked desperately.

“Can I, be on top?” Jon answered.

“I guess nice guys end up on top after all sometimes,” Karyn said.

“Getting a head start on the dad jokes?” Jon asked.

“Oh admit it, you’re feeling pretty manly right now, Karyn semi-taunted.

Jon squinted as she pushed Karyn all the way into her up to the balls, demolishing her virgin hymen. It was the perfect length. It tapped the back wall in her. Perhaps the stone had seen to it that they were literally made for each other after all. And then sunk her hands into Karyn’s copious breasts, while Karyn gripped his hands around Jon’s with force, making Jon gasp in surprise as her whole delicate frame could be at Karyn’s mercy. They shared a long kiss. “You know what? Yeah I guess I kind of am. I feel like the manliest man to ever be a man. What do you think Karyn. You’re finally my girlfriend!” Jon shouted as she came.

“Wow. We didn’t even, go in and out...” Karyn remarked, as Jon twitched around him and weakly kneaded his boobs like a cat. But Jon didn’t cry out. She was quiet about it. “I was afraid I’d go off early but I can’t even keep up with you. This is probably a stupid time to ask this. But. Can you, teach me how to throw a punch, and how to take one?”

“ONLY! ON... Only, sigh, if, you promise never to throw one at me. That was all I could take. If you had done it properly, you would have really hurt me.”

“Yeah. Never again. I’m so sorry. What was I thinking. You seem, so, small, how did you take a punch from a monster like me...”

“To throw a punch. Don’t pull back in fear as you start to connect. Push forward fearlessly half as if their head isn’t even there at all and you’re punching through it like a ghost and half like you want to give them as much momentum as possible like you were trying to jump off them with your hand. And to take a punch, remember it’s acceleration on your brain that damages it. If you could hold your head still, unless they can actually crush your skull, you’ll only get skin injuries. So tighten all your neck muscles and keep your head as still as possible on impact so that your whole body moves together instead of your head moving separately from the rest of your body.”

“I’ve got such a cool boyfriend, teaching his girlfriend how to punch like a man in the middle of sex...” Karyn said.

“Meow,” Jon said back, as she came again, and started kneading into Karyn’s breasts some more.

“You should give yourself cat ears and a tail maybe.”

“Would you like that, tee hee?” Jon asked.

“I think so. Just don’t give yourself big boobs or blonde hair. You’re the cutest girl I’ve ever seen and I don’t want you to ruin that.”

Jon failed to hide that she was happy to hear that.

Meanwhile Zoe was just done cleaning her room. She didn’t like doing it. But you know what, she thought to herself. It’s pretty nice having a clean room, and, a job done well.

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