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7. Karyn, Sarah and a Fluffy Cat

6. Karyn and Sarah

5. One Lifeform

4. no longer a bra

3. Karyn tries to fix the problem

2. The Living Bra

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn, Sarah and a Fluffy Cat

on 2024-02-18 08:29:43
Episode last modified by lifesmainantagonist on 2024-02-18 08:50:50

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“Jon, I was thinking, would you like to be my, reproductive system, in addition to being my boobs?”

“Oh, I didn’t know you were considering that. So you can selectively send thoughts to me too. Maybe it’s only our stronger shared thoughts that will be interpreted as wishes too. Or yours, since I’m only part of your body and not in contact with the stone. Best not to test that though. Nah. It might be fun some of the time, but I think the negatives outweigh the positives. I’m happy being your boobs.”

“You’re happy like this?” Karyn thought excitedly at Jon.

“Well, I mean, what we already, did, together, was, so, good, for me, I don’t think it would even improve the experience. Or maybe it would be even better? Maybe. But I wouldn’t be excited about going to the bathroom and experiencing your periods, or having a close-up view of your asshole especially when pooping, or being cummed into by a man or feeling pregnancy or birth.”

“Wow. Someone’s thinking long term!” Karyn thought. “You’re really thinking you might want to stay like this? Wouldn’t that be boring?”

“I’ll be there to participate in everything you do. When you take a test in school, I’ll be taking it too. When you watch a movie, I’ll watch the movie, at home at least, where you can watch it topless. I guess that might be annoying to you. But you could also wish I could see through your clothes. I’d appreciate if you also wished I could hear sound so I’m not just hearing what you hear through your own thoughts. It should be as interesting as your life is. The only problem is I’m paralyzed, but if I want to do something you’re not already doing, I can just ask you. It’s like you’ll just have 2 brains and be able to concentrate on one thing while I think about something else and we’ll probably be able to do more that way than a normal person could.”

“Huh. That’s an interesting thought. But about that negative stuff. You know, we could just wish it to not be unpleasant. Like all I have to do is say I wish pregnancy would feel good to me, and childbirth will not be painful but as pleasurable as it’s normally painful to me, and for my piss to taste like apple juice. Oh...” Karyn stopped as she felt the somewhat painful but not quite burning hot heat of the wish being granted within her.

“Careful with the wishing. Though I guess none of what you wished for probably will be anything but good,” Jon thought back.

“Well also I don’t normally taste my piss so it stands to reason if those parts were a part of you, you wouldn’t taste it either.”

“Oh yeah, that makes sense.” Jon thought.

“Though now that my piss tastes like apple juice, I wish I did.”

“Karyn!” Jon thought to her.

“Oh. Shit.”

“You’re also going be tasting your periods, and yeast infections, and whatever now.”

“Well in that case I wish that stuff would taste good too. Ahhh,” she thought, finally making a wish intentionally and trying to enjoy the feeling. “But you know, I could also make you the whole rest of my body. We could both be copilots over this body. What do you think of that idea?”

“Now that you say that, it does sound like it could be pretty nice. Maybe. But not right now. Let me just be your boobs for now. And for god’s sake get the stone out of you before you wish for something you really wish you didn’t! In fact you could just send it home and stored safely in a magical safe that only we can open or something.”

“Fine. I wish the stone was safely in...”

“Wow, look at that kitty’s huge fluffy tail!” Sarah suddenly said, interrupting Karyn’s thoughts. Oh yeah, they were still walking to school together. “It’s almost as long as the rest of him, I wish we had tails like that.”

Karyn glanced down at the fluffy black cat who was currently rolling around in the grass and playing gently with Sarah’s hand. He had an extraordinarily long, fluffy black tail to match the rest of him. And even though Karyn hadn’t been the one to say the words, as she heard them, she couldn’t help but process them, and think them herself as she was receiving them.

Karyn and Sarah squinted their eyes as their new tails erupted out of their rears and their clothing changed to accommodate them.

“Oh, oh my god,” Sarah said, holding her new 4-foot-long black fluffy tail in her hands, as it twitched and swayed under the influence of her thought impulses. She looked over at Karyn. “You too! You got one too! This cat, just granted my wish! I think, this cat’s a genie!”

Karyn sighed, as she menacingly swished her tail in the air behind her. She would have to admit though that Sarah’s conclusion wasn’t exactly unreasonable.

“You know it’s permanent, from the way she said it,” Jon thought at her.

“Yes Jon, I’m aware of that,” Karyn thought back.

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