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6. Eric experiments with his new

5. Lisa turns into a very convinc

4. go first"

3. A 17yr old guy and his loving

2. Chronivac Version 4.0

1. The Drafting Board

Eric experiments with his new boyfriend

on 2024-01-07 18:00:43

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Aware FTM SciFi TF Unaware

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Eric lovingly wrapped his arms around Levi as the kiss quickly became more intimate. Their tongues moved into one another in a familiar way even though the feeling was now slightly different. Flat chests pressed tightly against one another, as the two boys sought to rub their erections together through their clothing. Time seemed to escape Eric and Levi as minutes passed during the embrace.

Finally Eric's arms loosened and the two drew back to catch their breath. During the brief cool down Eric was the first to speak. "How's that Levi?"

Levi, still flush from the kiss, managed a smile. "Wonderful, but you were supposed to call me Levi before the kiss if we were sticking to the script."

"Off script is fine by me. It feels more natural." Eric finished and proceeded to remove his shirt. Levi, wanting to follow suite began to strip as well, but was stopped by a naked Eric before he could remove his underwear. "I want to" Eric said as his hands reached for Levi's bra clasp. Levi nodded silently and allowed Eric to unwrap his "gift".

With a simple twist of his thumb and pointer, Eric snapped the stuffed bra's hooks and Levi let it fall to the ground. Levi's smooth, flat chest was now exposed to Eric with his cute, pink, dime sized nipples standing erect. Eric's breath had become a little shaky at this point, but he still had one more thing to remove. Taking Levi's panties into his hands, Eric slowly lowered them and freed a feminine looking 5 1/2" penis, completely hard and hairless. Eric took a step back to look over the body of the cutest cross-dressing boy he had ever seen. Many of Lisa's features still shown through, but combined with the new male equipment, it was as if he was looking at a very feminine brother to Lisa.

It was Levi's turn to speak as his eyes fell to Eric's throbbing member. "Well, I can tell you like what you see. So how about this, want to let your boyfriend take care of an erection more impressive than anything you have shown to your former girlfriend?" Eric looked down to see what Levi was talking about, and was indeed greeted by the sight of the greatest hard-on he has seen on himself. Eric wasn't sure if it was natural or if Levi had made some change to him, but Eric's cock look almost an inch longer, and it was most definitely thicker and harder than he remembered.

Taking Levi's offer, Eric sat down on his bed and presented himself to his boyfriend. Levi smiled and reached back to his hair, removing hair extensions that Eric hadn't even noticed. "Don't need these getting messy...just in case." While Lisa's hair was long enough that it reached a quarter the way down her back, Levi's hair was just long enough that it reached his jaw line. Tying his hair into a ponytail with a hair band, Levi took his place kneeling between Eric's legs, making sure to look up so Eric could see his boyfriend with his shorter hair before he began.

Levi gently gripped Eric's member and started slowly kissing and licking up and down the hot shaft. Unknown to Eric, Lisa wanted to give the most realistic experience possible, so as a special addition she had added the full knowledge of how to have sex as a boy to her Levi form. This additional information helped Levi find all the right spots that a knowledgeable gay boy his age would know to go for to great effect. Eric's breath had deepened, but the first moan to escape his lips was when Levi finally took his dick into his mouth.

Levi's head began bobbing, his mouth making wet sucking sounds as he savored Eric's taste in a way he never had as Lisa. Eric's hands dug and twisted into the blankets on his bed as he moaned louder; this blowjob was far beyond the skill of his former girlfriend and the thought of it being done by a boy only seemed to add to the building pleasure. This pleasure was soon compounded by the feel of Levi's deepthoating skills, something that allowed him to bring his lips all the way to the base of Eric's cock. This would prove to be too much for Eric as he announced "I'm cumming!"

Levi didn't want to waste a drop and quickly pulled back leaving just the head resting in his mouth. For his efforts, Levi was rewarded with several large spurts from Eric, just a bit more than he had ever gotten as Lisa, and he drank nearly all of it up immediately. The last salty sweet spurt Levi left in his mouth to savor the flavor; something about being a boy now made him want to truly enjoy this. Eric, for his part, had recovered from the most intense orgasm he had ever had from oral, and pulled Levi up into his arms for another deep kiss. Eric was instantly greeted by a new taste as Levi allowed some of Eric's cum to flow into his mouth during the kiss, an action that suddenly increased the hardness between Levi's legs and had him bring Eric's hand to his own erect member. It was now Eric's turn.

Eric, taking his cue, pulled Levi onto the bed and began to move his kissing from the lips, to the neck, down to the chest all while stroking his boyfriend's little cock. Levi wasn't expecting much from his little nipples, nothing that would compare to what he would have had when he was Lisa at least, but the sensation was still pleasant and surprisingly helped increase his overall pleasure. However, Eric's lips did not remain long as his kissing continued southward until Levi's member was right before his face.

Unlike Levi, Eric's only knowledge of blowjobs came from receiving and from what he had read online, so his only thought was to do what he thought would feel good and imitate what Levi has done to the best of his ability. The licking and kissing came naturally enough, and when the time came for more Eric was grateful that Levi's penis wasn't the monster that his had become. His lips wrapped around the head of his boyfriend's member, and Eric began bobbing his head like Levi had done to him. For Levi, while Lisa had ensured that he had all the knowledge he needed to do things, he did not have any knowledge on how things would feel so the sensations were proving to be both foreign and intensely pleasurable.

As moans began to find their way out of Levi, he made an effort to keep them feminine and yet boyish as well. The sounds encourage Eric as he continued to bring more and more of his lover's boyhood into his mouth, even doing all he could to relax his throat to take it deep as was possible. In the end Eric could only go so far for his first time but it was still enough to finish Levi off as he stopped moaning long enough to whimper "cuuuuuuming." Eric drew back just in time to feel Levi explode into his mouth, delivering a taste and feel that instantly revived his member back to full strength. After several silky threads of cum were released, Levi's penis grew soft and Eric released it from his mouth.

After yet another cum sharing kiss between the boys, the feeling of something large, warm, and hard brought Levi's eyes back down to Eric's cock. "Well hello! I'm beginning to think you like me better this way" Levi cooed to Eric's penis while he gently stroked it. Levi then looked up into Eric's eyes and questioned with a smile "You ready to make me a real boy?" Eric smiled back and simply nodded a yes before helping Levi to his hands and knees.

As Eric retrieved some lube from his nightstand, Levi positioned himself so he could watch himself being fucked as a boy by his boyfriend in the mirror. After finishing lubing himself up, Eric positioned his member at Levi's clean pink anus and questioned "you ready?"

"What was that line you wrote?" Levi questioned as he turned his head to face Eric. "Oh yeah, I remember. I need to you stick it in me. I need you to stick that hot throbbing cock in my boy pussy. Please!" Levi taking the effort to deliver the lines with passion and a voice that was now even more distinctly boyish while he rubbed his rear back into Eric.

Eric rolled his eyes at Levi's humor, but inside, hearing the lines being delivered in such a way, it turned him on even more. With one gentle thrust, Eric's rod pushed into Levi's ass bringing a deep throated moan from him. Eric's hands found their way to Levi's smaller hips, and after taking a moment, began thrusting again. Being that this was similar to the doggy style the two had enjoyed as boyfriend/girlfriend, it didn't take long for the two to find a rhythm that worked as the thrust began increasing in speed.

Never having a prostate before brought unexpected pleasure for Levi he wasn't ready for. As his moans got louder, Levi looked to the mirror and saw exactly the image he wanted to see; Eric happily thrusting into a very cute boy with the most joyful look on his face. Feeling feminine or anything like a girl were now feelings that were miles away as Levi totally let go and just embraced the sensation of being a gay boy being fucked by his boyfriend. Levi allowed his upper body to slump down as a sense of bliss continued to build deep inside him. Eric had taken note of Levi looking in the mirror and this gave him an idea.

Moving his hands from Levi's hips, Eric gripped Levi by his arms and pulled him up so they both could watch as Eric continued to thrust into his boyfriend. "I want you to keep looking into the mirror. I want you to see the moment when I cum in you" Eric uttered before kissing and nibbling at Levi's neck. Levi, now seeing all in the mirror, was able to notice that his penis was slightly erect and twitched with each movement Eric made into him. As the twitching and thrusting began to reach its peak, Levi felt a very familiar sensation and quickly cupped his hand over the head of his penis as he caught the cum from his first hands-free orgasm.

As Levi was thrown into the embrace of a warm wall of ecstasy, he lapped the cum from his hand as his insides clamped down and firmly wrapped themselves around Eric's dick. This would be enough for Eric as his long hard thrust quickly became erratic jitters while he shot load after load into his boyfriend. The pair finally collapsed into the bed in an embrace, with Eric's member still buried deep in Levi. "Oh fuck that way amazing" Eric barely managed to get out between breaths.

The couple spooned for a bit, sharing small kisses and loving caresses. Finally Levi was able to sit up, and took a moment a gently ride Eric still erect cock a little before expressing in amazement "you're still hard. You were never still hard like this when you finished with Lisa."

"Because maybe he likes you a little more as a boy" Eric responded while giving his cock a quick few flexes allowing Levi to feel it pulse inside him.

"Well, I guess you should be happy that I had planned to stay like this for a week then." And then Levi leaned in a little closer to whisper into Eric's ear. "Although, you might be able to convince me to stay like a little longer if things keep up like this."

"One week?"

"Yep. One week and then we can see what we want to do. Besides, you saw how convincing of a girl I make. It should be no problem to pretend to be a girl named Lisa for a week, especially since I have health instead of gym this semester." Levi stopped for a moment and started moving his ass up and down Eric's still hard member. "Okay, I think I got about an hour to see if I can't get this monster to go down. After that I need to get back into costume so my parents don't find out that their little girl is actually just a little boy playing pretend."

As Levi's bouncing began to increase, Eric stopped him for just a moment to kiss him. "I love you so much."

"I love you too."

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