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17. Rick takes the camera with him

16. The camera, bumps and falls ov

15. Eli, the masculine man.

14. As Eliza comes out, he acciden

13. Ask his girlfriend go take a s

12. Rick takes the camera and shot

11. Rick & Emily (Boyfriend & Girl

10. Rick and Emily take multiple p

9. Rick accidentally turns both t

8. Emily changes a 40 something c

7. Emily turns Rick back, then th

6. Examine the camera and figure

5. ...a girl.

4. Rick

3. young college couple

2. Camera of Changes

1. The Drafting Board

Eric Sucks Rick's Dick

on 2023-12-10 01:01:36

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Age FTM Magic Size TF Unaware

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Rick and Eric were enjoying hanging play games, watch TV, kissing, and having make out sex with each other without their parent around as they were enjoying on their vacation. Although, they're biological siblings and having sex with each other is weird and incest, somehow they do meant to be together and love each other no matter what. The boys were so inthralled with their cuddle session while watch a stupid comedy, Rick's dick starts to get harder as it's hitting on Eric's butt. "gasp, whatta, Rick?" Eric shocks.

"Sorry, lil bro. I can't help myself." Rick apologies. "Plus, it won't even go down, so..."

"Geez, Rick... you're such a horndog." Eric replies as he moves down to suck Rick's big dick. He suck hard and fast, swirling his tongue around the tip and shaft. Rick groaned as he felt Eric's little mouth on his dick. "Yeah, that's it, bro...Suck my dick." Rick moaned as he began to slowly thrust in and out of his mouth. "Don't stop,... ohhh... I think I gotta... CUM..."

With that, Eric was having a blast, he loved the way it tasted and felt in his mouth, and shoot all over his face. "Teehee... Did you want me to stop, big bro?" The 10-year-old boy asked and giggles.

"Yeah, I do." Rick moaned out as he feels so much pleasurable. "Not bad for a little boy."

"Teehee... what can I say? I got a lot of experience." Eric says. "Plus, you're still getting harder on yourself, Rick."

"Yeah, it still won't go down. So, I hope you down mind, if you could continue." Rick moaned out.

"Sure thing,..." Eric complied and began to suck his big brother massive balls. Rick grabbed the camera that he brings it with him, "I want a souvenir of this bro!" he said as he snapped about to take a picture. Eric didn't care, he gives his brother the best blowjob ever had.

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