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16. The camera, bumps and falls ov

15. Eli, the masculine man.

14. As Eliza comes out, he acciden

13. Ask his girlfriend go take a s

12. Rick takes the camera and shot

11. Rick & Emily (Boyfriend & Girl

10. Rick and Emily take multiple p

9. Rick accidentally turns both t

8. Emily changes a 40 something c

7. Emily turns Rick back, then th

6. Examine the camera and figure

5. ...a girl.

4. Rick

3. young college couple

2. Camera of Changes

1. The Drafting Board

Rick "Play" With His Little Brother, Eric

on 2023-12-09 23:01:02

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As Rick and Eli continue to have sex with each other on the bed as wild as they non-stop kiss and fucking, their bedroom is bouncing and shaking as they have sex, and then they bumps in the camera as it falls over and snaps on Eli without realizing it as it captures on Eli.


The camera worked its strange magic on Eli as he instantly transforms into a new person. "Oh god, Rick... your penis is so big!!" Eric, the 10-year-old boy moans and feels Rick's dick inside the boy's butt. "Ohhh Rick,... I... don't think we should do this... what if we might get caught... our parents... will...!!!"

"It's okay, lil bro. You're worrying too much, they're having a long vacation, plus it's alright I closes the window and cover it so nobody can see." Rick replies and kiss Eric. "Now, let us finish this." As Rick thrusts faster and harder into little Eric's butt, Eric start to scream and moans when he feels the sensation.

"Oh Rick..., I... don't... think... I can't... hold... any longer... I... gotta...!!"

"It's okay, Eric... release it all!!" when Rick hits the spot, their dicks spill out a lot of seeds on Eric's little asshole and their entire body. After that, they're exhausted as they have a wild sex again and then rest on the messy bed they just have sex. With that, they kiss each other. "So, Eric... how does it feel to have sex with your own brother? " Rick asks as the two caught their breath.

"Well, it's weird, Rick, but it feels so right somehow like I think we're meant to be together." The little boy answers to Rick.

"Yes, I was thinking about the same thing and I'm glad we have so much fun together." Rick replies as he's kissing his younger brother, Eric on the forehead. "Now, let's get some clothes on so we could play some video games, watch TV, or hangout together, alright bro?"

"Okay, Rick." Eric says as they both get up and clean themselves with the tissues then put their clothes on. With that, Rick pick up the camera as he's forgetting about it, while he examine it, the camera is fine and glad that didn't broke. Then,...

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