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15. Eli, the masculine man.

14. As Eliza comes out, he acciden

13. Ask his girlfriend go take a s

12. Rick takes the camera and shot

11. Rick & Emily (Boyfriend & Girl

10. Rick and Emily take multiple p

9. Rick accidentally turns both t

8. Emily changes a 40 something c

7. Emily turns Rick back, then th

6. Examine the camera and figure

5. ...a girl.

4. Rick

3. young college couple

2. Camera of Changes

1. The Drafting Board

Eli the Beast and Gay Muscular Boyfriend

on 2023-12-09 22:58:31

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FTM Magic Musc Size TF Unaware

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"Hnngh, FUCK, bro, maybe we can just stay in," He turned, throwing his arms up before pushing his prodigious chest out into a side chest pose and growled. Rick's eyes were almost as large as dinner plates as he took in the new sight of what was once his girlfriend Eliza. Longer ponytailed brunette hair had become shortened faded blonde, and a grizzled darker stubble gracing his lantern chin. Body hair covered his form, groomed and cut to a certain length, though it did naught but openly exemplified his masculinity. He bulged tremendously, the muscles pumping and swelling before Rick's very eyes as the behemoth's chest greedily inhaled and exhaled air.

"Uh..." Rick could only say, feeling his sweat run cold beholding the man, his arousal jolting and showing his approval.

The big man smirked, cockily bouncing his chest to and fro as he held his head high.

"Ya like that, lil man?" He flexed, this time the too small gray towel that was wrapped around his obliques fell, gracing Rick's sight as he felt himself gasp.

"Ha, took a picture huh? S'okay bro, Big Man Eli's already making bank." He leaned forward, grunting beastly as he made a most muscular pose. Similarly to Rick, Eli's manhood (a perfect word to describe it) sprung to life, throbbing with veins as vitality surged through it.

"You've uh, really grown Eli..." Rick swallowed, struggling to find the words, Eli was clearly larger, almost tall enough to hit his head on the door frame, and wide enough to have to fit sideways. Where once was plush, though perky breasts of the athletic Eliza, Eli had taken muscle mass and growth like a fish to water, clearly dwarfing Rick from visual comparison alone. The bodybuilder laughed deeply, kicking away the towel and crawling over to Rick on the bed.

"Still naked from earlier huh? You filthy animal." Eli said, darkly rasping.

Rick felt his throat lock, just as Eli's rough tongue graced the side of his cheek.

"Fuck I've always liked that about you."

Rick sighed, Eli laid on top of him and started grinding his thick cock against his slender body, the pressure of his weight caused Rick to whimper out pitifully in lust.

"We can just sit here, loving one another, fucking each other... What do you think, baby boy?" Eli said into Rick's ear, pushing the camera out of his grip and pulling the arms down onto his side.

Rick gulped, words were hard to form, Eli's beautiful brown eyes looked into his as he lifted himself up, body aligning with Rick's, both of them harder than diamond.

"I, Um, Eli-" Rick said, attempting to regain control. Eli smirked, eyes half lidded as he pushed his hips forward and smoothly ground his manhood against Rick's entrance.

"If you want me to stop, just say no. I'll listen." Eli said hovering inches above Ricks' face as he dipped his body down, the air of his flared nostrils briefly touched Rick's slightly mustached face.

Seconds passed, feeling like hours as Eli stared deep into his eyes.

"Fuck me." Rick pleaded.

Eli laughed, once more rubbing his massive cock across Rick's hole.

"Sorry, I didn't hear you." Eli said.

Rick moaned, voice going higher as Eli licked his lips.

"I said, fuck me!" He groaned.

Eli stopped, grinning his shit eating grin and leaned even closer to Rick's neck and whispered.

"What was that, little boy?" He said, before nibbling into Rick's neck as the smaller man lost it and wrapped his arms around Eli's massive frame.

"Fuck me, you big beast!!" Rick begged, just as Eli snickered, pressing his manhood into Rick's needy hole.

"That wasn't so hard, was it princess?" Eli said, gleefully slamming his tip into Rick as he howled. He hoisted himself up as Rick cried out, working himself into a motion before pulling out.

"Ah, forgot the lube, you don't mind, do you...?" Eli asked, smiling as though nothing was wrong. Rick breathed, contentedly. "Go, go..."

Rick slowly picked himself up, as Eli easily slid off the bed and made it a show to pridefully stick his glutes out and tree trunk thighs to Rick as he came around to the nightstand to find the lubricant.

As Eli did so, Rick looked and recalled the importance of the camera, and eagerly grabbed it, examining it and hoping nothing had scratched the surfaces. Suddenly, a firm hand grasped his arms and Rick turned to see Eli tutting as he tossed the lubricant bottle onto the bed, taking the camera out of his hands.

"Uh-uh-uh, no flash photography." Eli said, confidently taking the camera in his hands in all his naked glory as he rested the camera on the windowsill of the bedroom.

"But, baby, that's my-" Rick began, concern in his voice.

Eli's massive laterals twitched as he turned and gave an award winning smile.

"Don't worry bae, it's fine, see? It's riiiiight here." Eli pointed to the relic. "Right now, it's you and me." He said, sauntering over as Rick felt himself heat up again.

"Just me and you?" Rick questioned, meekly.

Eli took his hand and kissed it, before roughly grabbing Rick's smaller waist and bringing it closer.

"You, me, and this 8 inch python." Eli boasted, before pulling Rick into his embrace as the bed began to rock and squeak.

Away from their view, the Camera bounced alongside the older house as Eli slammed all 250+ pounds into Rick's smaller form. The neighbors were more aware of the daily lovemaking the rising bodybuilder and his boyfriend had done, but this was no different. As the Camera teetered more and more out the window, it was only a matter of time before something or someone was in way of a much impending change.

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