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5. Jenny plays with the camera

4. Chris makes a fuss, so Mary re

3. 38-year-old mother

2. Camera of Changes

1. The Drafting Board

Jenny plays with the camera

on 2023-12-09 16:38:31

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She put Chris to sleep and walked bak to check on Jenny, the 5 year old. She was sitting in the living room, happily playing with Mary the doll. Pam sighed in relief on the counter.

However, her brief rest-bit was interrupted by the voice of an adorable, yet slightly shrill child.
"Ooo, what's that?" Jenny asked aloud.

Pam looked up to see Jenny, holding the doll in one hand, and pointing with the other. Pam followed her finger to the old polaroid camera she had taken from Chris. She rolled her eyes, then looked back at Jenny with a forced smile.
"It's a camera Jen... but like, a really old one." She explained.

"Oh otay." She said with a slight lisp. "Do you know about it cause you're old?" She innocently asked with a head tilt.

Pam took a brief inhale to compose herself, then glared at Jenny with her forced smile.
"I'm in college, Jennifer." She forced a chuckle. "My parents have a camera like this, I'm not old."

"Otay." She giggled, losing focus as she played with what was once her mother, brushing the dolls hair.

Pam was going to continue her rant, however her phone rang. She held it up and saw it was her bestie Jasmine calling, so she didn't hesitate to pick it up.
"Jazz! Hey girl what's up? Ugh, YES I have time." She laughed as she walked away from Jenny.

While Pam was chatting on the other side of the kitchen, Jenny's attention returned to the polaroid that was sitting on the counter. She squatted down, the whispered to her doll.
"What do you thint Mary, should I get the camera?" She asked.

"I thint you should Jenny, you're the bestest." Jenny whispered to herself, moving Mary around to mimic talking.

"Thants, Mary." She laughed, then stood up with determination blazing in her eyes.

While Pam gabbed away about boys and professors, Jenny effortlessly scaled a stool beside the kitchen counter. After making sure her babysitter for sure wasn't looking, she swiped the camera and made her way back to the living room. Jenny had never seen anything like it. It was big, and had words all over it that she didn't understand. She flicked a switch on it, but nothing happened, not realizing that what she did was remove the user's awareness of any changes to reality, leaving the camera's powers currently unknown to all.

Jenny was gonna switch something else when she saw the big button right on top.
"Mary." She gasped. "This must be the pic-er button." She whispered. "But, we need people for it."

Jenny then realized that there were plenty of people right outside! With one swift burst of energy, Jenny hopped onto the couch, leant against the back, and pulled back the curtain to the outside world. There were plenty of people out and about, and tons she could take pictures of.

First she spotted two joggers. There was a black teenage boy, running beside a white teenage boy. They were both very fit. The blonde seemed to be laughing, while his friend seemed annoyed at something as he slowed down. The other then seemed to stop too, now getting annoyed as he held his arms out and talked to his friends.

Jenny raised the camera, and pressed the button. FLASH

She lowered it to see the same scene as before, and a photo came out to commemorate it.
"Wow Mary, it mates hallway pic-ers." She laughed, her only context for physical photographs being the ones of her now altered family in the hallways.

She looked out to see just what the picture had shown. There was a really chubby black woman, who was walking slowly, and happily pushing a stroller with an ebony skinned baby girl drooling and babbling away as the two made their way around the corner, out of Jenny and the camera's sight.
"That baby was way cuter than Chris... I wish I had a little sister." She mumbled before her attention was drawn to more people.

There was an old lady who was scolding her granddaughter, at least, that's what it looked like. She was old, with short white hair and wrinkles in her olive colored skin. At the end of the driveway was a girl, probably in high school, who had the same skin tone but with dark black hair, and dressed in all black and white with streaks of makeup running down her face.


Jenny lowered the camera and smiled again at how fun it was! She looked outside and saw the beautiful college student standing at the top of her driveway. She had big breasts, long dark hair down to her ass, and was dressed in a bikini top with a towel hung around her waist. She adjusted her glasses, and then seemed startled before running down the driveway. She picked up the inflatable beach ball that had rolled down, and Jenny was happy to see she caught it, but wondered why the ball had such dark colors instead of being rainbow.

She didn't have long to wonder, because a convertible filled with boys her age pulled up, all dressed in bathing suits, and teh girl hopped in and was gone before Jenny could even think.

The last person Jenny could see was a guy walking his dog. He was a blonde, slightly chubby man wearing a tank top and shorts. He was walking a brown toy poodle which seemed to be trying to walk faster, but was constantly stopped by the man who seemed very grouchy to Jenny. She was annoyed, and decided to take a picture to show her mom later... maybe she could yell at him to be nicer.


Jenny lowered the camera, happy to catch such a wholesome moment. The lady was so pretty, her curly brown hair, her large breasts and figure, and her gorgeous blue eyes. She was happily cheering on her dog as she tried to get it to walk more. The fat pug trudged behind, clearly trying its best to keep up.

"Hehe, I hope that pug gets some exercise." Jenny whispered to Mary.

However, instead of making a voice for her, she simply sighed.
"I wish you were real Mary. We could be the bestest friends. We'd have sleepovers and playdates and have the mostest fun."

She held Mary out, and the doll simply smiled back. While in another reality, this doll had been Jenny's loving mother, with the camera's magic it was nothing more than a doll. It had no thoughts of feelings, simply a toy staring blankly at its owner. However, Jenny's mind was whirring as holding the doll out gave her an idea.

Holding it out put it beside Pam from Jenny's perspective, making the two look equal size. Jenny smiled and gasped upon the realization. "Maybe you can't be really real, but I can mate it loot lite that!" She whispered happily.

She ran over, placing Mary the doll standing on the kitchen counter. Jenny then stepped back on the couch and aimed the camera. From the lens of the camera, it almost looked like Mary was a life-sized doll standing beside the real Pam. As Jenny aimed, Pam glanced over to see Jenny with the camera and scowled.
"Hold on Jasmine, gotta call you back girl." Pam sighed just as she hung up.

"Jenny! Put that down! What're yo-" FLASH

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