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3. 38-year-old mother

2. Camera of Changes

1. The Drafting Board

Mary, the 38 year old mother gets the camera

on 2023-12-09 15:30:58

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FTM TF Unaware

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Mary was walking down the block on a nice stroll with one of her children, Chris. Chris was just a baby, so Mary loved to put him in a little stroller and parade around their neighborhood. She was doing their normal routine, when she spotted a yard sale. The sale was going on at the house that normally kept to themselves, so Mary was instantly intrigued. Walking up to the yard, she found only one person watching the items. It was a younger teen.

"Excuse me?" Mary asked the sullen teen. "Do you live here?"

She looked up annoyed from her phone. "Nah. My crazy uncle lives here. He called me and asked me to help sell his things."

"Oh okay then." Mary said slightly disappointed. "I'll just have a look around then."

Mary strolled around, glancing at all the items. There were indeed some strange things there. A chicken's foot, a bunch of old books, some strange maps. Mary figured whoever this man was must've been an interesting character. She Kept searching, somewhat for something she may like but mostly out of respect for the girl, but eventually decided there was nothing here for her.

"Sorry dear, I need to get back to my husband and other children. Have a great day." Mary said politely as she walked off. "What a nice young man." She thought as she walked away. She was completely unaware that the teen girl was now a slightly over male version of herself. The teen only grunted in response, not even looking up from his phone.

Mary made it to her house and walked inside, happy to be home. Her husband Phil greeted her with a kiss as her teenaged son walked by with a simple "Hi Mom." She saw her daughter watching cartoons and sighed at how her children seemed to act. She was about to unstrap Chris when she noticed the baby was holding something large. It was an old camera!

"Oh dear." Mary said. "You must've swiped this while I was at the yard sale huh baby?" She said concerned. "Well. No point in walking back with it now. I'll return it tomorrow. She examined it and realized it was a polaroid. It was fairly old, and all the markings on it were etched out. Some read really oddly. One part said "Reality alte..." while another said "Transfo...." Mary was fairly confused. There were only two things that were readable.

"Beware the camera. Photos taken will not appear to be the same as life. Beware the camera's choices." was on the front of the camera. The only other readable piece was a switch that said user awareness on/off. She switched it to on but nothing on the camera changed. That's when...

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