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8. Into the lion's den

7. Intercepted

6. What to do?

5. Door - Judy

4. AF: John, Divorced Father, exp

3. AF: John, Divorced Father, exp

2. John, divorced father

1. Altered Fates

Into the lion's den

on 2023-11-17 08:02:54

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Age Aware MTF Magic

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"Wow Amy, you look great. It's great to have you back in town. Hope you have a great time," said Brad nervously as he stepped back putting his hand behind his head, laughing slightly.

"Smooth move, Romeo. Your starting line was 'Great'" teased Sara.

"Leave your brother alone Sara. He's just excited his...friend is back in town," said Robin

"Yea...friend..." answered Sara going into the kitchen to taste test everything in the room.

"Amy, Sara said you are in town last minute. Do you have a place to stay? If not, you can stay here," offered Sam, getting a glare from Brad and Robin.

"Kind of you to offer, I'd like to spend a night hear catching up with Sara and Brad," replied John. He needed a roof, and maybe he could mess with Robin and Sam with the medallion. Plus he could spend time with his kids. Maybe he could get them to talk about something things with him when he was Amy they wouldn't tell him as John.

"Sounds great," said Brad, wincing after he spoke. Just then Sara yelled from the kitchen, "The chili's perfect. Soup's on people!" She left the kitchen to take a seat at the table and starting devouring the chili. Soon she was joined by everyone else, clearing enjoying the dish. John mainly listened to Sara talk about school, Brad talk about getting accepted as student firefighter and Robin about her recent sale as a realtor. Eventually, Robin asked how Amy liked Germany. John starting talking about the world heritage sites, Brandenburg gate and the museum island. When Sara said that Amy sounded like an old man, Amy changed her tune to talk about the club scene and the legal drinking age of 16. A bottle of wine ended up on the table, courtesy of Sara, with Sam opening it and pouring a glass for everyone. Between the the 5 of them, 1 bottle became 2, then 3. "These whites are delicious," thought John. When the 4th bottle was opened, Sam and Robin decided it was time for bed. John caught Sam grabbing Robin's butt on the way up the stairs.

"Sam gets a little handsy when he's drunk. In like 5 minutes you'll hear my mom and him going at it like rabbits," explained Sara taking another sip at her wine. John tensed up hearing the news, causing Brad put a hand on John's small shoulder, helping him relax.

"At least mom is getting some from someone that cares about her. I think my dad is still flying solo. He's still recovering from the whole divorce. Maybe he'll finally take a minute to slow down and take care of himself," said Sara

Brad replied, "He's just a hard worker and was helping with raising us, Sara. He made time for mom as best he could. Let's just stop there, we have company" John appreciated Brad sticking up for him.

"What do you think Amy? Is my mom the asshole for trying to find love since her husband was distant or was dad the asshole for not being there for her?" John, who was still processing that Sara thought the divorce was his fault, plus all the events of the day, including that his wife was currently having sex with his best friend blurted out, "It's totally that bitch's fault! She probably never loved me!"

"I think she liked you just fine," mumbled Brad. John realized now what came out of his mouth and murmured some apology that it wasn't his family. Sara went upstairs to her bedroom without a word. John started to cry, leading Brad to put his arm around John to try to comfort him.

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