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7. Intercepted

6. What to do?

5. Door - Judy

4. AF: John, Divorced Father, exp

3. AF: John, Divorced Father, exp

2. John, divorced father

1. Altered Fates


on 2023-11-10 23:19:07

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Age Aware MTF Magic

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John had just taken his first step into the pub after psyching himself up to do some flirting for food and drinks when he heard a familiar voice call out, "Amy? What are you doing here?" before getting hugged by his daughter Sara.

"Hey Queen, how's it going? When did you get back from Germany? You should have hit me up! I was on my way to my dad's, wanna come?" asked Sara

"Uhhh... no thanks. I was about to get a bite to eat."

"Sounds great, I'm famished. I know a good sandwich place around the corner. Let's go!" replied Sara before grabbing John's hand and nearly dragging him to the deli. Sara ordered herself a honey roasted turkey with avocado and ranch, and a tuna sandwich with tomato for John. He was about to protest since he thought tuna was disgusting when he remember how much he didn't like the beer earlier. He kept quiet, allowing Sara to ask about Germany. Fortunately, his job required he got go Germany once or twice to learn about their educational system, so he talked about the people, the Autobahn and that the food was pretty good. He kept it to small talk until the sandwiches were ready. Sara took a big bite, while John started with a nibble. The sandwich was gone a moment later once he realized how good it tasted.

"Amy, you must have been hungry. I don't think I've seen Brad eat that quickly, and he is a 'growing boy' as he likes to say. Have you contacted him yet? He will be so excited you are here!" announced Sara as she took out her phone and started texting. John's heart skipped a beat.

"I haven't told anyone yet. I kinda, like, just...showed up."

"An impromptu trip? How spontaneous! I guess you haven't changed much. Well, I texted my brother. I'd text my dad, but my aunt Judy said he left his apartment without his phone. He's been all over the place since he filed for divorce." said Sara looking at her phone, "Anyway, now that we've had something to eat, let's go to my mom's. Brad's texted he is there and wants to say hi."

John thought about his options. 1) Back to his place where there is police and his angry sister 2) His wife's house 3) A park bench 4)Local homeless shelter. While he didn't want to see Robin, at least it was people he knew that weren't angry at him...or at least the body he was in for the next 6 hours. "For sure, let's go to Robin's," agreed John.

"Where's your stuff?" asked Sara

" my bag," replied John.

Sara shrugged, "well, at least we are the same size and we have similar taste in leggings. I gave a pair like that to my dad in case I needed a spare set of clothing. Anyway, my car is just a few minutes away." The duo walked to the car. John noticed a few people giving him a once over, and caught one guy winking at him. Apparently, Sara did too, letting John know how hot the guy was, and that she would consider letting him get to second base. John tried to think of something else. The 12 minute drive was Sara talking about her studies a bit at university, the the two enjoying the new Taylor Swift song before pulling into the driveway of Robin's house. John saw that Sam's car was there too. He was starting to get second thoughts when Sara got out of the car and said, "com'on chica, time to say hi to everyone. My mom made her famous chili tonight. You used to love it." John remembered the chili fondly.

The two girls went up to the door and Sara knocked. Robin answered the door, hugged Sara and then Amy. John felt dwarfed by his ex. Sam gave Sara a hug too, before turning to John and giving him a once over and giving him a wave. Stepping into the house, Brad was in the living room. He stood up and waved at Sara as he walked over to John. Brad gave John a massive hug. He would have to get the aftershave brand from his son, it smelled delightful.

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